Load Cell Made in China

Load pin – Introduction
The TY2088 range of load pins are designed for the measurement of tensile and compressive forces across a wide range of applications, including crane/lifting, industrial, marine, offshore and civil engineering. Machined from high tensile stainless steel, our load pins are suitable for use in exposed situations including prolonged immersion in seawater. We offer a standard range of load pins, covering ratings between 500kgs to 500 tonnes, however, the nature of this type of product means that most load pins are manufactured to meet each customers specific dimensional requirements.
Load Pin Benefits:
● Easy to install new or retrofitted
● Robust construction
● Replaces existing load bearing pins without any system modifications
● Many special designes available
● Can be supplied with int
CREEP (30min) %F.S.±0.02
OUTPUT RESISTANCE Ω                     700±2
CAPACITY1Ton to 10tonLoad Cell Made in China

How does cell triangulation work

I’ve heard about cell tower triangulation, how it’s done by measuring the signal strength of 3 towers. My question is how do I get that data about signal strengths, which tower was pinged when and by which phone so that I can triangulate the location. I’ve googled this but most articles suggested spy apps. In this case I don’t have access to the phone

How Online Cell Phone Number Listings Can Save You Precious Time and Money

If you have a cell phone number and you want to find out who the owner of it is, there are a number of things that you can do to identify the person in question. Firstly, you could go to a private investigator to do some leg work on your behalf. Secondly, you could turn to the White Pages and search the owner with your finger. Thirdly, you could go to one of the many online databases.
The problem with the first and second options is that they either cost time or money. Private investigators will have their expenses and their basic fee, and it’s not realistic to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get the name behind a phone number list.
The fact is that the White Pages don’t list cell phone numbers, only residential and business numbers. In fact, cell phone numbers are considered personal information and details surrounding them are protected from public display by law.
That leaves the online databases. These databases are leased from the cell phone service providers, like Sprint and Verizon, and are available to the public for a small fee usually (though there are some free databases also). These reverse cell phone lookup services are completely confidential and are fast in delivering the information you require. Just enter the number and soon you’ll know who that mystery caller is.
But there are some things to keep in mind before choosing one of the many sites that are online. Only the best will have 200 million or more numbers on their databases (that’s 90% of the total phones in the US). Also, be sure that the details are up-to-date; the site should publicize how frequently they update their database.

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Cell phone receiving text messages between an acquaintance and his girlfriend

An acquaintance was staying with us a short time ago and I let him use my cell phone to text his girlfriend and listen to music. A week ago he acquired a cell phone of his own. Completely different make/model than mine and using a different service provider. I have just noticed that his text conversations between him and his girlfriend are appearing on my cell phone. Yet they both are using different phones, different phone numbers, and different services. I know he downloaded some music apps on my phone. Did he download something else? My phone is an android

Is it decidable whether Turing Machine never scans any tape cell more than once when started with given string

The problem:

Is it decidable that the set of pairs $ (M,w)$ such that TM $ M$ , started with input $ w$ , never scans any tape cell more than once.

How can I easily prove above to be decidable. I found following proof confusing:

enter image description here

How is $ l+m$ is upper bound on number of steps? I feel we should be doing at least $ l\times 𝑄\times \Gamma\times\{𝐿,𝑅\}+1$ steps ($ Q$ being number of states,$ \Gamma$ being set of tape alphabet, $ l$ is string length, $ L$ and $ R$ are head movement directions).

Retrieving the evaluation result of an Initialization Cell in a notebook `nb1` from another notebook `nb2`

I have a very long code in a notebook nb1 in which all the initialization cells are tagged. I have another notebook nb2 where I want to evaluate the initialization cells in nb1 and get the results in nb2 by using CellTags.

I tried the following code, which does something but I cannot see the results in nb2.

myButton[tag_] :=  Button["Evaluate " <> tag,  NotebookEvaluate[ "C:\Users\ttemel\Desktop\World_Bank_projects\WB_Contract_2\\ Extension_to_1st_contract_27oct19\IOdatabase_oecd\database_IOtables_\ SA_NO_UK_2000_2015_run_1.m", EvaluationElements -> {"Tags" -> {tag}}], Method -> "Queued"]; Grid[{Map[myButton, {"SectorIOMarketChains", "DensityPlot"}]}] CellPrint[ ExpressionCell[Defer[Print["SectorIOMarketChains"]], "Input",  CellTags -> {"SectorIOMarketChains"}, ShowCellTags -> True]] CellPrint[ ExpressionCell[Defer[Print["DensityPlot"]], "Input",  CellTags -> {"DensityPlot"}, ShowCellTags -> True]] 

Why does not this code give me the results in nb2?

Search a Reverse Phone Number Listing to Easily Get the Name of a Cell Phone Caller

Are you searching in an effort to get the name of someone who made a cellphone call from a cell? Did you now you may seek a reverse telephone variety phone number list  to easily get the call of a cellular telephone caller? This works for regular phones as properly. Read on to discover how to effortlessly try this.

[Image: 2.png]

There are any range of motives that you may have for trying to reverse seek a phone listing to get facts on a range of. The most important cause that people do that is to get the call of a caller. You may be inquisitive about doing this due to the fact you’ve got been receiving calls which you might alternatively no longer have to deal with. May be you have got a person who receives their kicks out of calling you at extraordinary hours of the nighttime, or repeatedly calling then placing up. Another superb purpose to do that is that you can have noticed a brand new wide variety all at once appear for your phone invoice. A number that you do now not apprehend. This could be a warning sign of identification robbery.

Whatever motives you have got for the use of a reverse quantity list for phone caller statistics, there definitely is most effective one sort of region to get this without difficulty. These reverse search sites are specialized in offering the largest listing of cellphone client records this is publicly to be had. They are extraordinarily smooth to use as properly. You virtually enter the number into their website and you will have get admission to to the facts that you need within seconds. Definitely the high-quality way to get this data is to search a reverse telephone wide variety list.

Autofill a cell in a list if another cell in the same list contains a certain text value

I want a cell in a SP list to automatically populate/fill-in if a certain text value is present in a column in the same list. For example the list contains two columns named: Route of Flight and Spare Parts.

The Route of Flight column is filled in by the planner with a string of text, e.g. KOKC-KLIT-KDFW-KOKC. If the Route of Flight column contains KDFW then I want the Spare Parts column to auto-populate with “NEEDED”. If the route of flight does not contain KDFW then the Spare Parts column should auto-populate with “NOT NEEDED”.