Changing the default view of “The Events Calendar” for mobile

I’m using “The Events Calendar” plugin on my site at I’m looking to set the default view to List but only for the mobile. So far I’ve come up with trying to add a bit of Javascript to the header that would forward them to the /events/list/ page, but i cant’ seem to get wordpress to let me add it in just for the events page. Here’s my current code:

function load_js_assets() {     if( is_page( 'events' ) ) {         ?>             <!-- FORWARD IF MOBILE -->             <script type="text/javascript">                 <!--                 if (screen.width <= 699) {                     document.location = "/events/list/";                 }                 //-->             </script>          <?php     }  }  add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_js_assets'); 

I’ve placed that in the functions file of my theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Changing a slideshow to display all images in-line on smaller screens/mobile

Hello, I have a photography portfolio that I set up years ago to show each gallery as a near full screen slideshow. At one point, I figured out how to adjust it for mobile and smaller window sizes, to disable the slideshow and instead show the images all at once in a vertical line.

I ended up disabling that option for a while because I was having some issues with the menu overlapping on specific tablets, but now I want to implement it again and can't figure out where I backed up that code…

Changing a slideshow to display all images in-line on smaller screens/mobile

xmodmap: changing language reset caps/tab swapping

my tab key is broken and i want to swap/remap caps with tab. i follow instruction from How to swap/remap the CAPS LOCK key with Tab key? and write

clear Lock keycode  66 = Tab ISO_Left_Tab Tab ISO_Left_Tab keycode  23 = Caps_Lock NoSymbol Caps_Lock 

in ~/.Xmodmap. then i add xmodmap /home/user/.Xmodmap in startup and all works great but when i change lang all of this resets

How to rotate a point around a pivot by changing the axis

I’ve been stuck on this forever now because I don’t understand math in the slightest and when people talk about matrices they just give the table and don’t explain how to actually go through each step.

My question is how do I rotate a point around a pivot by moving the axis instead of the point.rotationaroundaxis

        Vector3 center = new Vector3(0.5f,0.5f,0.5f); //an arbitrary center         Vector3 point = new Vector3(0.5f, 0.5f, 0); //an arbitrary point         Vector3 endpoint; //how do I get this          Vector3 current_east = Vector3.right;  //x         Vector3 current_up = Vector3.up; //y         Vector3 current_north = Vector3.forward; //z          Vector3 moveto_east = Vector3.back;         Vector3 moveto_up = Vector3.left;         Vector3 moveto_north = Vector3.up; 

So if I was to rotate the current vectors, to the moveto vectors what position would the point be in. (in this case it would be 0.5, 0, 0.5) buut how would I achieve this assuming the point and the axis will be arbitrarily defined. Picture for clarification.

Ubuntu 12.04 system changing hard drive partition size in background while computer s in use with no notice or interaction

I have been having a problem with Ubuntu 12.04 in which the system is resizing the primary partition sha1 up and down in size. It is shifting space from the sha2(sha5) swap partition when the drive space gets someplace below 3.5Gb of free space.

It does this in the background while I’m using the computer with no notice or anything.

It locks up the hard drive access, which is most generally in use at the time. It has done this while I’m on the Internet downloading a file, It has done this when the computer is playing a video, etc.

When I move files off to my storage drive it then resizes the sha1 partition back down and resizes the sha2(sha5) partition back up in the background while drive is in use. As I already mentioned it does this while other programs are using the drive. This has caused the system to do weird things and crash. I have rebooted and even shut down the system since I thought it just locked up.

I only noticed that it was dorking with the partitions because I have been booting up on a cdrom and using Gparted to check and repair the partition when it would not boot.

Is there anyway to disable this automatic repartitioning? I really can’t have the computer doing partition changes in the background that I don’t know its even doing. How anyone can think this is a good idea on a home computer is insane.

Anyway I hope someone can help.

PS I figure this is in here someplace but I did a Google search and Askubuntu site search but did not find anything even remotely close. Lots of info on how to manually do this insane idea of resizing partitions while using the system but no info on the system doing it on its own. The “Similar questions” section of the post box was no help either.

ubuntu lock screen not changing background

Before you mark this as duplicate, I’ve tried everything out there. I’ve been fiddling with gnome tweaks and added a theme by following this tutorial, I tried changing the, I followed this tutorial to change the background, In a gist, it says to change this file /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css which I did. When I lock my screen by pressing ⊞ Win + L it shows up but when I go restart my pc it never shows up. My theme is stored in a .themes folder in my home folder. I use the basic gdm3 which can installed when installing ubuntu. It is quite annoying that it doesn’t persist.