Can I carry silver worth 2500$ from India to USA?

I was travelling to San Francisco, USA from Bangalore, India at Lufthansa Airlines. Can I carry 4kgs of silver which worth 2.5k dollars or 1.7Lakhs rupees. I was actually giving the silver items like plates to my sister who is living in the USA, so I am going to say that at the immigration portal. I have a few questions.

  1. Is it OK to say “My sister has brought the silver items last time from the USA to India for our purpose now I was visiting her so I am giving back to her” at immigration?
  2. At the Immigration portal do I need to add the commodity value I bring to the USA?
  3. What happens if I mark in immigration paper has no for any commodity value?
  4. How much value commodities do I have permission to bring like silver?
  5. What is the worst thing that could happen at Immigration?

How does airport security verify that you can carry a battery bank over 100 Wh?

in about 3 months I will be flying from Estonia (Tallinn) to New York (Newark) via Stockholm Arlanda by SAS. I have an Aukey 30000 mAh (~111 Wh) battery bank which I’d like to bring on board with me. I did some research and discovered that batteries over 100 Wh require approval by the airline, and on my previous flight from Tallinn on British Airways I wasn’t allowed to bring in the battery bank with me, and had to hand it over for storage.

I’ve contacted SAS customer service and they have given me approval (verbally, over the phone) to bring the battery bank on board in my carry on. They also say it’s written somewhere in the booking notes, which the check-in staff would see. However, how would the staff at airport security in Tallinn and Newark know that I’m permitted to carry it? Can they look up my booking and verify it there, or should I request a written approval from SAS to show security?

Can we carry rice to Japan?

We are traveling to Japan for over 18 days and planning to carry 10 KG of rice consider we are two people and eat rice at least twice a day.

Are there any challenges at the customs in Japan (Haneda airport)? We will be carrying it in the checked-in luggage.


How can I convince my player that Alchemist’s Fire is safe to carry?

The Player’s Handbook says that Alchemist’s Fire “ignites when exposed to air”:

Alchemist’s Fire. This sticky, adhesive fluid ignites when exposed to air. As an action, you can throw this flask up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact.

A player noticed this and refuses to carry such a self-ingniting substance.

His logic is pretty solid:

  1. An adventurer’s life is full of running, fighting, jumping and falling.
  2. The flask has to be fragile enough, otherwise it won’t shatter on impact when you throw it.
  3. Given that, carrying the flask in a backpack with metal items would ignite it for sure.
  4. Even if it wouldn’t shatter in your pack, just losing the cork would light it all on fire, since the fluid “ignites when exposed to air”.

However, reading 5e adventures (HoDQ, for example), I came to the conclusion that Alchemist’s Fire is considered quite safe to carry. Is this correct? How can I justify this to my player?

Carry On Policy for Travel Humidifiers – United Airlines

I am traveling to a state with dry air, and I was thinking of taking a travel humidifier with me. Can I carry something like this or this or this in my carry-on on a United Airlines flight?

I understand personal humidifiers are not allowed, I am asking about one which I can keep in my carry-on case.

I called my hotel and asked if they provide a humidifier for the room upon request, and they do not.

What tests, if any, should I carry out to test email designs prior to going live?

I’m designing a set of emails meant to warn the user to take action before an irreversible change will take place, and, for those users who didn’t take the action in time, to let them know that the irreversible change has taken place. It’s the first time I’m designing emails and was wondering whether there are any tests I could carry out to try and predict how well my emails would do in getting users to click on that one CTA I want them to click.

I’ve been Googling away but all I could really find is recommendations for a/b testing. I’m just wondering whether there are any kinds of tests people here use before going live with emails.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking so far:

  • 5 second test to test gut reaction and layout.
  • Thinking out loud / reading comprehension test: show wireframes to users and probe to find out whether the content is clear.

Am I missing anything? Am I actually going overboard and a/b testing should be enough? Would appreciate your thoughts.


Is it allowed to carry seeds on an intercontinental flight?

I will take a flight from South America to Europe (with Air France, Colombia-Panama-France-Romania if this info is useful) and I want to bring some seeds from there.

Obviously, I’m not talking about drugs or illegal things but some colorful maize seeds would be great, like these ones or other vegetables.

Is it allowed to do it or it’s forbidden?