2M Fast Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger Charging For iPhone XS X XR 8 7 Samsung S8 Magnet An

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2M Fast Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger Charging For iPhone XS X XR 8 7 Samsung S8 Magnet An

My battery is not charging on Ubuntu 18.04 while in use

I have an old HP laptop which I switched it from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 18.04. I started to notice that while the laptop is on, the battery won’t charge but it is indeed detected. For example, whatever the charge percentage of the battery it will never go up (nor down) while the charger is plugged. I ran the following command to see the status of the battery

johan@johanpc:~$   acpi -V 

and this was the result:

Battery 0: Unknown, 0% Battery 0: design capacity 2673 mAh, last full capacity 2673 mAh = 100% Adapter 0: on-line Thermal 0: ok, 0.0 degrees C Thermal 0: trip point 0 switches to mode critical at temperature 127.0 degrees C Thermal 1: ok, 32.0 degrees C Thermal 1: trip point 0 switches to mode critical at temperature 110.0 degrees C Thermal 1: trip point 1 switches to mode hot at temperature 89.0 degrees C Thermal 1: trip point 2 switches to mode passive at temperature 88.0 degrees C Cooling 0: soc_dts0 no state information available Cooling 1: INT3400 Thermal no state information available Cooling 2: Processor 0 of 10 Cooling 3: intel_powerclamp no state information available Cooling 4: B0DB no state information available Cooling 5: soc_dts1 no state information available Cooling 6: Processor 0 of 10 Cooling 7: STR1 no state information available 

I have read many tutorials but it seems to be that there is no fix for this error / glitch.

However, the laptop does charge while is off, only. On Windows it charged normally so I know it’s not a hardware issue.

Thank you for your help.

MSI notebook shuts down when not charging

I own the MSI gs63vr and I have dual boot running (Windows 10 64Bit and Ubuntu 18.04 64Bit) and I have the problem, that when I unplug my power chord while using Ubuntu it will shut down. This does not happen instantly, instead it happens whenever I press anything or wait too long (~3 Minutes). Booting without the notebook being plugged in, won’t succeed. Meanwhile Windows works perfectly fine, meaning the battery itself is fine. Are there any hidden settings in Ubuntu which might fix that?

ipad 4 mini not charging

The other night I plugged my ipad mini 4 into my regular charging plug (that I’ve used consistently for 2 years and worked great) and it wouldn’t charge. I went to other ipad/iphone chargers I have in the house and nothing worked. I then plugged it into my Macbook Pro via USB port and it works and I can charge. Other info, I updated the ipad to ios 12.3.1 right before this all happened. Another data point is that I plugged the ipad into my portable battery block in both the 1 Amp and 2.4 Amp plugs and it charged only with the 1 Amp plug, the 2.1 Amp plug didn’t charge.

tl;dr – ipad 4 mini won’t charge when plugged into wall, but will charge from Macbook Pro via USB and low Amp output from portable charger.

ALso, I have read thru the standard “my ipad won’t charge” troubleshooting tips and have rebooted several times, I cleaned the port with a toothpick and canned air and have used only Apple cables and my original ipad wall charger.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this suddenly stopped charging via the wall?



Automatically limit (stop) battery charging at a given percentage

Device : Moto X Play ( Rooted, Stock, Android 6.0.1, msm8916 Board, XT1562)

Why do I want to limit charging ?

( Let’s leave out whether my reasons are valid or not and accept that I want to, if you disagree with my reasons)

To improve the longevity of battery , I wish to limit charging when it reaches 90%, as explained here Ideal charging / discharging percentage for maximum battery life?

Is it possible?

Yes, at least on my previous device Honor 6, as brought out here How do I override charging current on Huawei Honor 6?, with two different ways of doing it

I have tried unsuccessfully to identify the file responsible in which changing values would limit charging

I am looking for the system file responsible for stopping charging, with it’s true path (without symlinks)

(as I saw on on my previous device, locating the path of file was a big challenge after identifying it)

Edit: Found the file(s) but the question is still open for better ways ( compared to my solution) . Exemplary answers would be considered for bounty of a minimum of 100