What is the best charging strategy for a macbook? [duplicate]

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  • What are the best practices for battery longevity? 9 answers
  • Best practises for battery/charging MBPr 1 answer

I heard several strategy about macbook power supply connection:

  • keeping alway at least 50% of battery level
  • let unplugged until reaching the 10% warning
  • perform once a month a full discharge

What is the best strategy to keep the battery performant on the long run? I suppose it involve some physical battery notion but also how OSX handle the battery management at the software level.

Excel dates = how much does a contract fall into each charging period

a business contract has a different charge during a period 31/03/xxxx-01/04/xxxx

in cell h2 i have the contract start date cell i2 has the end date

if you know that the charge changes on the 1/04, i want to find out how many days of the contract fall into each charging period.

I found this other answer with this code


but if the CSD was 1/11, it counts the number of days from the 31/03 to the year end, not from the CSD to year end etc.

any help would be much appreciated

Kingroot charging screen lock

enter image description hereenter image description here

Hi I want to ask a question on how to enable kingroot charging screen lock, because I’m already root my phone and my phone shows the charging screen lock, but a day ago my phone doesn’t show it anymore. I want to ask you how to bring up or enable charging screen lock on kingroot cause I feel that my phone are optimized when charging screen lock are enable. Thank you.

Sony Alpha a6000 Charging and battery life for timelapse?

I am considering buying a Sony Alpha a6000. One of the things I like to do is time-lapse, rather long ones, often several thousand pictures long. The specs of the camera say about 300 pics per battery, and one guy claimed to be getting about a thousand. Since I don’t have the camera yet I am unclear about a couple of things I may be able to do to get the pics I need.

Can I turn off the lCD screen while shooting?

I understand the camera has in camera charging, can I plug the camera in to a car charger while shooting, and will this be enough to keep up with the cameras discharge? (I did time-lapse on a cell phone (Lumia) that even when plugged in to the car charger it still discharged)

This question is a duplicate, which was posted about a year ago and received no answers, hopefully someone is now around whom can answer this.

Charging keeps turning on and off when supercharging (only when mobile is turned on)

I have a Huawei P10. When I plug it into the charger with supercharge capabilities, it keeps turning on and off (by turning off, I mean not charging at all not just supercharging). This doesn’t happen when mobile is turned off (I see the orange diode and speed of charging).

I plug it… 4 seconds charging. then a beep and it stops charging… 5 seconds and it charges again… etc.

Sometimes it doesn’t turn off; but when I open an application, for example Chrome, it turns off and then on again.

Not sure but it may be a software problem. These are what I noticed:

1. Supercharging works without problems when mobile is turned off. 2. Turning off and on happens in Safe Mode too. 3. Supercharging on powerbank works without problems. 4. Normal charging (from PC for example) works without problems. 

Do you know where could be the problem?

MacBook Pro’s battery charging only to 27%

I have a 2017 15″ MacBook Pro.

A while ago I posted question related to issues with battery here:

  • MacBook 15" (2017) – Battery Charging Problem

What’s funny is that that problem solved itself eventually (The next day it charged as expected). Two weeks later I kinda got into the same problem, but now it charges only to 27%.

Interestingly, I don’t have any performance problems if I am on battery and the battery usage is normal.

If someone has experienced similar problems, I am curious to know if they have done something to fix it. I have tried resetting the SMC multiple times but to no avail.

How to keep lock screen always on when connected to external monitor and charging

I’m using an external utility to set very eye pleasing wallpapers on my MacBook Pro 2013 with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2. Now I don’t get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the background while I’m working but when I leave my desk, it would be really nice to leave the machine on (and locked) so that I can enjoy these gorgeous wallpapers.

Attached is an example of my locked screen with an amazing background. I would like to keep it like this as long as the computer is charging and the lid is not closed.

Note: I definitely do not want to the keep laptop running all the time especially with lid closed as I travel a lot for work.

How might I achieve this?

Lock screen picture