Howe unbalanced would a homerule allowing any 1 lightsaber technique to be “career” be?

I’m thinking about running a FFG Star Wars campaign with Force and Destiny careers allowed for characters. I’ve been looking over those career specializations though, and a lot of them (ok, all of them really) seem to have no organic relationship between the other specializations in the career and the career’s one light-saber specialization. It reads mostly like they came up with archtypes for the careers, and then separately came up with one lightsaber form for each of the 6 stats, and then just tried to bolt the two together.

There’s also not really any lore reason why one any one specific technique needs to go with a specific career. Prior to finding some kind of teacher, characters should be effectively a blank slate as far as fighting technique goes. It seems to make more sense that they’d be taught the one that best suits their skills and outlook, not the one (oddly int-based) form that all the other Guardians get taught.

So what I’m thinking of homebrewing is that anyone who takes a F&D career, when they finally find a holocron or teacher that knows lightsaber techniques (they probably won’t start with one), will get to chose one lightsaber form (from any of the 6) to train as their career specialization. All other lightsaber specialization trees will be treated as non-career specializations.

What are the balance issues with this? The only thing I see off the top of my head is that it opens up a lot of choices for picking a lightsaber specialization just for its free specialization skills. But I’m thinking for just about every character there’s going to be one stat they want to pump long-term, so that’s going to make the choice for them regardless of what skills it happens to come with.

Late to becoming interested in career in information security. How much disadvantaged am I against those talented people since young? [on hold]

relatively new to stack exchange and I was about 1 year in my career as a Network Security Engineer before I am needed now by the same company as a Special Projects Engineer to help a department set-up a software they procured which rely on SQL database architecture to work. The project basically give me multidisciplinary exposure to many aspects of IT and Computer Science, but it is fun. I am the kind who just cannot be bored or be deterred by pretty much any aspect of tech except electronics and circuitry because my Physics dept. high school just simply couldn’t teach well.

I graduated with Computer Sciecnce Degree with Computer Graphics specialization, was (and still am) an avid gamer, taught Video Games Development as a Teaching Assistant before I decided to give up going into the industry right before graduation (except if I will be going Autodesk or Nvidia, you know, non-end-user product kinda industry like games) because … well if you know about the state of the industry and the business model many AAA publishers are using. I just got disappointed to go in.

Anyways, I raised this question because especially after having been reading and hearing many stories about young teenage hackers (I think one of them included the founder of Symantec who was a black hat before turning white and started Symantec) likely having more skills at that age than where I am now, perhaps selling video game cheats, hacks, or even now, dabble in dark web stuffs far longer than I ever do, and that I am now taking up such a career, I sometimes worry how much, how hard and how long I should catch up before I can match against those who already built up talent since young in cybersecurity … or even cyber-criminal activities.

I also worry if I only get certified as a ethical hacker, I might lose out knowing the skills those black hats are capable of.

Lastly, in one conference in my country, I have a prominent CISO who, when I asked the same question, he told me not to worry too much because “those who are used to attacking are actually poor at defending.” I could not believe what I hear because, I think like in military, surely you should be under wraps while you are out there stealing data or something.

These sometimes makes me wonder, as I strengthen my organisation’s infrastructure, whether I have totally missed out something I have never known that could have been an attack vector for the hackers.

But hey, I still try to spare my free time watching BlackHat conferences online, taking courses, talking to big players in the industry, etc.

Hope somebody can share some insights on this one. Thanks.

How to Start a Career in Blockchain Security [on hold]

I’m a Software Engineering Fresh Graduate, My Only knowledge is in Application Development. I wanted to start a career in Blockchain Security but i don’t know where to start from. I’m basically doing a career shift and i don’t have any background. can Someone explain to me how to start? What are the courses and certificates that i need? how long will it take me? and what is the best path i can follow to reach that goal? Thanks For Your Time.

Lastly, if I’m asking in the wrong site can someone tell me where i can submit my question?

Career as Cyber Security Analyst [on hold]

I just finished my Bachelor’s degree and I am currently applying for a job.

It seems like I have a pretty good chance to start working as a Cyber Security Analyst at a very good company. I also know that it always depends on what company I am working for, but maybe some still can give me a quick overview.

So I am applying as a Cyber Security Analyst, I am somewhat worried that this job is not really that technical and that you are mostly just scratching on the surface.

Maybe someone can tell me what their usual tasks are at work if you are a Cyber Security Analyst?

Where to find mechanics to manage character organizational career

I run a game where characters apart of their mechanical advancement can become part of various organizations to gain standing and influence.

At the moment the barbarian became chief of a small tribe, the priest is an aspiring member of an organized religion (at the same time being a mole from a much less organized religion) and the wizard entered in partnership with another wizard with much greater power and worldly influence.

I would like to make it so that the players’ decisions and characters’ actions determine if they advance, keep or lose their positions.

I find the renown system from DMG too simplistic for my needs. In my impression it works well for ordinary rank-and-file membership but does not cover leadership positions.

So my question is where can I find a subsystem that I can steal for such a purpose (in whole or in parts)? It does not have be any D&D variation but being accessible (free, cheep digital download) would be a plus.

I would like to emphasize social aspects – showing that the king needs skill in playing lords against each other much more than as-kicking. I also would make it a meaningful choice for my players to either skip work doing heroic stuff or stay and work on their position boring day by boring day.

Which certification is better suited for a career in penetration testing? [on hold]

I’m currently enrolled in a BSCS program and interning at a company with the eventual goal of becoming a penetration tester/security analyst. I have heard so many conflicting thoughts on the certifications and I can’t seem to get a clear answer. Is it worth going through the EC-Council to get my CEH, ECSA, and/or LPT? Or is there a more streamlined, more accepted/more encompassing, all over better alternative? In short, what certs should I really be going for to get to my goal?

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Career options for UXer with over 10 years of experience

I notice a lot of posts and articles about people wanting to break into the UX field. This isn’t that. My question is what similar career options are available for a UX professional with over 10 years of experience – designing, researching, leading projects, managing teams, etc.? I’ve done that and I’m not sure I want to continue on this track. This is an exciting industry for sure, but I’m becoming burnt out on all the travel, having to start from scratch with teams that are still not aware of what the UX process actually consists of (i.e. looking for a marketing designer or unicorn vs strategic partner), and having to live in a big city just to find a good job. I was also recently diagnosed with a health issue that’s going to make work/life balance even more important. Aside from Product Manager, are there alternate career tracks where I can easily transfer my UX expertise? I’m really interested in Service Design, but those jobs seem to mainly be available in a few big cities as well. Curious if anyone is in a similar boat…

The New Career Discussion

As I have accepted that SEO is dead and will be moving to work as a Peon or Sweeper in a small office within few weeks if I gets selected for a new job.
In Novemeber-December 2018 and January 2019 I tried and appeared for interviews of WordPress Theme developer like in 7 "Pvt Ltd" companies and got rejected in all of them.
I assume because SEO is dead the career of Web Developer is dead also.
Discuss about the career options you are going to switch to after accepting or has accepted that SEO…

The New Career Discussion