Level drain and multiclass characters

Suppose I have a halfling that’s multiclassing as a fighter/thief and has achieved 2nd level in both classes. This character has the misfortune of being struck by a wight and looses a level.

What happens here? Is the character now level 1/1, or do they become a level 1 fighter and a level 2 thief? If they loose a level in only one class, how do you determine which one?

Accent characters on ubuntu 18.04 works in some softwares but not in others

A have recently installed a Ubuntu 18.04 and I use i3wm. My keyboard layout is br abnt2 and it is already configured but I am not been able to use some accented letters in some softwares (textboxes in general) but in others, everything is working fine. For example, in google chrome, I am able to type accents (ã, á, à, â, etc) but in telegram, KeePassXC, Keepass2, I am not been able to type those accent. This doesn’t used to happen in my old ubuntu 16.04 installation. And it is kind of annoying to not been able to simply type an accent the right way.

Do someone knows what is happening? It seems not to be a general ubuntu keyboard configuration issue but something more specific. Maybe a GTK issue? Do someone have a clue to point me in the right direction in order to solve this problem?

Keyboard shortcut to transpose characters around cursor

In Emacs (and MacOS) typing control+t will transpose the characters around the cursor in any input field. For example if I type



results. Is there a way to do this in Ubuntu? I’m imagining a solution using something like sxhkd that involves copying the previous 2 characters, deleting them, and pasting a transposed version, but I imagine this would look distracting and take a little while to execute.

I already have Emacs keys enabled system wide but apparently this is not one of the shortcuts it offers.

Sometimes not saving special characters

I have a strange problem, which I at the moment have no idea how to solve. I hoping someone in here can help me with it. I’ll try to explain, but it may be little so-so.

We have a sales system running on PHP and MySQL, both pretty old versions. You know, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it… 😉

Now we are seeing some strange behaviour, which we haven’t see before. As we are a Danish company, we use our special characters æ, ø og å, and we also sale to Germany where they use the ¨ sign. The behaviour we see is, that suddently our customers names e.g. “Brørup Trælast” is changed to “Br” on a case. But it not every time is does it, and it not all cases soldes to that customer. It perhaps one or two out of many.

We have departments in other countries, and also English speaking employees, so not everything runs in Danish language. But we have had these departments for months and years, and the problem has just occurred a few weeks ago. A big problem is, that the end users don’t know when it happens, so they can’t tell me if they clicked a specific button and it can’t take days before an employee sees the error.

I tried to provoke it to do “it’s thing”, but haven’t held any luck with that yet. I also tried from our English speaking employees computers, but no. I tried making a virtual Windows 10 running in Slovenian language, I still can’t get it to change the name wrongly. I even tried to remote control a computer of a colleague in Slovenia, and it saves the name with all special characters.

This leaves me a bit frustrated, as I don’t know what to do next, so I can find the root curse. And it’s where I stand now, and asking for some help, for your geniuses in here 🙂

What can I do to fix this and how?

Why are some characters in German and Polish showing up as Question marks?

Long time, no post. :|
It seems as though it’s the “special” characters (that aren’t part of English) that have this issue.
They used to appear, intact.
These question marks that substitute for characters are now visible in both the Project view pane as well as in Test Screen.
Anyone can offer any help as to why this happened, and how this might be resolved?

What are nonexpensive efficient ways to deal with swarms for mundane characters?

Swarms can be quite a big problem. Swarms in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and ones consisting of Fine or Diminutive creatures in Pathfinder are immune to weapon damage. Sure the players could use a torch, but it would be inefficient against high HD swarms. I am aware there are many wands, scrolls, and other costly magic items which could easily defeat swarms, but I am more interested in those that do not cost a few thousand gold pieces. I know that with item creation feats costs of creation are significantly lower, but I’d prefer options that are not such feat dependant.

Are there any efficient and nonexpensive methods for mundane characters to deal with swarms?

Find a number in Contacts using only last 3 characters?

I have a problem that’s affected not just my current (Pixel 3A) mobile but others I’ve had recently. When someone rings my house phone and doesn’t leave a message I normally check if they are in my mobile’s contacts. On an older mobile I used to be able to simply type into my contacts a portion of a number, (the last 3 numbers from the person’s telephone number, for instance) and anyone with those 3 numbers adjacent to each other anywhere in their phone number would show up in the contacts search. Does that make sense? I think I’m possibly looking for a wildcard character that I can use for this, the same as when using search in Windows. Or maybe there’s an app that can help?