Is composition after capture against any traditional photography rules?

I use my mobile phone for photography. Normally when I notice anything interesting, I take a picture with the point of interest somewhere near the region I want it to be. But I do this with the clear assumption that the final composition after I edit it using Snapseed might be completely different. I do this because I feel that I get a greater level of freedom and convenience when I compose offline, when I am sitting somewhere comfortably.

My question is whether this is a common practice among photographers? Or maybe traditional photographers do the composition when they capture?

More specifically, is offline composing considered as cheating or something?


Example of my offline composition


It wasn’t me who added the “ethics” tag. And honestly I wasn’t thinking of ethics when I used the word cheating. What I meant is taking shortcuts. Technology has made it very easy to take good pictures. A better phrasing of the question would be whether offline composition is frowned upon by traditional photographers?

I take photos as an outlet of my creativity. I don’t intend to make money with it or use it for promoting anything. I just upload it to 500px.

I don’t go to places to take photos. I take pictures of interesting stuff I find in places that life takes me. Being an introvert, I am not comfortable carrying a big camera and tripod etc in crowded places and attracting attention. So I prefer a phone with good camera specs(LG G6) now. And I prefer taking pictures fast and not sticking around. That’s why I prefer to compose later. Of course I do minimum composition when I capture.

Even though I got the answers I need, I am finding it very hard to select the most appropriate answer here. Should I wait for a few days and select the answer with the highest votes?

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capture authorization code programmatically in OAuth 2.0

In a standard OAuth auth code Grant flow, user is redirected to authorization server page where he provides consent to allow the requesting app to perform some actions on his behalf, after which a browser redirects the user to a redirect URI with auth code. Application then exchanges this code with authorization server to get an Access token..

Consider a scenario where user has already given consent or consent is somehow implicit (i.e., user is not required to interact with the authorization server consent page).. in this case, is it acceptable to use an http client with redirection disabled as the user agent instead of browser and capture the Location header of the redirection response from the authorization server ?

How can I delete originals in Capture One from within an album (without going back to “all photos”)?

In Capture One if you want to organize your photos inside of a catalog you have to use albums. But if you want to delete an image and you are viewing it in an album the image is only deleted from the album, but remains in the catalog. Which means that to delete the original you have to look it up in the “all photos” collection, which defeats the purpose of organizing photos.

So is there a way to delete the original photo while browsing it in an album?

Image Capture fails on colored scan

When I try to scan a document using Image Capture, it shows the following error once it’s finished scanning.


(This time it failed before scanning, but it usually fails after the scanner has recorded the whole paper.)

This happens with both JPEG and PNG formats, and regardless of image resolution.

However, I can do black and white scans without issues. The issue occurs only on colored scans.

I could scan without any issues on another computer (Windows), with the same scanner and the same cable.

Any ideas?

OS: Mojave v10.14.3

Is there a Time Capture form / survey

I have to do a cost benefit analysis for a project in work. To get funding, I need to prove the task to be fixed is Time consuming for users.

Is there something I can give to all users where for example they clock “Start” and it records the time clicked and “End” and it records the time finished? or alternatively the duration between both clicks?

There will be about 20 users using it and will need an unlimited response allowance.

Im open to suggestions i.e excel, access, online surveys etc.

Capture all http requests made to my php app [pendente]

I have an app, in pure php, and I would like to capture all http requests that came to it.

The solution that I found, was create a file, that take the global $ _SERVER and save it, so I include this file in all my pages.

But, the solution that I wish, its something like the php server (php -S localhost:8080), that shows on the terminal, all requests made to server, without include any php file to my code.

The question is, this is possible? is there any alternative that I don’t have to include a php file in all my pages?