How to center a block on a page?

I have a block with a visual menu in it and I want to show up centered on the page. This is my css within the block:

.container{ margin: 0 auto; text-align:center; } 

I’ve also tried to put the widget when inserted into the page inside a centered div:

<div style="text-align: center;" > {{widget type="Magento\Cms\Block\Widget\Block" template="widget/static_block/default.phtml" block_id="38" type_name="CMS Static Block"}} </div> 

What else can I do to center it?

How can I get from LYS airport to the city center of Lyon?

Basically what the title says. My flights will be arriving at LYS airport on a Thursday afternoon(around 2 o’clock and leaving on a Sunday evening (around 8 o’clock).

From the airport I want to get to the city center and specifically Foch metro station. For the trip back I want to start at Foch station and get to the airport.

What is the best way to do this? In order to make the question more specific my preferred means of transportation are as follows in order of preference.

  1. Metro or train (I haven’t found any lines that go to the airport though)
  2. Bus
  3. Taxi

Is it Possible to Prevent a Physcial Attack on Server in Remote Data Center?

I’ve been using Amazon Web Services to run my Java application. However, due to high costs I’m looking into getting a dedicated server from Hetzner, a company based in Germany, which costs about 10-20x less than AWS.

However, after reading this question and seeing the following statement by @Daniel Rudy:

The problem with physical security is this:  If the attacker has physical access to the machine, then there is no security.  

I’m concerned that anyone with physical access to my server could steal my data/application.

If I understand correctly, encryption will only help while the device is powered off but will do nothing to protect PC while running (since program will not run unless it is decrypted). I cannot encrypt the Java Jar since it will be running from Eclipse IDE (for debugging purposes) and needs to be visible in editor. Thus, anyone with physical access to the remote server (employees, technicians etc) could steal my data by sticking a USB device into the computer and downloading all my data / application (correct?). Moreover, there would be no way for me to detect that something like this ever happened.

In other words, unless I have complete trust in the people who run the company to secure physical access to my server there’s absolutely nothing for me to do to protect my data. If the server is located in a foreign country (as Hetzner is) I would also need to trust the government of that country not to breach my data (as they can easily overpower any physcial barriers enacted by Hetzner). And if someone did steal my data I would never find out.

Are my assumption correct or is there something I could do on my end to protect myself?

Software center infinite loading while opening “Installed” Menu

I’m having this issue where I’m running low on disk space. Anyways, I’m trying to delete old apps, such as but not limited to, OBS Studio, Spotify, Minecraft. Whenever I try to open the software center, every section works besides “Installed” and “Progress”. Those two sections are always loading when I try to open them and have blank screens.

I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

How to clone this: Open a rooted terminal open software-center via terminal Open “Installed” section.

Draw off center connection between rectangles

I am trying to create a sequence diagram using

For that, I need to create long rectangles and draw multiple connections between them along the side of the rectangle.

However, using the blue arrow that creates connections, I can only draw connections to and from the center of the rectangle. I have to manually drag the arrow to the desired position.

Is there a way to make this quicker?

How should I calculate hardware requirements of a video center web site? [migrated]

I like to create a website like youtube, that I estimate 100K to 1M users for the first month will sign up there. But don’t know how should I calculate the hardware that I need for such website and number of users?

I also have a plan to reach 30M users and 10M viewer per day in the end of first year.

Is there any formula to do rough estimation for hardware requirements?