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What kind of concepts and questions asked in Magento Solution Specialist Certification?

What Magento looks for in candidate who clears the exam ?

Like a perspective from a Magento Business Model to Client’s requirement gathering.


This is not duplicate of this question or any other question I have done research and I didn’t find any stratified answer that’s why I asked a new question, so please read the question’s description carefully.

I want to know from Business perspective what Magento looks in to candidate of Solution specialist on behalf of Customer.

Which certification is better suited for a career in penetration testing? [on hold]

I’m currently enrolled in a BSCS program and interning at a company with the eventual goal of becoming a penetration tester/security analyst. I have heard so many conflicting thoughts on the certifications and I can’t seem to get a clear answer. Is it worth going through the EC-Council to get my CEH, ECSA, and/or LPT? Or is there a more streamlined, more accepted/more encompassing, all over better alternative? In short, what certs should I really be going for to get to my goal?

Changing the SSL certification path

When connecting to a resource with SSL, I know that the certificates can be validated by the client to make sure the connection is secure.

I recently run into SSL problems at work, when connected to my company’s network (only when using specific WLAN endpoint). I did not face any issues when using the web browser, but when I made connections with curl or java I got errors like “SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain” or “PKIX path building failed; unable to find valid certification path to requested target”. I had a look at the certification path in the browser and saw that the entire certification path of the website was replaced with certificates of my company. However, this was only the case for certain websites, other websites like google or amazon were still loaded with the correct certificates.

So now I have a couple of questions for you. How is it possible to change all the certificates? Why does my browser not complain about this? Does someone know why this is happening only for specific websites? I work at a very large company and I still haven’t found the right person to talk to about this.

Does LineageOS or OpenGApps have a GMS License and GMS Certification?

Some time ago, I have installed LineageOS on my Samsung Galaxy S2, together with the OpenGApps suite. I have registered with Google and enjoy access to the phletora of Google Play apps on this phone.

Now, is this use of Google Play from an ASOP based Android legal, or problematic? Since, I really doubt LineageOS, nor the OpenGApps project has properly gone through the GMS License and GMS Certification which seems to be required to obtain proper access to Google’s apps?

Note: This question has arisen around the Ban of Huawei from using “Google services” as per this article: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/may/19/google-huawei-trump-blacklist-report

I think, Huawei should be no different than LineageOS, when it comes to using ASOP and installing the play store via OpenGApps.

Does Google Adwords Certification Adds Any Value?

This post is regarding a question which I'm very curious to know. That is, does the Google Adwords Certification actually adds any value to the Passed Candidate or Company's profile?

As of now, I found there are couple of websites available across the web which are providing all Google Adwords Exam questions and answers.

Anyone, even without simplest Google Adwords knowledge can pass Google Adwords Certification program easily by searching those websites and their answers.

So, my…

Does Google Adwords Certification Adds Any Value?

Certification Authority not issuing the right certificates for SCEP client

I’m doing certificate-based WiFi authentication (EAP-TLS). I have set up the CA server and in MMC console, I have added the certificate snap-in. In the certificate authority console, I’ve duplicated a certificate (RAS and IAS server) and imported it to the certificate template. I also enabled Certificate auto-enrollment in GPO. But when I send a request from SCEP client, I’m getting an IPSEC(Offline request) certificate. What changes should I make to make the CA provide the right certificate (RAS and IAS server certificate that I configured)?

If you need additional clarification, please ask me. Thanks a lot.