How to dynamically change number of varnish servers with magento2?

I am wondering how I can dynamically increase and decrease the number of varnish instances for a Magento2 installation as needed – with an aws autoscaling group, for example.

Configuring them from the client side is easy: I can just use a load balancer. But Magento2 also needs to be aware of each instance, and this seems to be a bit more tricky. Updating the configuration file would require an app:config:import, which is a bit of a hassle in a production multi-server environment.

The Magento documentation suggests this command:

magento setup:config:set --http-cache-hosts=, 


Is it an appropriate way to update the varnish servers continuously in an operational / live / production system?

Multiple files encrypted with multiple GPG keys – how to easily add/remove/manage keys, automate key change tasks?

We have a bunch of files that contain sensitive information, that need to be accessed by several teams, but need to be unreadable to everyone else. Currently, each team member needs to generate their own GPG key pair and share their public key with the team.

Then whoever has access to the files will add the new person’s key to the relevant files. This is a fiddly and time-consuming process. Same when a key needs to be removed from files (say, the person has left the company).

This could be automated, but I do not want to reinvent the wheel. Are there any tools that automate the process I’ve described?

Easy way to bulk change folder icons in Mac

In order to change the icon of one MAC folder, all we need to do is:

  • Open the image
  • Copy the image from the menu (“Edit” -> “Copy”)
  • Right Click on the folder and click “Get Info”
  • Click the icon at the top-left
  • “Edit” -> “Paste” from the menu

At this point I want to bulk change the icons for all my (sub)folders (let’s say in one specific master folder). How is that possible ideally with a script or an existing software? Some extra notes and questions below:

  • Please note that the images are saved in the subfolders and they are unique.
  • In Windows you can simply change the hidden file of each folder called desktop.ini Can we use an .ico file for that? That would come handy in case there are images in the folder (jpeg and png) and only one icon (ico)

App storage location change button gone after formatting SD card?

I’m on Oreo, and previously had a “change” button under the storage section of most apps that would move a few kb of the app to the SD card. I just formatted the SD card to internal storage, and that button is gone now, can I just not move apps to the SD card now or is there some way to do that still? Why is the button gone? (Apps still default to the phone’s own storage not SD; I installed a new app to test that)

How should I handle a change in monthly rent with Budgets on Mint?

Let’s assume today is Jan 1st and I’ve started the year with a total budget of $ 4,000/month. My rent is currently $ 1,000/month, and so the other budget categories add to $ 3,000/month. In March my rent will jump to $ 1,200/month. I want my total budget to stay at $ 4,000/month, so starting in March I’ll need to increase my rent budget to $ 1,200, and decrease my other budget categories by $ 200 total.

I’ve enabled the checkbox for “Start each new month with the previous month’s leftover amount” because that’s a nice way of handling month-to-month fluctuations in expenses. I’d of course like these running totals to carryover into March.

How do I do this (or something like this) in Mint?