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Can family of EU Blue Card holder travel freely in the Schengen Area with a German Aufenthaltstitel?

I’m an American citizen working and living in Germany on an EU Blue Card. My family (wife and 2 children) is here with me. We were all issued standard German Aufenthaltstiteln (residence permit cards) by the Ausländerbehörde in our district. My card has an “Art des Titels” (permit type) of Blaue Karte EU (EU Blue Card). My wife’s card and children’s cards have an “Art des Titels” of Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit).

I know that as an EU Blue Card holder I can travel freely in the Schengen Area. Can my family also travel freely in the Schengen Area, and if so, can they travel by themselves or do I have to be with them? I asked the Ausländerbehörde agent during our appointment and she answered yes to both questions. But now that we have the cards, I’m confused, because I thought the right to travel freely in the Schengen Area beyond the visa-free 90/180 rule was granted by the Blue Card program, while a “regular” residence permit in an EU country does not grant this right. (At least that was my understanding, any part of which may be totally wrong!)

My Aufenthaltstitel says:

Art des Titels




My wife’s Aufenthaltstitel says:

Art des Titels




My children’s cards are the same as my wife’s.

SD card not detected

My ZTE Maven 3 suddenly lost all data on SanDisk 8 GB, Don’t have a way to back up & reformat so , I then bought a new SanDisk 32 GB card and now my phone will not even acknowledge that the new card is mounted much less installed, Any Suggestions ?

TfL says I must purchase a new Oyster card after failing to collect Auto top-up

I just checked my Oyster card online that I haven’t used in a while and the ‘Manage Auto top-up’ page says:

Your last Auto top-up request has not been collected. This may be due to a technical fault or because you did not collect it by making a journey with your Oyster card on, or before, 12/06/2015.

Please check your Auto top-up request details below and resubmit your request if necessary.

However, there’s no option to resubmit available. I contacted TfL about this and they said:

Unfortunately as the card failed to collect the previous auto top up, this can no longer be added to the card. If you would like to set up auto top up again you will need to purchase a new Oyster card and this would need to be set up again.

I find it incredibly odd that they say it can be resubmitted online, but then don’t offer the option (a bug?) and that I have to get a new card simply because I didn’t collect it. Can’t they just cancel the Auto top-up request on their system?

Has the customer service agent made a mistake?

App permissions say Voice Recorder can modify contents of SD card but VR won’t let me record to it

enter image description here

Therefore, when I try to set the recording location to somewhere on the SD card, I’d expect to be allowed. And yet:

enter image description here

I tried the bare 9016-4EF8 folder, the Android folder in it, the data folder in there, and the com.peace.SilentCamera folder, same result. Moreover, if I try to create a new folder on the card with VR, it seems to do it fine, yet the folder isn’t created. What do I do about this?

What would be the best wireless card for a OnePlus 3T running Kali Nethunter?

I plan on installing Kali Nethunter on a OnePlus 3T, and I was wondering what would be the best wireless card capable of packet injection and monitor mode. Ideally it would be a dongle rather than an antenna, but I just need something that works and I don’t have much experience with wireless cards.

ubuntu can’t detect wifi card

I’m hoping someone can help. i’ve looked at a bunch of youtube videos and can’t find a solution.

Problem: I’m running an HP notebook 15 and recently (Today) switched from windows 10 (64bit os with intel i3 processor) to ubunut 18.04, Ubuntu doesn’t recognize or detect any wifi adapter. (mine is realtek rtl8111/8168.). I don’t know much about ubuntu because i just started using it, how do i get wifi set up?

Are there still any ATMs in Japan that don’t charge fees for withdrawing with a foreign card?

I just got back to Japan for the first time in five years.

I seem to recall that that some ATMs here don’t accept foreign cards, some do but charge a fee, and some do and charge no fee.

I’m 100% aware of the fees my bank at home charges me to use ATMs overseas, I’m not asking about that.

I believe it used to be that the Post Office ATMs and the ones at 7-Eleven didn’t charge fees. But when I used my first 7-Eleven one this trip it did charge a fee. Googling, I have found that Post Office ATMs now charge a fee but since results were still saying 7-Eleven doesn’t charge a fee I can see such pages are not up-to-date.

Does anybody know which, if any, ATMs in Japan still don’t have a fee?