Specify Amount of type of character Crunch

I’m sure these questions pop up a lot, but I can’t find one that does what I’m looking for. So, I’m trying to use crunch to generate a wordlist with specific amounts of each type of character, i.e. 2 numbers, 1 symbol, 3 uppercase, 1 lowercase, etc. There are is -d, which seems to do what I cant, but it’s for consecutive duplicates, which is not what I want. The characters can be anywhere in the string, but there must be at least the specified amount of each type. Is this possible?

Is it possible for a character to attain a Strength Ability Score of 30? [duplicate]

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The table mapping an ability score to a modifier covers Ability Scores from 1 to 30.

A previous question established that it is indeed possible to attain an Ability Score of 1 due to effects lowering a character score below its nominal value.

This question wishes to explore the other end of the spectrum:

Is it possible for a character to attain a Strength Score of 30?

Another question established that 30 is the absolute cap: there is no way to go over 30. It is mentioned that monsters and gods could have an Ability Score of 30, but not that a character could.

changing data frame from character to numeric

I have a large data frame with names columns and rows. For some reason the numbers in the data frame are listed as characters when I check with the below sapply function. I have tried to change to numeric as below but it changes the data frame – removes the names from the rows and is no longer a data frame. I cannot list the columns to change by hand as >100 columns and ensembl gene ID names as column names and DE1 etc as row names. Data frame is samples. sample of data looks like this:

     EN00000345    EN00000456    EN00000067 DE1   1.47           7.2          -1.23 DR16  3.4            6.5           0.2 C20   2.7            8.7           7.8  DR12  4.5            3.2           12.1  ````````` sapply(samples, mode)  fwrite(samples, "some.name.temp")   samples<- fread("some.name.temp", colClasses = "numeric")   also tried  samples <- lapply(samples, function(x) as.numeric(as.character(x)))  

return data is no longer a data frame and looks like:

    EN00000345    EN00000456    EN00000067 1     1.47           7.2          -1.23 2     3.4            6.5          0.2 3     2.7            8.7          7.8 

How to maintain on-screen character size when printing in Google Sheets?

I have put a “Special Character” from Docs into a cell and used a large font size to make a large tick box for a printed form (I have multiple tick boxes in the same cell and so cannot use the inbuilt tick box function).

However, when I go to print the form (either as a PDF or otherwise) the formatting changes to make the boxes in the cell small again? See attached images.

Any ideas on how I can maintain their size when printing?

On Screen View

On Screen View

Print View

Print View

How do I type one character over another in Google Docs or in any other web application document editor

As said in the question, I want to type one character over another. Like for example: enter image description here

In the above sample, I would like to have the characters raised above one over another so that i can easily edit the above sample as “Saample” (for example), just by placing the cursor next to the “a” with “#” over and just type “a”. The reason I give this editing use case is that I do not want to use equation editors and to treat 1/S as an equation without the dash.

I can use any web application and would only type a maximum of one or two lines of text.

My actual usage is to type Sanskrit characters as outlined in the question https://superuser.com/questions/559287/how-to-type-one-character-over-another-in-microsoft-word

Character building for the Underdark

I’m about to join into a new campaign with a few other members and I was planning on creating a con artist kind of bard that uses disguise self and friends with the actor feat focusing on non combat skills and spells almost entirely.

I’ve just found out the new campaign is taking place in the Underdark and I’m not quite sure if my bard would really fit in. I didn’t want to search it up and spoil the feeling of the upcoming adventure so I wanted to ask if I’d be able to play this character or if I should save him for a different campaign or quest for the future and make a more combat based character.

How to use shortcuts that include modifier that is needed to get a character within the shortcut?

Lets say we have some shortcut Crtl + Shift + /. On some keyboard layouts / might be the primary character of a button, but on mine you need to use Shift + 7 in order to write /.

Is there a way to still invoke Crtl + Shift + /?

I tried Crtl + Shift + 7 as well as Crtl + LShift + RShift + 7 but without getting anywhere, and I’ve had this problen on both Windows as well as Ubuntu.

(I am aware that you can change the shortcuts in most programs to something you like, but sometimes you can’t or have some other reason not to change them.)