Macros and Trust Center Settings – Alternative Combo of Settings

I asked a question in the about enabling Macro’s in the “Trust Center” and the security implications. I have now begun signing my projects with a “Code Signing” certificate and placed that certificate in the “Trusted Publishers” store of my end users.

I really don’t like the combination of settings available in the Trust Center.


I would like to set the following and wondered if there was a way via RegEdit and/or Group Policy.

Disable all Macros WITHOUT notification, except digitally signed Macros.

This would block end users from running Macro’s by hitting allow, but still allow “TrustedPublishers” to share VBA Enabled Office content.

Show image after X para – center aligned

I am using this code in wordpress functions.php to display featured image after 1st para.

The problem is: Image is showing left-aligned. I want it to be center aligned..

Please modify this code so I can display the image in the centre of post?

add_filter( 'the_content', 'insert_featured_image', 20 );  function insert_featured_image( $  content ) {      $  content = preg_replace( "/<\/p>/", "</p>" . get_the_post_thumbnail($  post->ID, 'post-single'), $  content, 1 );      return $  content; } 

Having one search center for two different SharePoint 2016 farms

I want to ask you if you have experience of setting up, of course first of all if its possible to have one search center URL shared between two SharePoint 2016 farms. So, we have like two SharePoint 2016 farms with one shared search service application.The first farm its acting as an Collaboration farm and the other one is an Intranet one. The intranet farm has its own search center url ( https://Farm1WebApp1/search ) and when you search you are lead to actual search center result page ( https://Farm1WebApp1/search/pages/results.aspx?k=.. ) , but the second one when you search something you are getting some default search url and the result is presented via this page (https://Farm2WebApp2/_layouts/15/osssearchresults.aspx ). Because of this I was wondering if its possible to set the same search center URL for both farms and when someone regardless of which farm ( farm1 or farm 2) and site collection ( from both farms ) tries to search we want the results to be presented lets say via this url ( https://Farm1WebApp/search/Pages/x.aspx?k=…… )

Any idea how we can implement this would be great to read, and of course as I have said if this is possible, to have one shared search center for both SharePoint farms, that would share the same URL.

Thanks in advance, Jovica

Packages Manager (Upgrade) and Software Center don’t work in Ubuntu 19.04

I upgraded one of my desktop PCs from Ubuntu Studio 18.04.3 to 19.04.

Now, the Packages Manager (GUI to Upgrade packages) and the Software Center don’t work!

Both apps start to run but… They are indicating that something are doing, but… It seems to wait forever I don’t know what!

What’s wrong here?

How can I fix it?

Can Software Center see updates from the snap version of fwupd?

As per this answer, I have uninstalled fwupd and replaced it with the snap version. This made it possible to update Unifying peripherals, but now I wonder about the following.:

I am used to getting regular messages from Ubuntu Software Center, that firmware updates are available. Will I still be getting these messages now that fwupd lives in a snap? Can the Ubuntu Software Center see the service that runs from the snap properly?

How to center the website and and float list inside left sidebar to the right

Hi guys,

I did not code for three years and html isn't my thing and when I come back it's kind of I have to start over. So bear with me if I ask stupid questions or too much.

What I'm trying to achieve is to center the whole web site and move the list on the left sidebar to the right side. The result is as ugly as the attached image.

Here's what I'm attempting so far:

 <!doctype html> <html><head>     <title>mysite</title>       <meta charset="utf-8" />     <link rel="canonical"...
Code (markup):

How to center the website and and float list inside left sidebar to the right