Can’t change wallpaper – Xubuntu 18.04

I’m using Xubuntu 18.04 on my personal laptop, but I’m unable to change the wallpaper. I used to do it by right-clicking the desktop and then changing the desktop properties.

Now the right-click does not work (nothing happens When I open the system Settings, I can see all options but not “Desktop”. Even when I open “Appearance” no tab relates to changing the wallpaper.

I’m wondering if I had changed or uninstalled some module that related to the Desktop configuration.

Any clues?

users with Edit permission level are able to access the site navigation, but will get “Access Denied” when they try to submit the change

we have a classic team site collection with publishing features enabled + we have a sub-site which does not have the publishing features enabled. now i granted some users Edit permission on the sub-site and Read on the root site. where those users will be able to access the sub-site’s site navigation as follow:- enter image description here

and also those users will be able to add new links and chnage the order of the navigation links >> but when they try to submit the site navigation page, they will ger this error:- enter image description here

so its weird that users can access the site navigation + add/remove links but can not submit the changes .. any idea what is going on? Thanks

After change AAM default zone, App launcher and “about me” still link to old url

I am configuring a SharePoint 2016 on-premise farm. I swapped the default zone url with Intranet zone url. It is because the Intranet zone url is just a server name that cannot be resolved for IP address. After swap, everything is working fine include the search results.

However the app launcher (links under left top waffle icon) and about me link (right top corner, under the user name) both still link to Internet zone.

May I know how to fix/configure the links under top bar?

change to “=”

I’m on 18.04

Using xev I see

  1. keycode 127 (keysym 0xff13, Pause)
  2. keycode 21 (keysym 0x3d, equal)

I’d like when I press 1. that I get the same output as when I press 2.

Quite the rabbit hole. How do I do this?