Can someone charge your Staff of the Magi before a long rest?

was looking for a similar question or answer but I didn’t see anything that related to this. The Staff of Magi allows you to absorb spells cast at you to replenish the charges.

I was wondering if it was possible, considering what the staff says and how the description doesn’t say that it has to be a hostile person… could say, a mage in your group just before you are about to take a long rest just throw a bunch of high level spells to charge the Staff almost to full, in case the magic user pretty much exhausted everything in the last big fight?

Applying a Sigma-Point Kalman Filter to State of Charge Estimation

I’ve found a research paper that would allow me to implement a Kalman filter to estimate state of charge for a LiPo battery, but cannot make sense of some of the symbols as I’m a first year. Can anybody give a rough description of the process used (for the Sigma Point Kalman Filter detailed) and what some of the symbols in the augmented state covariance mean. We have some understanding but do not fully understand the meaning of some of the positive and negative symbols in the superscript and subscript mean.

Need to get an overview so we can finish develop a working model in Matlab.

Here is a link to the paper:


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Disable Changing Brightness when Plugging Charge

i have the Lenovo 320S-15IKB (Type 81BQ) Laptop (ideapad) – Type 81BQ.

When i connect charge cable – brightness changing, when i turn it off it return’s to level that was before plugge.

As you see on screenshot – i can’t change it by default opportunity because options are missed.

Screenshot of all this

I have new laptop with all drivers, latest’s version updates , soft and etc.

Please help me to get back this options, or say how i can turn it off in maybe regedit.

If i disable Intel Graphics – brightness don’t changing when i plugge charging.

Setting up Android phone to automatically ring contact upon recieving charge?

So I’m looking at a cheap way to implement a backyard GPS tracker in my car, I’m going to have a cheap Android phone hardwired to the loom so that it recieves power only when the ignition is on. Is it possible to implement a way of ringing my contact number upon recieving charge power? No clue on the technical aspects so easy explanations are appreciated

What qualifies as a “light personal hand baggage carried inside passenger compartment” exempt from the 6 HKD charge when taking a taxi in Hong Kong? (mirror) indicates that “Every piece of baggage (Except light personal hand baggage carried inside passenger compartment)” is charged 6 HKD charge when taking a taxi in Hong Kong.

What qualifies as a “light personal hand baggage carried inside passenger compartment”? E.g., does the regulation give any concrete numbers of the maximum dimension or weight for a baggage to qualify as a light personal hand baggage? (mirror):

enter image description here