iPhone 4s repetitive charging sound with black screen

This didn’t happen before so it’s new. Every time the iPhone is out of battery and I plug it, it doesn’t show up on screen that it is charging and keeps repeating the plunging sound. And it won’t turn up if I let it still plugged and it heats so I leave it without charge for 2-5 days then when I check if the screen works before charging and displays no battery icon I will charge and it will return charging normally and opens. Do you think this has to do with the battery? or some bugs in the iOS? Please help me.

Unusual Decrease in Charging Amps

I got to know about the Ampere app, which basically tells you how much amps does your phone draw while charging. I have noticed that my charger keeps on decreasing from 680 mA to 0 mA in 5 minutes and then my phone does not charge. I assumed that the problem is due to the charger and I replaced 2 chargers but couldn’t catch what causes this problem. Can someone tell me is this a problem of my device or inputs in the charger or something else!!

P.S.- I am using properly matched chargers.

Dell Latitude e5250 not charging

My daughters’s Dell Latitude e5250 is unable to charge through the DC jack. When the adapter is plugged in (standard Dell 65W charger), the laptop runs, but it will not charge the battery.

When I put the laptop into a docking station, the battery charges normally. This works with both the laptop’s 65W adapter and the docking station’s 130W adapter.

At this point I thought it might be the DC Jack itself, so I purchased a replacement. This made no difference – the battery would not charge with the new jack. The DC jack is complicated to replace on this laptop, but fortunately it can be unplugged from the bottom and the replacement can be tested without fully removing the original.

I also tried plugging the 130W adapter into the DC jack with no improvement.

At this point I am stuck. The battery can be charged, just not through the DC jack, only through the docking station. This is very inconvenient.

Any ideas?

What is the best charging strategy for a macbook? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What are the best practices for battery longevity? 9 answers
  • Best practises for battery/charging MBPr 1 answer

I heard several strategy about macbook power supply connection:

  • keeping alway at least 50% of battery level
  • let unplugged until reaching the 10% warning
  • perform once a month a full discharge

What is the best strategy to keep the battery performant on the long run? I suppose it involve some physical battery notion but also how OSX handle the battery management at the software level.

Excel dates = how much does a contract fall into each charging period

a business contract has a different charge during a period 31/03/xxxx-01/04/xxxx

in cell h2 i have the contract start date cell i2 has the end date

if you know that the charge changes on the 1/04, i want to find out how many days of the contract fall into each charging period.

I found this other answer with this code


but if the CSD was 1/11, it counts the number of days from the 31/03 to the year end, not from the CSD to year end etc.

any help would be much appreciated

Kingroot charging screen lock

enter image description hereenter image description here

Hi I want to ask a question on how to enable kingroot charging screen lock, because I’m already root my phone and my phone shows the charging screen lock, but a day ago my phone doesn’t show it anymore. I want to ask you how to bring up or enable charging screen lock on kingroot cause I feel that my phone are optimized when charging screen lock are enable. Thank you.