Finding the numerically listed string to the center algorthim

The algorithm takes input for a string’s length for L, and the number of strings altogether for X. The hamming distance is for input D. Input Z calculates the exact amount of all possible characters in the string besides the permutations for input D.

We get a set of Z amount of characters. We divide Z by D which is S. We get B possible permutations of characters that can be generated in a list of X strings. In other words, Z divided by Y groupings of the same X should uniquely have B possible permutations within the Z characters. (For the center numerical listed string based on hamming?)

If the algorithm is, correct (or I’ve misled). The center of Z is at the S string which should be the B permutation.

NOTE: The concept is to visualize our strings as a number line.

Here the algorithm is written in Ancient Basic from a TRS-80 computer.

0 A=1 1 INPUT "LENGTH OF STRING";L 2 INPUT "X FOR HOW MANY";X 3 INPUT "D FOR HAMMING DISTANCE";D 4 Z = X * X * 1 * L + X * D * D * D 5 S = Z / D 6 B = S / D 7 Y = S / B 8 CL = D * A ≤ X ≤ B * Y 10 P=B*Y 11 PRINT "CLOSEST STRING", CL, "P=", P 12 IF S = S * D / D THEN PRINT"S = S * D / D", S * D / D 13 IF D = Z / S THEN PRINT"D = Z / S", Z / S 15 PRINT"PROOF", P, S 

I also continue with the algorithm to find where the 2nd closest string, 3rd closest, 4th and so on.


Cost center numbering

I’m trying to put together a simple quote database with confirmed quotes sent to customers. Some quotes are for services, that share the same cost center number, and some quotes have their own unique cost center number. For example, unique quotes are numbered 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003… and quotes for standardized services have a specific cost center numbered with 201, 202, 203 etc. Several quotes therefore can have the same cost center number but majority is unique.

Entering cost center number manually is a bad idea because someone might accidentally repeat a unique cost center number (which would also need to be listed somewhere) and cause problems to our accounting. I’m thinking two ways: one is a calculated columns with automatic numbering where the standardized quote’s cost center would be enter manually by overwriting the calculated forumla for an item (if this is possible at all) and the other option would be a lookup column to a separate database with cost center numbers generated. The problem is, the standardized quotes cost center numbers can repeat, and unique quotes shouldn’t.

I’m a total self-taught noob with SharePoint, had no professional trainings so I would kindly ask all prepared to assist to be as clear as possible in their instructions. 🙂

A huge thank you to anyone trying to help in this matter!

How to get this table aligned in center in the box?

Hi there!

Website link:

I want to align this table in the centre of the box. kindly advise with the css customization to do the same.

View attachment 240515

Rashida H.

Security Audit – How to make sure a specific android app does not send my data to its data center

We need to pass a specific security audit in our company. All our front line workers use the mobile phone provided by our company (controlled by Intunes) and they require to install apps such as CamScanner to capture some document.

So far only the apps developed by the company were installed on the devices. When installing CamScanner it asks for storage permission, which seems to fail the security audit.

Is there a way for us to prove that this specific software does not randomly access device storage (while the app is running in the background / not active) and send the data to their data center?

Software Center cannot be installed in Linux Lite.. HELP!

****sudo apt-get install software-center****

Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done Package software-center is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source

E: Package ‘software-center’ has no installation candidate

What to do now? No idea how to fix this issue.

Windows Server Data Center Edition – Unlimited Virtual Machines

Need some clarification on the following.

Data Center Edition description lists:

Can be used as virtualization guest: Yes, unlimited virtual machines, plus one Hyper-V host per license

The way I understand it is, that I can create unlimited guest virtual machines without additional keys.

Is my understanding correct?

If not, please explain.

If yes, how do I go about creating guest virtual machines from the host’s license?

“Custom Script” settings at the SharePoint admin Center – How it works exactly

one of the most confusing topics in sharepoint online is to understand how the “Custom Script” setting works. let me start from this link which i read Enabling scripting capabilities, where i mentioned that the custom script setting inside the SP center admin will only affect classic sites, here is a quote from the link:-

The solution below will enable scripting capabilities on all Classic SharePoint sites, and it will It takes about 24 hours for this change to take effect.

so i have these questions:-

  1. Q1. so can i conclude that the “custom script” setting at the SP center admin will not affect modern sites, even if these modern sites are self-service created sites? as per my test also, if i enable custom script inside the SP admin center , and end users or SP admin created modern sites, then these sties will have custom scripting disabled. i check the custom script status by running this command Get-SPOSite -Identity $ Url -Detailed | select DenyAddAndCustomizePages?

  2. Q2. inside the settings there are 2 check-boxes one for Self-Service created site while the other is for personal sites? so what are the differences? are the self-service sites, site created by end users? while personal sites are the onedrive sites?

  3. Q3. in our case we are preventing end users from creating sites as follow:- enter image description here

but end user can still create modern sites if they know the url or if they create office 365 groups.. But these self-service sites will always have their custom script disabled by default , regardless of what we specify inside the SP center admin settings, is this correct?

  1. Q4. if the personal sites refer to OneDrive sites, then are the OneDrive sites considered as modern sites or as classic sites? and how i can check this?

Does the “Custom Script” setting inside the sharepoint admin center affect modern sites (Communication or Team sites)

I did many tests and reading and i did not find a clear answer if the “Custom Script” setting inside the sharepoint admin center affect modern sites (Communication or Team sites). for example i did this test:-

  1. inside the sharepoint admin center >> settings >> Custom Script >> i enable custom script as follow (i did this around 7 days ago):- enter image description here

  2. then if:-

    • I (as the office 365 and sharepoint admin) create a modern site (communication or team)
    • OR any end user directly create a communication modern site or team modern site
    • OR and end user create an office 365 group.

the generated sharepoint modern sites will always have custom script disabled. so can i conclude that the “Custom Script” settings inside the sharepoint admin center does not affect modern sites (Communication or Team sites)?and when the setting mentioned “self-service created sites” this does not cover modern site created by end users or created through creating office 365 group? Thanks.