What should I do when every PC has really low charisma (and it bothers me)?

I am currently working on a PnP which is a mixture of Traveller, DnD and some of my own game mechanics. The attributes of PCs are pretty much the same as in DnD, and I also decided to have players roll their attributes during character creation. Now all of them have very low charisma, and two of my three players have strong warrior-type characters.

Problem is: The first game is set on a public space station. They’re supposed to find a kidnapped woman without raising the kidnapper’s suspicion. If only one of them has the necessary intelligence score to get anything done without fighting…I really don’t want this to turn into a murderhobo adventure.

So, what do you people think I should do?

Since one of the two warrior PCs isn’t finished, I thought about asking them to re-roll. But I don’t want to force them to change their PC.

The other two PCs are pretty much finished, so I also don’t want to force them to change anything about their characters.

Should I rather just simplify all charisma checks to make sure that they at least have a chance to get something done this way? Or should I stop working on any dialogues and intriguing character relationships and just plan out several fights that will lead them to completing their mission?

(Sorry if my grammar or choice of words might be off, English isn’t my native language.)

EDIT: Charisma is basically the main modifier for pretty much all social skills. So if you want to haggle, you need high Charisma and Perception, but if you want to calm someone down, you just need high Charisma and so on. Without it social interactions are still possible, it’s just very hard to convince someone of doing something for you.

Does switching the bard incantation stat from charisma to wisdom create major balance issues? [duplicate]

I have a player who want to play a shaman. He really wants to keep the bard classes but he is much more interested in the druid lore. He doesn’t want to be charismatic and handle social interaction, he wants to focus it’s music around nature and worship nature-related deities. Therefore he was asking if he can have a bard with wisdom as the incantation characteristic.

I’m about to say yes, but I’m new and I don’t know if there is major balance issues that will come up and that I didn’t foresee.

Skill Base Ability Score Changing Diplomacy from Charisma to Intelligence

I’m not sure if my google-fu is just off tonight or if there’s a way to change the 3.X/Pathfinder skill Diplomacy from being a Charisma based Skill to an Intelligence based skill.

I’d prefer 3.X (including sources like Kingdoms of Kalamar) and Pathfinder to be open… as well as a few other not so specific sources like Green Ronin press, or Book of Erotic Fantasy, etc…

I’m trying not to homebrew something myself, or to at least use outher sources as a reference. I’ve already looked at the X to Y reference, but didn’t find anything for changing Diplomacy form a Charisma based skill to Intelligence…

Is there a way to have Shadow Hand save DCs based on Charisma?

I am playing a Spellthief/Rogue and just picked up the Martial Study feat to gain access to Shadow Hand maneuvers. Shadow Hand is a Swordsage-exclusive school and its maneuvers key off Wisdom for their save DCs, but as a Spellthief, I boosted my Charisma and my Wisdom is pretty low.

Is there any way to change my Shadow Hand maneuver’s save DCs to key off Charisma instead of Wisdom?

How does an in-combat change to a bard’s Charisma Score affect its available Bardic Inspirations?

I’m not exactly sure how changes to ability scores in combat affect abilities that have uses based on the modifier for that that skill.

For example take a bard with a Charisma score of 18 that has already used his 4 Bardic Inspirations. He then draws the Star card from the Deck of Many things. He uses it to increase his Charisma to 20, making his Charisma modifier +5.

As the number of Bardic Inspirations is determined by the Charisma modifier, would its increase to +5 give him an additional use of Bardic Inspiration?

On the other hand, suppose the bard has an Ioun stone taking his Charisma to 20. He uses 4 Inspirations, and then steps in a Antimagic Field, disabling the Ioun stone and reducing his Charisma to 18(+4). Would he have one available Bardic Inspiration or none?

What is the narrative difference between a Charisma and Wisdom saving throw?

Relatively few spells in D&D 5e require a Charisma saving throw, and when they do it’s often difficult to describe the in-game reasons for why they require such a throw.

One of my players told me that the Charisma saving throw for Banishment is essentially a check on the target’s sheer “force of will” to remain in their present plane.

This clashes with my understanding of what a Wisdom saving throw entails. I’ve always imagined that the Wisdom saving throws for spells like Geas and Dominate Person were also a check on the target’s “force of will”.

Is there any narrative explanation for the difference between a Charisma and Wisdom saving throw? What is the in-game difference between Wisdom and Charisma in terms of willpower?

If both saving throws are related to willpower, then why are they treated as distinct saving throws?

To clarify: I’m not interested in the gameplay differences between the two saving throws. Clearly they have different purposes in terms of balance. What I’m more concerned with is how they relate differently to willpower.

Can a multiclassed Sorcerer/Tempest Cleric use Charisma instead of Wisdom to determine save DC for the Wrath of the Storm feature?

I have a question related to this one:
What is the DC of the Tempest Cleric's Wrath of the Storm feature?

Since the rules don’t specify how you calculate your DC for this ability, could a multiclass Sorcerer/Cleric use their Charisma instead of their Wisdom modifier?

Can you cast healing word with charisma as a paladin cleric multiclass if healing word is prepared as cleric?

I am going to play a life domain cleric paladin multiclass with high charisma. Since life domain cleric already has healing word as a prepared spell, can I cast it with my charisma or do I need to prepare healing word again with paladin to cast it with charisma?