Batch update to replace special characters in SQL Studio Management

I am trying to remove/correct some special characters in my database that show strange behaviour when exported.

Specifically & and the apostrophe

I ran a query to find the values that contain the special characters, and while the query succeed at finding them, I still cannot replace/remove them with the second query UPDATE (nothing happens):

SELECT  [Loc1],[IND_KEY] FROM [Database].[dbo].[List] WHERE CONVERT(VARCHAR(MAX), Loc1)LIKE'%[&]%';  UPDATE [Database].[dbo].[List] SET  Loc1 = REPLACE(CAST(Loc1 as nVarchar(4000)), '[&]','and') WHERE Loc1 LIKE '%[&]%'; 

I am using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

If the_title starts containing the same characters as the_content then

Right now I have a post that the_title and the_content starts with same text: "Hello world, we are WordPress…".

The above is just an example, every post has a different text.

What I want to do is basically, check if post content starts with the same few words as the title.

Then //do this.

else // do this.

I guess I need to use reggex here?

I would probably need to write how much of the first characters should match?

Maybe someone had the same situation could help me out.


WordPress JSON return unknown characters fo non English characters

for a project i create an endpoint something like wp-json/HSE/v1/reports which return json file everything is okey , also Engligh words , but for non English words i have real problem that its bring back something like \u0645\u0627\u0647\u0627\u0646 \u0633\u06cc\u0631\u062c\u0627\u0646 its confusing me at all .

i also check the wp-json/wp/v2/posts and watch the same problem .English words are fine but non English words are not readable .

what should i do to fix this ? anyone can help me please ?

wordpress sub-category ( lowercase letters + non-latin characters ) = 404

If the sub-category’s slug is a combination of lowercase letters and Korean, page 404 appears.

1 : NGINX settings

location / {     try_files $  uri $  uri/ /index.php?$  args; } 

2 : WordPress – Permerlink settings

  • Custom: /%category%/%postname%/
  • Category Base:.

3 : WordPress – Yoast

  • Taxonomies > Category URLs ( Remove )

4 : Tested content

4-1 : In case of parent category ✅

  •한글 = 200
  •한글 = 200
  •한글B = 200

4-2 : In case of post ✅

  •한글/post글 = 200 ( lowercase + non-latin )

4-3 : In case of child category ⚠️

  •한글/한글 = 200
  •한글/a한글 = 404 ❌
  •한글/한글b = 404 ❌
  •한글/C한글 = 200
  •한글/한글D = 200
  • = 200 ⭕️ ( /한글/a한글 : url encoded )
  •한글/A한글 = 200 ⭕️ ( /한글/a한글 : uppercase )

5 : Reference question

Arabic Characters in URL returns 404 Error

I think it might be related to @user139986 ‘s answer.

I don’t know how to handle this problem .. 😭

How to deal with players that wants their characters to do automatic perception, stealth and searching for traps/secret doors?

Every time my players are exploring a dungeon, they want their characters to do perception checks for monsters, perception checks for traps and/or secret passages while being on stealth mode, all at the same time. If a monster comes or if they activate a trap, they get mad because “my character is always looking for traps”. If I say they need to declare their actions, the game goes like this:

[me describing a area, like a corridor they’re walking in]

player: I check for traps and secret doors in the wall, the floor and the ceiling. I also want to hear anything unusual and walk silently.

They want to be on “automatic mode”, expecting me to roll for their PCs every time they enter a new area. Otherwise they always have this phrase “I check for traps and secret doors in the wall, the floor…” that they say EVERYTIME I introduce a new area. I can’t put them in “automatic” for this kind of roll. We’re playing D&D 5e, but this happen in other campaigns, and it has always been a problem to me.

How do I deal with it?

Can unconscious characters be willing? [duplicate]

This situation came up last week during our session. The party was facing a pretty difficult mob of enemies and one of the party members was knocked unconscious. Seeing the situation worsening, one of the players decided to use the Rod of Security (DMG p. 197). In the text, it says:

The rod then instantly transports you and up to 199 other willing creatures you can see to a paradise that exists in an extraplanar space.

At first glance I thought this was actually a pretty good time to use the rod. The question came up though, what about the party member who is unconscious? In the end I made the call that the character went with them to keep things moving and more fun.

However, I’m feeling like back pedaling a bit and notifying my players that for future uses, the line “… willing creatures…” will be more strictly enforced as I don’t feel like an unconscious creature could be willing.

Did I handle this the right way?

Is there a way to browse Scabard’s characters, irrespective of their campaign?

I’ve noticed that a nice resource to get inspirations is Scabard. However it is apparently browsable only on a Campaign level, with all the Campaign’s assets mixed up (characters+cities+random stuff).

Is there a way to browse only a specific category? (i.e. only the characters, or only the cities, for instance)

Even better if I could browse all characters, irrespective of their campaign, but even an in-campaign sorting would be good.

D&D 5e inspiration dice as currency for PCs to improve their characters? [closed]

Has anyone heard of, or thought out, or even used D&D 5e inspiration dice as currency for PCs to improve their characters? I allow PCs to accumulate them, so it occurred to me, "why not let them buy a skill, feat, spell slot, etc… for ‘x’ number of I-Dice? Thoughts? Possible costs in I-Dice for each?"