Best practices for managing content change requests?

Hi all!

I'm trying to improve our content change request process. We have 1,000+ pieces of content and a small writing staff. We're having challenges keeping up with demand. Essentially, we've created a tool that allows users to request changes to an article, a ticket is created, and then routed to our writing team.

We receive a change request when:

  • there's a product update
  • if a user, either an internal CS agent or customer, leaves feedback
  • an image becomes outdated
  • a…

Best practices for managing content change requests?

Is there a way to change the damage type being dealt by a weapon?

Last night I was playing as my level 20 Barbarian, when our party encountered an enemy who was immune to all damage, unless it was of a specific elemental type.

This was particularly unfortunate for me, since my Barbarian deals exclusively in piercing and slashing damage. This resulted in me effectively standing around acting as a damage sponge while the party’s spell-casters dealt all the damage.

While not a disastrous situation, it got me thinking:

Are there any ways to effectively change the type of damage I am dealing?

To be more specific, I am curious if there are any spells, enchantments, magics, magical weapons, etc which can change the type of damage a weapon’s normal attack would have dealt. For example, my Barbarian’s weapon deals slashing damage – I am wondering if there are ways to change the damage type into something else(eg into instead dealing fire or poison damage, or even piercing or bludgeoning).

I’ve read this similar question, but am playing 5e, not 3.5.

[ Global Warming ] Open Question : Presidential Democratic candidate Marianne Willamson calls for conscription to combat “climate change.” Will her idea catch on?

Marianne Williamson wants a national mandatory service for people ages 18-26 to combat climate change —– Jeanine Santucci, USA TODAY Published 3:22 p.m. ET Sept. 19, 2019 Passage from article….. “At a presidential climate change forum on Thursday, author and Democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson floated the idea of a national mandatory year of service for young adults to tackle climate change. “I would like to ask your opinion, I think during the ‘season of repair,’ we should have a mandatory national service, one year, for people between 18 and 26 because we need you,” Williamson said. “We need to fix this climate. We need to fix this country.”

Is there any way to change falling damage to another damage type?

The rules on “Falling” state:

[…] At the end of a fall, a creature takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet it fell, to a maximum of 20d6…

When looking at the reverse gravity spell I realized it states:

[…] If some solid object (such as a ceiling) is encountered in this fall, falling objects and creatures strike it just as they would during a normal downward fall…

And then in this related question “Do any damage resistances apply to Reverse Gravity?” it is shown that falling damage, even from this spell, is still just bludgeoning damage. Is there any way to change the type of damage that a fall inflicts?

Maybe some object explicitly has this property or there is a way to change all damage a creature takes to another type, which would thus include fall damage?

If this is possible, then certain creatures, like the treant, would take more damage from falling so pushing them off a cliff or using reverse gravity on them would be more effective.

If a method is available to both PC’s and Monsters, that would be ideal. But if there is a method only available to PC’s and another method only available to Monsters that would work as well.

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Hello Everyone, i hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I have a little update for you regarding Project

It's called "Change your URL Destination". Basically you can now change which playlist, artist, podcats or album all your short urls point to if you have a registered account on the website.

So, If you head over to, register an account. Then you make a short url while you are logged in you on the… – Change your URL Destination update