Homebrew Cask: List all formula available for installation

After updating the local Homebrew cache by running brew update, I have been using brew search and brew cask search to list all the available formula for installation via Homebrew Core and Homebrew Cask respectively. Note that skipping the argument after search does the trick of listing all the formula available for installation.

While brew search still works, this is no longer the case with Homebrew Cask. Instead, now running brew cask search displays the explanatory text:

Homebrew Cask provides a friendly CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries.

followed by a list of available Homebrew commands.

What command one need to run, to get a list of all the formula available for installation via Homebrew Cask?

While it is still possible to navigate to:


and obtain the desired list, I am looking for a solution along the lines of previously working brew cask search.

I am running up-to-date version of Homebrew (Homebrew 2.0.4) on macOS Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109).

Applications installed with `brew cask install` won’t launch for other users

I have two users accounts on my Mac, one for personal use and one for work use. I use Homebrew to install most of my applications.

However, whatever GUI application I install using brew cask install <app>, it won’t launch for the other user. Every time I try to open such an app with the other user, I get an error like:

The application "Spotify" can't be opened.

I noticed that the application files are installed owned by the installer (in this case the user work):

$   ls -l /Applications/  ... drwxr-xr-x@  3 root    wheel   96 Feb 11 20:13 Siri.app/ drwxr-xr-x@  3 work    staff   96 Feb  6 19:52 Spotify.app/ 

How can I get the apps to launch also for other users on the system?