XEvil Captcha Service don’t work in GSA SER


I used to use XEvil Captcha Service connected to GSA SER. Then I’ve reinstaled a new Windows on my PC and as a result can’t make GSA SER working now. I’ve been testing GSA with XEvil for connection (responding) and correct work – everything seems good. But when I start the project – captcha service don’t resolve (there is no resolved or failed result, nothing changes in “captcha cell”).

XEvil Captcha Service is working correctly with Xrumer. Proxies in GSA are also working (private ones).
Log is running, but no submissions are done.

What could be the problem? 


Problem with captcha

Does anyone know why I’m getting this error when using Xevil for captcha service:
12/16/2019 6:12:48 PM: GET /res.php?key=GSA&action=get&id=303
12/16/2019 6:12:48 PM: id = 303
12/16/2019 6:12:48 PM: text = CAPCHA_NOT_READY
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: GET /res.php?key=GSA&action=get&id=300
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: id = 300
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: text = CAPCHA_NOT_READY
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: GET /res.php?key=GSA&action=get&id=284
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: id = 284
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: text = ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: GET /res.php?key=GSA&action=get&id=308
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: id = 308
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: text = CAPCHA_NOT_READY
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: GET /res.php?key=GSA&action=get&id=302
12/16/2019 6:12:49 PM: id = 302
That is Xevil log. Everything was working fine and for some reason after I updated GSA, the antivirus started to give warnings and this started to happen.

Should captcha or verification codes be case sensitive?

As I have come across many verification codes, the most annoying thing in them is when you write in all letters in the code in lower case and the code is rejected saying its not valid. Some codes are accepted and some are not. And the user has no idea if they are case sensitive or not before actually submitting it and validating it. Given the curvy, hardly recognisable characters on the codes, not making the users aware of its case sensitivity could annoy them more and bring down the UX.

So what would be the ideal way to deal with this ??

Would It be Useful To Add a Column Of Success:Failed:Wrong Ratio In CAPTCHA Stats?

Hello, all! Hope everyone has had a productive week..now almost over!~
I am checking out CATPCHA stuff on SER again. Left too much for too long alone w/o really checking or making improvments based on feedback of what I’m doing = Poor Experimentation.
Anyway, Sven, my question is whether such a feature as this (as in title) would be useful?
I think it might be, as a SER user could then easily see how productive each service is without having to either calculate in their heads or use another method, thus saving time and giving a clearer comparative picture between them all.

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