Notification center documentation for applescript

Where can I find documentation for notification center method and properties to use it in applescript? I can’t find anything in script editor’s dictionary neither on web.

This is example code to work with notification center:

on run     tell application "System Events"         tell process "Notification Center"            set theseWindows to every window            display notification (count of theseWindows)         end tell    end tell end run 

Data Entry service center for $10

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Line appearing in the center of freelensing photos with 5D mkIII

I have been doing a day of free-lensing shooting with a Canon 5D mkIII, and on both my photos and videos I have a perfectly vertical line splitting the picture into two parts, with like a small exposure difference between the two parts.

It is subtle on photos but quite visible in video, with the movement and this line remaining still.

Do anyone have ever faced the same problem? Do you have an idea how I could correct it?

FYI: I have been using Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS and Canon 50mm f1.4 USM both with ND filters.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 and pwd: “garronde”

Can I unbreak my SharePoint Online admin center page?

I am performing a tenant-to-tenant SharePoint Online migration. I am migration one site collection at a time and all has gone fine until now. It appears I migrated a site collection over the target SPO Admin Center site. I didn’t think that was possible but that’s what I get for scripting the process :\

Anyway, the admin center now thinks it is a publishing page, complete with a ‘Site Pages’ library and a whole mess of other stuff that ought not be there.

enter image description here

When going to [tenant] I am taken to the Welcome Page for the source site collection: [tenant]

If I go directly to the ../_layouts/15/SiteCollections.aspx page, everything is there, so at least no baseline functionality is gone.

I was hoping I could just change the Welcome Page in site settings for the admin center but that was a bust. Any other ideas? I am hoping Microsoft support can just ‘undo’ this…but I’d rather fix it myself if I can.

World-Class Data Center Connectivity

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World-Class Data Center Connectivity

What is the best way (protocol/software) to pass a stock exchange UDP Multicast stream from data center to an AWS instance?

I have a data center which is a consumer of stock exchange connectionless multicast feed. I want to forward that feed to an AWS instance.

  • What would be the best/ideal way to forward the feed to the AWS instance?
  • What protocols/software can I use to forward or pass the feed to the AWS instance?
  • How to make sure that the stream connects again and still forwards it to AWS instance in any case of connection or server downtimes?

How to Center Image in View Slideshow

I can’t get the views slideshow to center in the div. I tried the following code but with issue:

#views_slideshow_cycle_main_content_slideshow-block {   width: 100%;   text-align: center; } #views_slideshow_cycle_teaser_section_content_slideshow-block {   display: inline-block; } 

The image display in few seconds but disappear afterwards.

Can anybody please help me how to solve this problem?