SPFX property pane changing on page refresh

I have added few controls to property pane, I have few labels which get updated on button click as shown in below image.

enter image description here

But once the page is refreshed, the label values are lost as I am using an array to update these fields which gets empty on page refresh.


PropertyPaneLabel('linkLabel1', {  text: array[0] }) 

Other fields values exists after page refresh also but label values are lost. So what is the right way of doing this?

How to deal with a DM changing my backstory and dismissing my ideas?

The buildup

I am playing a campaign with a few friends and we are all kinda new including the DM, though he does have a little more experience than the players. The other day the DM asked everyone for their character’s backstory, offering to help people come up with more details if they wanted to but otherwise leaving it up to the player.

The character I am playing is an anime trope I thought would be fun to play in a D&D game, everyone agreed it’d be fun and that these aren’t often played if ever. (according to our extensive research as internet duellers)

As I struggle to have time between work to properly write my character’s backstory and send it, the DM and I kept texting back and forth and he would offer up scenarios he thought would match my character, most of them, stuff I had already thought about and had decided were in my character’s backstory.
At this point I thought we were in the same page.

When I finally get a day off I type everything up. I believe my backstory is original because I haven’t seen it in any anime before. It was great, it made sense with the character, and it had the potential to be both simple or very emotional and heartstring pulling, depending on what the DM decided to do with it.

The problem

5 minutes after I sent the DM my backstory and he sends me a lengthy text telling me how he doesn’t like it and changing pretty much everything, ignoring half of it and letting me know how mediocre he thinks the parts he’s letting stay are. All with a tone of “I don’t like it because don’t think its original”

I don’t know if maybe I didn’t choose the right words to get the message across or if he just made my character’s backstory all on their own and planned to shut my idea down regardless, while still telling me I got to do it myself.
I don’t like this version of my backstory, it changes a lot of my characters core beliefs and I won’t know how to play them anymore.

I don’t know what to do as both of us are creative minds and are attached to our ideas. I don’t want the DM to give me a backstory I don’t like, but the with character like this, I won’t have fun. I also don’t necessarily wanna tell him how to do his job.

My question

What should I do?

Changing default python interpreter from anaconda to usr/bin

I am considerably new to Ubuntu and tried to install AWS deep racer machine learning simulator and for that I needed to install aws in my


and to train my machine learning model my python interpreter should be also in same directory path but when I try to achieve that my default path is going through Anaconda. The path looks like this: /home/piyushkumar/anaconda3/bin/python

How can I set that local variable interpreter path to


Any insights on alias use will be useful.

What are the dangers of renaming spells and changing their flavour, without changing mechanics at all?

I’m about to help get a bunch of interested new players into D&D, running a one-shot for them to give them a feel for the game and hopefully a fun first-taste of tabletop roleplaying.

Before starting, I’ve been asking them what kinds of things they want to get out of the game, and what their expectations are. In particular, as I’m going to pre-gen characters to simplify things, I’ve asked what kinds of character they find appealing.

However, the flavour of things that they want to play aren’t necessarily supported by the PHB – but at the same time I’d rather steer clear of homebrew as far as mechanics go. For example, one player who is interested in being “some kind of magic user that exploits darkness-like-effects”.

For an example spell: turn flaming sphere into a sphere of darkness that engulfs those it touches, absorbing the life straight from their skin. But it still does 2d6 fire damage.

I don’t plan to change damage types as this feels like a bigger can of worms. Fire-damage would still apply, but would be described as darkness eating into the target/wrapping round “like flames”. It would also mean that oil and flammable items would be affected in a similar way to fire.

That’s just one example though. Since I’d be doing this with more spells my question isn’t about one specific spell.

My question is: What dangers, if any, are there of renaming existing spells and changing their flavour text while using their existing mechanics?

calculating days past since creation time based upon the real todays date changing daily

Does anybody know a way of showing days past on view (rendering of a page), since the day an item was created.

I need this number for other calculations, to color format some usefull output.

