Laptop black screen, light on, affects network card

My laptop has a problem, which I can’t seem to solve. Can somebody here say what’s wrong and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Laptop specifications: Asus, 8GB RAM, Processor: Intel i7-7500U 2.7GHz, OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Graphics Card: Nvidia 920MX (the one in use).

Problem: sometimes after sleep (not shutdown nor automatic shutdown), when the computer is opened it shows a black screen and doesn’t respond to input. Although the power light (the one with a light bulb symbol) is on. It works if I long press the power button and then turn it back on. But it seems like after I do that, the network card switches on/off: I can’t connect to Wifi (there’s a rectangle with a cable and an X symbol). It works if I connect it to stuff like a network cable. I Can’t remember if the network card is disabled or doesn’t appear in the window where you can check that. I can’t reproduce it at the moment (I gotta wait for it to happen).

I was in the Windows Insider Program, but since then I brought the laptop to Asus because of this problem and another problem (my battery didn’t work: the laptop could turn on only if it’s plugged in. They fixed it by putting a washer to strengthen the battery or something like that. It wasn’t connected well.). And for this problem, they reset my laptop (I made a backup), and I stopped being in the Insider Program, but the problem remained. Anyways, during the time I was in the Insider Program, I’ve seen a fix that had to do with a black screen. Maybe this is a direction. Of course, I’m now at an earlier version than the version this fix was introduced, because I’m no longer an Insider.

This is really frustrating, thanks in advance for any help.

Just to clarify, I’m not 100% sure the internet problem (which is actually my only problem) is caused by the black screen “problem”, I’ve only recently noticed it happens after that, but I’m not 100% sure. Any ideas could help (both regarding my internet problem directly, and regarding my black screen problem).

Insufficient storage space & Insert SD card

I’m using a Meizu M6, and a newly bought Sandisk Ultra micro SD XC 64gb. Internal storage is about 1.67 gb free out of 16gb.

For the record, I have already checked the wiki tags and similar topics, as well as format, remount, cache clear, and/or reboot, but none of them worked.

So my phone and desktop can detect my SD, but:

  1. everytime I tried to create an empty, new folder on my SD, it gave me the “insufficient storage space” message… despite being empty as a clean slate.

  2. everytime I tried to use the camera, it gave me the “insert SD card” message… despite being able to detect it earlier.

Yet I can create new folders and move items to my SD if I connect it to my PC with some card reader.

What might caused this? Any pointers?

How many lenght of stay do I need to put in my arrival card in Australia?

so I’ll be going to Australia by next month to study. A few months ago I got my Australian Student visa granted until 2023 which is 4 years

However I just see the sample of arrival card it says your intended length to stay in Australia

I plan to going back to my country when I finish my Foundation studies there estimately 1 year and coming back to Australia again to continue for the next course

However Im confused as wether to write 1 year or 4 years in my arrival card ? Can someone help me ? Thanks

Docomo (now Airtel) Indian Prepaid sim card is in Grace State

I have been living in Europe last 5 years and had my Indian phone number active (which I use to receive the OTP for bank transactions).

Now after 5 years of usage, on my Indian number, I get a notification that the SIM card is in GRACE STATE.

What is Grace State.? Does it mean the SIM is close to de-activation?

How to retain this number? Has anyone got through this type of notification? Any tips, please!

Can a Fake business card save me of trouble in Morocco?

I Will be traveling to Morocco in May, and I have being reading a lot about being harassed, scamed by locals and maybe even police.

I know of a friend who runs a very successful business and when visiting morocco he got into trouble with the police and got out of it handing them his business cards and telling them he had connections that could get them in trouble.

My question is: How legit is this? I’m very tempted to do some business cards with a fake e-mail and phone number and telling them I work for an important company or maybe even pretend I’m a diplomat some made up international association from the EU(I’m a EU citizen), because I’m very frightened by this sort of encouters and scams.

Can I get in trouble for this? If I happen to come up with some international organization and claim I work for them to scare them?

I hope you understand my question, Thank you

How to open local web pages in Chrome on external SD card

I wanted to be able to open local files in the Chrome browser. If I tap a local file (htm, rss) or paste a valid “file:” URI into Chrome it does not work when file is on external SD card. I am using Samsung S4 Android 5.0.1 (not rooted). I tested a few paths in the chrome browser and found works ok on internal SD card but that there is no read access to any data on the external SD card even the private data folder (I was expecting Chrome should have access to private folder on exteranl card??). Selecting a file E.g. file:///mnt/sdcard/Documents/testarc.htm on internal SD card works fine but paths like file:///storage/extSdCard will not show a directory.

I know that access restrictions were added to Android 5.x but don’t applications have access to a private data folder (under /Android/data) on external SD card by default?

Does Chrome ( have read access the file:///storage/extSdCard/Android/data/ ?

Is there a way to enable it?

I have two file manager apps installed – ES file explorer, Total Commander, and the is “Myfiles” app which came with the phone. If use ES file explorer or Myfiles the “open with” windows only lists Firefox not Chrome, or Samsung browsers. Choosing Firefox will open the web page file (htm) (even on external SD card), so is there a way to add other browsers to “open with” list?

In MS Windows file association was relatively simple using “registered file types” options. Is the Andriod equivalent?