Change layout of [products] shortcode

I would like to display additional products on my simple product pages.I am using the shortcode like so in the simple products short description.

[products ids="2113"] 

The problem with this is the layout of the resulting loop. Is there a way to customise the layout to just supply the Name – Price – “Add to Cart” Button in a single line. Almost like its a variation option. Currently, I don’t think this is possible with just CSS.


Can someone in Cyber Security or IT help answer this basic question on the change of today’s malware? [closed]

1.) Before the most common types of malware were usually trojan horses and various other types of viruses derived from one’s own e-mail on a desktop. Given the timespan since those days, the game has changed. Today ways of breaching a user’s data have changed drastically. What are the most prevalent methods that an average person should be aware of today?

Change default template in the block editor (Gutenberg)

I want to change the default template for my pages to a template called fullwidthpage.php.

I have seen this question posted and answered for pre-Gutenberg WordPress, but I have not found a working answer for Gutenberg WordPress (version 5.3.2 at the time of this question).

This is the non-working answer I found. When I try the non-working answer the template is set to fullwidthpage.php but when I try to update the page I get a message that says “Updating failed.”

How does the maximum number of guesses needed to win Mastermind (board game) change as the size of the board increases?

Donald Knuth demonstrated that the codebreaker in the board game Mastermind can solve the pattern in five moves or fewer using the following algorithm:

  1. Create a set S of remaining possibilities (at this point there are 1296). The first guess is aabb.
  2. Remove all possibilities from S that would not give the same score of colored and white pegs if they were the answer.
  3. For each possible guess (not necessarily in S) calculate how many possibilities from S would be eliminated for each possible colored/white score. The score of the guess is the least of such values. Play the guess with the highest score (minimax).
  4. Go back to step 2 until you have got it right.

I am curious: what would be the maximum number of guesses necessary to win a Mastermind-like game with 5 pegs instead of 4? How about 1,000 pegs, or a million?

Why did this happen about change of desktop background? [closed]

Today when I turned on my macbook I could see that the Desktop Background has been changed to Yosemite.

Then right after clicking on Change Desktop background… the background changed to the one I had, which was a green background with a dog in the center, except for the dog picture, it was only the green background.

After this I clicked again on Change Desktop background… and it changed again to the Yosemite picture.

Finally I went to finder file to see where the picture of the dog was, and when I clicked to see it, it was opened but at the same time 2 more pictures were opened.

After all this, I clicked again on Change Desktop background… but nothing happened. The Yosemite background didn’t change this time.

All the time when this happened, my mac didn’t have connection to internet.

Why? Is my mac hacked? Does it have a virus? What do I do?


  • Every once in a while I see a message on the upper LHS telling me that I should update something related to the system but I always click on later and then the message vanishes.

Can UA Lore Mastery’s Spell Secrets feature change the damage type of a spell that does not deal damage immediately?

For UA Lore Mastery, Spell Secrets states the following:

At 2nd level, when you cast a spell with a spell slot and the spell deals acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, or thunder damage, you can substitute that damage type with one other type from that list (you can change only one damage type per casting of a spell). You replace one energy type for another by altering the spell’s formula as you cast it.

This applies easily enough for instant-damage spells. However, the wording does not specify that the damage must be dealt immediately in order to be eligible for the change. Would I then be able to change the damage type of, say, holy weapon from radiant to another type? Or substitute the necrotic damage of a symbol spell for cold?

Note: I am aware that Lore Mastery is playtest material.

change the dropdown content of author post meta in edit post – admin

I am trying to customize the author meta box in the post edit page, as you all know this dropdown is using to assign a post to a corresponding author.

I would like to change the dropdown content. Like currently, its showing display name(username). But i would like to show a user meta field rather than username. Is it possible?

So in the dropdown it will be like Display name(custom user meta field).

I have seen wp_dropdown_users, but no idea how to use it so that i can achieve.