[ Comics & Animation ] Open Question : Why is Captain Marvel MORE sexist than Wonderwoman ?

Wonderwoman’s entire premise lends itself easily to a VERY sexist movie. She hails from a utopia of women where there is no war. She is supposed to save men from their inherent evil. Yet the wonderwoman movie did not cause disdain amongst male fans the way Captain Marvel did. Captain Marvel is just a female superhero, her gender is NOT inherent to the story line the way wonderwoman is….yet the movie somehow offended men. well…even if it’s considered a “small group” the point still remains NO SUCH CONTROVERSY existed when wonderwoman came out. It’s just ironic that’s all. Given the obviously sexist nature of Wonderwoman’s storyline yet…men loved the movie. I think it all boils down to Brie Larson, the actress herself.

macOS Mojave installation from El Captain Stuck in Kernel

I downloaded and was installing Mojave over an El Captain, which stuck on minutes 53 of installation for 20-30 minutes. I forced it to shutdown with holding start key for 5 sec. Now, the user and password comes up, but once I use the pass, it goes quickly to a Kernel message page (with some messages about system uptime nanoseconds) and restarts back to user and pass page.

How do I solve this issue?