How can I charge powerbank that has single C-type in/out from macbok?

I’m using xiaomi powerbank 3 which has following sockets:

  1. USB-A type low output
  2. USB-A type high output
  3. USB-C type power delivery input/output up to 45w

It usually works fine, I can use macbook charger to charge the powerbank and the powerbank can charge macbook fine.

The problem is, I cannot figure out how to charge powerbank from macbook. The use case will be Charger – Macbook – Powerbank which I expected to charge both devices, but if I connect like that the powerbank seems not to be charging.

Are there still any ATMs in Japan that don’t charge fees for withdrawing with a foreign card?

I just got back to Japan for the first time in five years.

I seem to recall that that some ATMs here don’t accept foreign cards, some do but charge a fee, and some do and charge no fee.

I’m 100% aware of the fees my bank at home charges me to use ATMs overseas, I’m not asking about that.

I believe it used to be that the Post Office ATMs and the ones at 7-Eleven didn’t charge fees. But when I used my first 7-Eleven one this trip it did charge a fee. Googling, I have found that Post Office ATMs now charge a fee but since results were still saying 7-Eleven doesn’t charge a fee I can see such pages are not up-to-date.

Does anybody know which, if any, ATMs in Japan still don’t have a fee?

Battery charge drops very quickly while internet connection is on

There are many questions like this, but mine is slightly different from those.

I am facing these weird problems with my phone, which are beyond my calculations:

  • My phone’s battery charge drops very quickly when the mobile data connection is on.
    Suppose, I am using my phone normally, the discharge rate is about 0.5% per minute. But, if I keep the mobile data connection on, then the discharge rate becomes about 5% per minute!!!.
  • Suppose, I am using my phone while I can see that the charge is 30%. Suddenly, I am notified of 0% battery and the Android OS shuts down. When I plug in the charger, it boots up and again shows 30% charge!!!
  • Suppose, I pull out the battery when the charge is 50%, after reinserting the battery, the charge either becomes 70% or as low as 20%, which are completely different from the previous observations.

All these happens when the mobile data remains on. I know that internet connection requires more energy, but according to me, it shouldn’t be so much, isn’t it?

I have two screenshots regarding this issue, where there are sudden sharp drops in the battery monitor graphs:

I had already factory resetted my phone and uninstalled every suspected battery draining programs, but it didn’t solved the issue. Why does this happens and how to solve this issue? Please help me.

Note : My phone’s model is Micromax Bharat 3 Q437 with pre-installed stock Android 7.0.

How to charge AirPods to keep battery healthy?

Once on the official Apple website it was written to keep iPhone’s charge between 20% and 80% for better battery life.

I’ve not found exact battery specs for the AirPods (I am about 2nd gen), probably they have the same battery type as latest iPhones (Li-ion).

So, do I have to keep AirPods with at least 20%+ charge while using? I can’t keep them 20%-80% because of case will charge them even they are at 99% battery.

Emerson Check and Charge application

I’m working on an outdoor AC unit, and I’ve been using the Emerson Check and Charge app, But now I’m curious on how the apps works because they calculate the current readings to equal 11 out of 4 properties

My PSIG reading is 120 My Liquid  Temp 52 My Wetbulb Temp 68 My Drybulb Temp 95 

The apps equation says it equals 11 and that the correct temp is 14

I know the correct temperature by using the equation (( wetbulb X 3 ) – 80 – Ambient Temp ) / 2 = 14.5

The basic formula says that a 52 line Temp with a 40 Degree Saturation equals 12, Because 52 – 40 = 12 But how are they they getting 11 out of 120, 52, 68, and 95

Battery charge drops very quickly

Please understand this question carefully before marking as duplicate. There are many questions like this one in this site, but my question is slightly different from those.

Whenever I use my phone for a long time, the battery charge starts to decrease very quickly, at the rate of about 5%/minute!
See this screenshot: enter image description here

Detailed description about the screenshot :
After a full charge, I had watched many YouTube videos, so there has been a drop of charge from 95% to 60% within 3 hours. That is quite normal. But, after 60%, there is a sharp decrease in the charge from 60% to 35%. Again when I charged upto 40% and unplugged the charger, for a few minutes the battery was discharging normally, but again it showed a sharp decrease from 35% to 15% within about 5 minutes!.

Why is this happening? If I don’t use the phone for a long time, this doesn’t happen and at the time of writing this question also, it was absolutely OK. I think that it might be caused due to some bug in the battery monitor, although I am not sure of it. Please tell me why this happens and how to correct this bug.

MacBook Air A1466 has full battery charge until I put it to sleep, then needs cord to start up, then back to full when on battery a minute later

I have a MacBook Air A1466 that was having battery issues. I replaced it with a new OEM Apple battery, which seemed to resolve the problem. However, now something new has come up. If I charge the battery, then use the computer for a while and put it to sleep, if it’s not plugged in to the power outlet, when I come back to it to try using it I get the “no power” icon with the battery red icon/power cord/electrical symbol. I plug it in for a moment, hit power, and it starts up where I left off… then I unplug it from the power adapter and it switches to battery power with no problem – and says I’ve got 99% (or whatever) battery left.

So, it’s not a problem with the battery, since I’m able to pick up and go from the point it’s been plugged in long enough to turn on (which only takes a second). I replaced the battery, as well as the internal connector which leads from the battery to the power adapter. Anybody have any clue what’s going on here?

What does the charge counter in battery indicates?

Output of my battery

I have used the ‘adb shell dumpsys battery’ command on my phone. It delivers the following results(posted on the image).Most of the terms i can understand but not the charge counter. What does it indicate and why it decreases whenever i connect my phone to the usb cable? What is the significance of charge counter for battery?

I tried googling but cant find the answers.