I see a lot of example, mainly telling that [today] / today() can’t be used for that in calculated columns, some work around that require the item to be modified, but that’s not what i want, i like to show, when items are not modified. and people are late to respond i need to show that.

–update– This problem seams a bit more complex then i originally thought. As i wrote i want to see how long it takes before people respond. There’s a status(text) and modified(date) column, once text changes to it should stop counting, and preferably another column starts to counting between status assigned and status closed. (modified date might not be the best indicator for this is the status column, as modified might not always work(people need to have opened it). FYI there is also another column with a closed date, and closed is a status as well, so closed date could be retrieved from it.

Therefore i think client side rendering would not solve this. Yes those scripts work to so show days since, but at some point they should stop counting, i dont think i could do that with client side rendering

So i think i should do some kind of server side powershell script, and schedule it to run each day at 00:01 (not the best option perhaps but right now i dont know other solutions to this).

Changing boot flag without booting into Ubuntu

So, I have been using Kubuntu and felt the urge to install Ubuntu. I think my computer cannot boot from USB drive so I used Unetbootin (unetbootin.github.io) to do it instead on my harddisk. I could not uninstall or format my /dev/sda3 where Kubuntu was installed as if I did it would remove the Ubuntu I was supposed to install as well. I installed Ubuntu on /dev/sda8 and saw it wasn’t booting, instead Kubuntu was booting so I changed the boot flag to /dev/sda8 and now my computer gives me the message ” Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press a key”. I’ll be really grateful if someone could help me as soon as possible.

What are the impacts of changing a Ranger’s spellcasting ability?


As a follow up to this question: What are the impacts of allowing Rangers to cast Arcane spells?

If we assume that my DM is fine with letting the Ranger use the Wizard spell list instead of the Ranger spell list (since that’s what the other question is about; let’s also assume that our party’s Wizard is cool with it), then I think it would also make sense that the spellcasting ability should be INT, not WIS. WIS is typically associated with Clerics and Druids for casting divine spells (which includes druidic spells, at least I think that was the case in 3.5e anyway), not arcane spells.

Also, I personally think that, even if we gave the Ranger a different arcane spell list like the Warlock or Sorcerer spell list (since the Wizard spell list was picked arbitrarily as an “arcane” spell list), it still wouldn’t be something the Ranger would control through force of willpower (which is what CHA represents for Warlocks and Sorcerers), but rather something they would learn via INT (similar to Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters). Anyway, that’s enough of my opinions… on to the question.


If I wanted to change the spellcasting ability of the Ranger from WIS to INT, what are the impacts of making this change? Is spellcasting the only (mechanical) reason why a Ranger would care about having a high WIS, or are there any other unintended side effects of making WIS less important for a Ranger?

Here are some reasons I can think of that the Ranger might care about WIS besides spellcasting:

  • Foe Slayer, the Ranger’s capstone ability, uses your WIS modifier (though I doubt this campaign will see us to level 20);
  • Most of the skill proficiencies available for that class are WIS skills (Animal Handling, Insight, Perception, Survival) vs. INT (Investigation, Nature);
  • A Gloom Stalker’s Dread Ambusher class feature uses WIS (XGtE, pg. 42);*
  • A Monster Hunter’s Hunter’s Sense class features uses WIS (XGtE, pg. 43);*

However, none of these seem like a huge deal to me, since I wouldn’t want Animal Handling or even Survival for a non-nature-y Ranger (I would rather him have Arcana, for example). Is there anything else I’m overlooking that might actually affect my character concept (from a mechanical perspective)?

[*] Note that I’m interested in making a Horizon Walker, so these don’t concern me for my current character concept.

Changing the name of the Ubuntu partition?

I know the procedure for changing the label of a volume: open GParted, click the disk, right click the partition, select Label File System. But when I try to apply the procedure to the partition that contains Ubuntu, Label File System is disabled.

Is this just because Ubuntu is running from that partition, or is there a more sinister reason? That is, if I boot a live Ubuntu and label the partition from there, will it work just fine, or will it damage my Ubuntu installation?