I have my CGminer on and showing the “Accepted Shares” How do I quit CGminer so that I can see my payout ? I have been told that I should press control + Q then press the Q button and then it will show me how many BTC I earned and when it will pay. When I do that it shuts down and flashes a quick second of information that I can’t read in time. Can you explain to me the correct way to shut down my CGMiner. It’s the latest version of CGMiner.

cgminer always discards work

i have tried a few different pools but cgminer always discards work:

Pool: stratum+tcp:// Work templates received: 31 Share submissions: 0 Accepted shares: 0 Rejected shares: 0 Accepted difficulty shares: 0 Rejected difficulty shares: 0 Items worked on: 2 Discarded work due to new blocks: 480 Stale submissions discarded due to new blocks: 0 Unable to get work from server occasions: 0 Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 0 

is this a bug, misconfiguration, or unsupported platform?

(ubuntu on commodity linux pc, yes i know mining on cpu is severely outdated but i am just for fun not for profit;)