What happens if my player character is resurrected(?) by a Necromancer? [closed]

My player character was killed off by the DM, my party found pieces of my body in a room.

They’ve taken my head back to the Necromancer we met.

My questions are:

What can a Necromancer do? Is it just resurrection or can they do revive? Or something else?

If I’m resurrected, doesn’t this make me undead? And if so, doesn’t that mean I wouldn’t have a need for Hit Points?

Does a character automatically fail one death save when they drop below 0 hit points?

Hey guys so I have a question regarding death saves and if anyone knows an official source that can determine this.

So according to my dms interpretation of the RAW, if an attack brings you below zero hit points, it not only knocks you unconscious but also inflicts an automatic failed death save from that same attack.

And I to this point was under the idea that the attack that brings you below 0hp as long as it doesn’t also do your max health in damage after the fact then you are simply unconscious. And then all damage received after that inflicts auto fail saves (crits inflicting 2)

Is my interpretation or my dms interpretation correct and is there an official source or creator that has spoken on the matter?

Does a non-magical character have any options to fight a swarm without fire?

In a session with a witch, a wizard and me, a rogue with a knife and crossbow, I found my character to be astonishingly useless against swarms. There was a swarm of Hellwasps and I quite literally just hid behind the magic users. The mages were rather absurdly effective (my contribution to the session was nil), and after looking up the general mechanics for swarms, it appears you have three options:

  • Area affect magic (I don’t even have Minor Magic and don’t plan on acquiring it)
  • A torch/fire swung as an improvised weapon
  • A lantern/fire source as an improvised thrown weapon

My character is a halfling who of course travels light, and I try not to carry anything that emits visible auras or significant magic auras, so I really do just have my crossbow, knife and armor for the most part. I have 4 pathfinder pouches to hide small magic items though so I’m not opposed to carrying anything that can fit in those pouches; I just don’t want to be caught with a giant glowing quarterstaff; my character often has to pass as an innocent little (human) girl.

Is there any option for dealing with swarms like that? Are there items I could use or preferably tactics I could use to actually damage a swarm (or cause damage to them)? Or is running my only option when faced with a swarm when alone?

How can i make my character move horizontally while facing the other player?

    void Update() {     ChasingPlayer(); }  void ChasingPlayer() {     if (chasing == true)     {         transform.LookAt(player.transform);  //facing player         transform.position += transform.forward * approaching * Time.deltaTime;  //going towards player     }      float distance = Vector3.Distance(transform.position, player.position);     Debug.Log(distance); //calculating the distance between player and enemy      if(distance < 10)     {         transform.position += Vector3.left * 2f * Time.deltaTime;         Debug.Log("STOP!");     } } 

I figure that i need to add Space.World in order for it to move in such a way but it keeps giving me red line. what should i do?

Can a character with the Defensive Duelist feat who never makes an attack with the finesse weapon still gain the benefit of the feat?

The description of the Defensive Duelist feat says (PHB, p. 165):

When you are wielding a finesse weapon with which you are proficient and another creature hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC for that attack, potentially causing the attack to miss you.

Assume a spellcaster who has the Defensive Duelist feat is holding a dagger and an arcane focus. For the duration of combat, they cast spells and never make a melee weapon attack. Do they still gain the benefit of the feat?

What is the maximum amount of damage per turn for a 7th level player character? [closed]

I’m making an appearance in a friend’s game as a visiting mercenary and I’d like for my character to make an impression. I was thinking about putting 5 levels into Battle Master Fighter to be able to get the sharpshooter feat, and then putting 2 levels into war cleric to get the +10 to offset sharpshooter, but I’m wondering if there are even greater heights of possible maximization that I’m missing.

Why does pregen character Iseph have +11 to acrobatics and +10 to piloting at level 1?

Paizo provides pregenerated level 1 character stats for iconic character Iseph. Among the stat bonuses listed, it mentions "Acrobatics +11" and "Piloting +10 (1 rank)".

I don’t understand how these numbers can be possible. By my calculations, Piloting should be 4 DEX + 3 trained class skill + 1 rank + 1 operative's edge = 8, and Acrobatics should be either 4 DEX + 3 trained class skill + 1 rank + 1 operative's edge + 3 ghost specialization skill focus = 12 or 4 DEX + 1 operative's edge + 3 ghost specialization skill focus = 8, depending on whether I put a rank into it or not.

What am I missing?