Prevent workflow change from putting file into Draft mode

I have a document library which has some documents with metadata fields attached. Some of the metadata fields are edited by a workflow on create / edit. But we are finding when a file is Published from draft to pending, the workflow fires and makes the required change to a metadata tag, and this causes that file to go back into draft mode.

Is it possible to make a change in a workflow and not changing the approval status?

CDN change for “enhanced security”? (now uses cookies)

For the past few months, I’ve been unable to continue a particular course on udemy. I can access all other video courses accept that particular course and their support has answered “We recently upgraded our content delivery network and now use cookies to authenticate each video playback session for enhanced security. Please go to ‘cookies’ in your browser settings and allow the property”

I’m already authenticated when I log in and I can view all other courses, so I don’t know why just this one particular course requires this change but not any of the others (even newer ones). Does this sound strange to anyone else? Why would this particular course require “enhanced security” when udemy is hosting it? It just sounds shady to me. Thanks.

Calling ajax function from jquery on change event

Would appreciate help on a design strategy.

On a form I have an auto complete text field that I would like to populate with two separate values based on a radio button selection.

Currently the first radio button is loaded via an ajax call on load via hook_menu.

function hook_menu() { $  items = array();  $  items['module/state_autocomplete'] = array(         'page callback' => 'state_autocomplete',         'access arguments' => array('create states'),         'type' => MENU_CALLBACK,); 

Can I attach an ajax call to an on change event that will reload the text field without reloading the page?

For example: enter image description here

Change scan resolution for Canon TS 9100

I have a Canon TS 9100 printer/scanner. I use scangearmp2 for the scanning.

I would like to be able to change the scan resolution.

I could not find a way using the panel on the printer.

And scangear has no option to change the resolution.

Is there a way to change the scan resolution?

Change DNS servers in an OpenWRT router from command line

How can I change the DNS settings using the command line in an openwrt router? I see these files here here

/etc/config/ddns /etc/config/ipset-dns But I slo see dnsmasq installed

but not sure which can change the DNS servers on the router

My end goal is to add a cron job that adds a custom DNS for couple of hours per day, then revert to the original DNS