How Do I Change the Default Name for Saved Files in Ubuntu

My question is serious; my purpose is not. I would like to know how to change the title Ubuntu provides as the default, i.e.:

"Untitled Document X.*" (where X = some number of things you've not gotten around to dealing with, and .* is some extension relevant to the unsaved file) 


Some other default value, e.g., "Undocumented Title X.*" 

Thank you in advance.

How to change the order of group by column in sp list view

I have a calculated column created in one of the Sharepoint list, here is the formula: =

IF(DaysDifference<0,"Overdue",IF(DaysDifference<=7," 7",IF(DaysDifference<=15,"15",IF(DaysDifference<=30,"30","Over 30")))) 

I have then added group by this column for a view, below is the screenshot: enter image description here enter image description here

the return type of this calculated column is free text. Is it possible to change the group by column order? Currently its showing Overdue, Over 30, 30,15 and 7. How can it be changed to follow this order: Overdue, 7, 15, 30, Over 30? Is this possible to do?

Please advise, thanks in advance.

What is default sort order for EAV attribute collection – why could it change?

This code returned attributes set for dropdown menu – ordered by attribute set name

$  sets = Mage::getResourceModel('eav/entity_attribute_set_collection')     ->setEntityTypeFilter(Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getResource()->getTypeId())     ->load()     ->toOptionHash(); 

Suddenly it changed to display sets orded by ID instead of name …

What is your default sort for this code? Why could it change? Would like to understand, why behavoir changed …


It also affects attribute-set filter in admin product grid ????

Insecure Direct Object Reference – Change email from client end

I am testing a website that has “Forgot my password” functionality. If user clicks that, his email address will be displayed as a hyperlink. If that is clicked, an email to reset password will be triggered to that Address. As an end user, I can change the hyperlink using Chrome developer tools to point to some other valid email address and trigger password reset to that user. Should I flag this issue? What are the implications this issue might have?

1st React exercise – list books alphabetically and change display onClick

This is my first React mini-project all by my lonesome. How do I make it better?

I am outputting a list of books in alphabetical order and changing the style properties on click.

class Books extends React.Component {   constructor(props) {     super(props);     this.state = {       isClicked: false     };     this.toggleIsClicked = this.toggleIsClicked.bind(this);   }   // settingUp   toggleIsClicked() {     this.setState(prevState => ({       isClicked: !prevState.isClicked     }));   }    ///sorting function   render() {    books.sort(function(a, b) {     return a.title.localeCompare(b.title);   });      const display = => (       <div         class="bookContainer"         key={book.title}         onClick={this.toggleIsClicked}         style={{ fontWeight: this.state.isClicked ? "bold" : "normal" }}       >         <h2>{book.title}</h2>         <img src={book.coverUrl} />         <p>{}</p>          { => <li></li>)}       </div>     ));     return (       <div>         <hr />         {display}       </div>     );   } }   const books = [   {     title: "The Fellowship of the Rings",     author: "J. R. R. Tolkien",     coverUrl:       ",204,20 3,200_.jpg",     keywords: ["Middle Earth", "Fellowship", "Rings", "Adventure"]   },   {     title: "The Two Towers",     author: "J. R. R. Tolkien",     coverUrl:       "",     keywords: ["Middle Earth", "Rings", "Adventure", "Towers"]   },   {     title: "Out of the Silent Planet",     author: "C. S. Lewis",     coverUrl:       "",     keywords: ["Space", "Survival"]   },   {     title: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone",     author: "J.K. Rowling",     coverUrl:       "",     keywords: ["Magic", "Adventure"]   },   {     title: "The Martian: A Novel",     author: "Andy Weir",     coverUrl:       "",     keywords: ["Space", "Future"]   } ];  ReactDOM.render(<Books books={books} />, document.getElementById("root")); 

Can I change the flight date in my application for visitor transit visa to canada?

We applyed to late for the transit visa and missed the flight. so then I have to change the flight to an other date. but still we dont have the visa applyed. Can I change the date? Or doesn’t it matter, will it be anyways a longer period valid? The new flight would be in 10 days. Thank you

how to change header and footer based on url in Drupal 8

i having custom header and footer for front page i would like to change header and footer for some modules which

for eg. initially i have image in header a.png after clicking the entry form header image should be change as b.png

<?php global $  base_url; $  url = 'http://' . $  _SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . $  _SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; if (strpos($  url,'entry') !== false) { echo '<div class="logo"><img alt="" class="d-inline-block align-content-center" height="50px" src="b.png" style="display: inline-flex;" width="50px"/></div>'; }  else { echo '<div class="logo"><img alt="" class="d-inline-block align-content-center" height="50px" src="a.png" style="display: inline-flex;" width="50px" /> </div> '; } ?> 

I could change using custom php code but its storing block catch could some one please guide how to rectify this problem. Thanks

evento .change de jQuery no actualiza en iPhone

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquítengo 3 select de html que son dinámicos(se rellenan con base de datos, uno depende de otro, con jQuery mando a realizar la consulta para que cambie la información del siguiente select hasta ahi todo funciona bien el problema que al hacer la consulta con un iPhone el primer select hace bien por que tiene que seleccionar forzosamente una opción al seleccionarla aparecen las opciones en el segundo select pero queda la opción del iPhone habilitada de poder regresar al primer select y si cambia la opción y no le da el botón “listo del iPhone” no se actualiza la info del segundo select no se si el evento .change del jQuery tenga que cambiarlo por otro