Can I restrict a Certification Authority to signing certain device/application?

Basically another administrator wants a subordinate CA certificate for their fancy appliance. How do I restrict the subordinate CA certificate issued to them only able to issuing for their usages and not allowing them to issue certificate that are used else where.

Having subordinate CA that is not under control is pretty risky, I need to make sure that the sub CA will not cause damange to the PKI system.

Is there some policy that I could set in the Sub CA for the restriction ?

How does a merger formally impacts an ISO 27001 certification?

Organization A has a service that is ISO 27001 certified. It is acquired by Organization B which does not have any certification.

What are the formal impacts of the acquisition on the ISO 27001 certification?

I am interested in two cases:

  1. right after the acquisition when nothing changed yet in Organization A
    → my understanding is that the certification is intact as i) the scope has not changed and ii) the means to handle the requirements (patch management for instance) has not changed either

  2. Organization B integrates Organization A and the means to handle the requirements have changed. To take the patch management example above, it is now ad-hoc, uncontrolled, in one word not suitable for ISO 27001 requirements.
    → does the ISO certification still holds?

Another way of looking at it is whether the certification is a snapshot checked every year (with the hope that things are correct over the year), or whether any negative change over that year automatically invalidates it.

If the latter: how does this invalidation happens?

Can’t Identify the CA certificate chain in the server’s certification manager to auto enroll it

I’m on Windows Server 2019 with AD/DC,DHCP,DNS,Remote Access and CA roles installed on it. I created a VPN certification (for SSTP and IKEv2) on my server, issued it and installed it in the personal certificate store. now I want my clients (basically Windows 10 pro machines) to automatically receive the CA Certificate Chain so that they can trust certificated issued on my server like the VPN cert. I’m gonna do this using group policy but the problem is I can’t tell which one of the installed certificates in the certificate store of the local machine (Server 2019)is actually the CA Certificate Chain.

I have 3 identical CA certificates, 2 of them are in the Trusted root certificate authority store and one of the is in the personal store.

here is the details of those 3 certs, the screenshots i took from the details are the same in all 3 certificates.

View post on

I’d appreciate if someone can help me find the right one.

Earning CPE for SANS/GIAC certification renewal through online courses

I am currently a holder of GIAC Security Essentials certificate (GSEC) that expires soon, so I’m looking for a way to renew this certificate in the most efficient way.

GIAC Certification Renewal page says that it is possible to earn all necessary 36 CPEs through “ISO-17024-Accredited InfoSec Related Certifications and Affiliated Training”. I want to take a certification exam for CIPP/E provided by IAPP, who is in the list of accredited providers.

However, after reading the document at the last URL, I’m still not quite sure how to interpret the sentence “relevant activities completed through an InfoSec related ISO-17024 accredited certification and its affiliated training providers“. Do CPEs get earned only for training hours/days, or is it sufficient to just get a certificate?

More specifically, my questions are:

  • In order to get the 36 CPEs, do I necessarily need to go through a training, or would it be sufficient to just successfully pass the exam and and get a CIPP/E certificate?
  • If I have to take a training, would an online training course be accepted?
  • If so, how many CPEs can I get for it? The description of the course length is pretty vague: “The training comprises 11 modules with an audio run-time of approximately 2-3 hours”, which gives me pessimistically 22 hours. I could hope that it would be at least 24 hours, plus get the remaining 12 CPEs through Field Work Experience, but such approach lacks certainty.

I would be grateful to anyone who shares his/her experience.

Confusion in M2 certification question

A product has a base price of $ 30 and a special price of $ 25. Tiered price discount for this product is $ 20 for 5 products and there’s also a catalog rule active of 25% discount for this product. What will the product price shown on product detail page? A. $ 15

B. $ 22.5

C. $ 25

D. $ 18.75

How do you guys think what is the right answer to this question?

Any ideas?

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What kind of concepts and questions asked in Magento Solution Specialist Certification?

What Magento looks for in candidate who clears the exam ?

Like a perspective from a Magento Business Model to Client’s requirement gathering.


This is not duplicate of this question or any other question I have done research and I didn’t find any stratified answer that’s why I asked a new question, so please read the question’s description carefully.

I want to know from Business perspective what Magento looks in to candidate of Solution specialist on behalf of Customer.

Which certification is better suited for a career in penetration testing? [on hold]

I’m currently enrolled in a BSCS program and interning at a company with the eventual goal of becoming a penetration tester/security analyst. I have heard so many conflicting thoughts on the certifications and I can’t seem to get a clear answer. Is it worth going through the EC-Council to get my CEH, ECSA, and/or LPT? Or is there a more streamlined, more accepted/more encompassing, all over better alternative? In short, what certs should I really be going for to get to my goal?