im trying to rotate the player in a certain way that makes it look like he is sliding

I’m trying to make my first game in unity a 3d platformer inspired by the classic crash bandicoot games, I’ve managed to make most of the movement however I don’t know how I can do a slide/crouch since what I want to do is basically a way to rotate and move the player down closer to the ground and give him some more speed that decreases over time until he reaches a normal waking state, I thought about making the player rotate on a specific axis but when he turns the axis don’t change so now I’m kind of lost in what to do.

this is basically the motion I want to do but, but in all the axis

Display Posts that fit a certain criteria on Category pages

I wish to display posts that fit a certain criteria on a category page. Something like a search filter applied, to several such category pages.

For example, to display all movies by Chris Pratt that grossed over 10 million dollars. Or All movies with Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana, etc.

How / where would I have to look for a good tutorial on how to do the same?

Would it go into the realms of custom fields with custom taxonomies? Please advise if possible.

Custom Loop with certain number of one category

I have a custom loop that goes like this:

            global $  post;             $  tmp_post = $  post;             $  args = array(              'numberposts' => '120',             'orderby' => 'date',             'order'   => 'DESC',             'cat' => array(1,2,7,8,9,27, 30, 31),             'tax_query' => array(                         array(                             'taxonomy' => 'post_format',                             'field' => 'slug',                             'terms' => array( 'post-format-aside','post-format-video' ),                             'operator' => 'NOT IN',                         ),                     )          );             $  myposts = get_posts( $  args );             foreach( $  myposts as $  post ) : setup_postdata($  post);          ?> 

What I need is not a output of 120 posts in total, but 120 posts only of the category with the ID 2. Is that possible?


Periodical sum of rows by a certain step

I’ve been struggling with one problem. I have a classic matrix in this example 12×4 such as: matrix = Table[i, {i, 12}, {4}]


I need to sum the rows according to the example below.

Total@matrix[[{1, 5, 9}]]

Total@matrix[[{2, 6, 10}]]

Total@matrix[[{3, 7, 11}]

I tried using MapAt, but without any real success so far. I need to make a function out of it, cause later I will be using it for matrix 1036×37. Any tips?

Hide ‘add to cart’ when certain value in dropdown is selected

Need help here please. I am trying to hide the ‘add to cart’ woocommerce button when a user selects a specific item in a dropdown list. I have tried multiple JQuery snippets in both functions.php and through 3rd party plugins but am still struggling to get it to work.

In Functions.php theme file

function load_scripts() { ?>     <script type="text/javascript">     $  (document).ready(function(){         $  (document.getElementsByName("select-1574795073993")).change(function(){             $  ( "select option:selected").each(function(){                 if($  (this).attr("value")=="International"){                     $  (".single_add_to_cart_button").hide();                 }             });         }).change();     });     </script> <?php } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_scripts'); 

Please can someone assist with simple steps to 1) provide correct code, and 2) insert in the hosted plarform.

Much appreciated!

Why do game engines define the a certain way to do things and not allow a lot of flexibility?

I understand that game engines have their own level design methods and different implementations of levels but why don’t they allow full control of the level design to the game developer? Without actually stating that, "The game developer should do/ use this to get this." rather than "Use these tools to get this done. Have full control over your product." ideology?

I guess its because not all game developers are interested in dealing with low level aspects of the game development phase but wouldn’t it be more efficient if the user can optimize certain aspects of the game to better suit for their product? For example, a mesh object, resource submissions, or other areas which game engines define a certain method?

How to identify why two-factor code SMS messages are never received from certain websites

I have accounts with three financial websites which only offer two-factor authentication codes to be sent via text message or phone call, but when I request codes via text message, the messages are never received. When I choose the phone call option, however, I do receive the call.

Some notes:

  • Requesting codes multiple times does not solve the issue – I never receive any texts.

  • I’ve verified that I have not blocked any phone numbers, either on my phone’s local settings or within my account with my cellular carrier.

  • I can receive codes from all other websites on which I use two-factor authentication and receive codes via text message. This only happens with these three websites. Also, there is no relation between these three sites – they are all for completely separate financial institutions.

  • Reaching out to the customer service/technical support departments of these three websites has not produced any helpful information or solutions.

  • I’ve had this phone number for over 15 years so I’m wondering if at some point my number has inadvertently ended up on an SMS blocked list that these three websites subscribe to.

I want to be able to figure out why this happens and make it so I can receive texts, so that in the event that the phone call option is removed or temporarily unavailable for any of these sites, or I start using a new site which also has this issue but does not offer the phone call option, I won’t lose access to my accounts.

Are there SMS block lists that text messaging services subscribe to? If so, is there a way for someone to find out if their number is blocked? If not, would there be any way to troubleshoot this problem?