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Website intro:

*Please note this is NSFW and adult content, before you checkout the website*

Ehoes4u is a chat bot setup, the user signs up for free using a credit card for age registration. The user can then pick between a bunch of chat rooms and girls. Whenever the user enters the chatrooms, they will be granted by a couple of messages initiating a conversation. The way the site then earns money, is by charging for each message sent by the user. Their credit card is registered to… online (NSFW) adult chat bot platform | Please read full description

localhosted Chat Apps on Chrome doesn’t work properly DJANGO

localhosted Chat Apps on Chrome doesn’t work properly DJANGO

i am developing a project which is a chat room app which runs on localhost , chrome doesn’t show up messages on android but it does on desktop idk why ? i searched and found to change site permissions to send updates but the site isn’t found in the permissions section because its a localhost i guess

the project which i develop

Bot telegram that copies and forwards messages from a chat or group?

I don’t know if it’s the right community so if I’m wrong, tell me where I should write …

However I would like to know if there are any telegram bots that automatically copy and forward messages in a chat (in a channel or in a group) and forward them elsewhere (on a chat, channel or group).

I ask you this because I would like to create a paid bot that sends notifications, so every user who wants to use the bot must pay. I would not, however, that in the same chat, group, channel where the “my bot” is located there was another bot that copies “my messages” forwarding them elsewhere.

In this way, other users use my service without paying …

group chat approaches for crowds

I’m planning to write a group chat platform to use in crowded situations, like events, parties or shows, for example.

the simple approach would be to put everybody in the same room. but having a thousand people talking in a same room doesn’t work. the multiple possible parallel conversations overlap and none can actually be understood or followed.

I’m not talking here about performance issues. I’m looking for design options. I couldn’t find any discussion like this out there. if anyone have a link or a suggestion, that would be fine 🙂

so far, I could think about the following alternatives and corresponding downsides:

  1. I could offer multiple rooms with limited capacity. let’s say 50 people per room. each user could explicitly pick a room to join, knowing its current capacity beforehand, or could be randomly put in any non-empty and non-full room.

the problem with having multiple rooms is that someone can be in one room at each time, and so, if I want to talk to the host of the party, I must get into the room he is, or no deal. so… just picking a non-full room to join may just not be good enough.

the same happens to being randomly put in a room. that may be good to keep rooms balanced, but might cause the friend I just invited to join other random room and we get separated.

  1. other possibility would be have a single room, a thousand people inside, but just some messages would be broadcast to everybody in the room. the problem is to choose who is allowed to talk and why would anyone join a chat group to be just an expectator 😛

for example, for starters, the 50 initial users to join would be allowed to talk. as long as they live, the next ones in the queue would gaining opportunity to join the conversation.

or maybe only the most active (by some ranking) would be allowed to talk.

  1. other hybrid alternative would be to allow users to create their own rooms and (auto-)close these rooms when they get empty, and only invited people can join their rooms.

this alternative does not solve the problem of trying to talk to the host, but gives the users the responsibility to keep their rooms conversations healthy.

  1. a last hardcore approach would be to use machine learning to put everybody in the same room and broadcast the messages to limited people (selected by the ML algorithm), possibly grouped by interest or part in the conversation.

the problem here is that recently joined users have not enough data to be put in any cohort. actually, most chat messages are just too short and too similar to have a good ML classification applied.


I’m looking for any reference, suggestion, paper, idea or anything that could help this analysis.

those are objective answers. please do not close this question as not constructive. and… in case of unavoidable closing, please tell me the correct place to ask this question (and this would also be an answer to my question, since it would help my analysis by getting me to the right forum).

thanks in advance 😀

I am having video-course about creating Slack chat and now i have some problems

I’m trying to output messages from database(firebase). In console everything okay, but when it doesn’t show in the component. Looks like i have some problems with Message component, but idk… here is the code

enter image description here

It’s supposed to be like that

How to completely save large chat history of WhatsApp in Android phone

To save a large (group) chat history of WhatsApp in Android phone I have looked to the internet for help – but still cannot save/backup the entire conversation/chat from the beginning. For information, my example is a group chat with history composed of maybe a few hundred text messages (starting in 2017), contains maybe thirty images, a few videos and some short voice files. It definitely should not exceed the limits of the WhatsApp system. There is nothing rude in the chat but some strong feeling are expressed by some, in any case should not fall foul with any censorship. So why the heck can I not backup the entire chat history??? I can see the entire chat (from beginning to current) in my phone but when I export the chat via email and Gmail it only shows approx. one month of chat!!! Why? What is limiting and preventing seeing (exporting?) the entire chat history? I use the procedure advised by the internet including this forum that I am writing in. I use the selections: More, Export Chat, Include Media, Send chat via (and each time click Email or Gmail), type into the To field, then send….it sends but in checking the sent mail, can only see recent chats. Can anyone advise? Your help would be appreciated.

BBM Android chat lost after Android crash

I’ve recently been experiencing Android crashes (5.0), and the BBM app seems to be particularly volatile and could be the cause of the crashes.

I had a single contact and chat history with that contact, and both the contact and chat history have disappeared. If I check the dedicated BBM folder on the device storage, the photos and documents from the chat are still there.

My question is: in BBM, if you delete a contact, will the opposing phone have both the contact and the chat deleted? Or is this likely to be caused by a data-loss during the Android crash, and if so, where would I usually find chat history in order to investigate?

Cliente de chat com base em server HTTP

Minha duvida é a respeito de como posso fazer aquele loop, como exemplo:

while(True)   c = conexão   msg = c.receber   print(msg) 

Usando a lib socket é plausível, porquê você recebe a mensagem e logo em seguida ela desaparece, então ela só irá aparecer uma vez no terminal. Porém, o meu problema é que o server é com base em PHP num website, ou seja, se eu fizer um loop semelhante, irá aparecer varias vezes a mesma mensagem porquê ela estará constantemente lá e só irá aparecer as novas mensagens caso eu atualize a pagina, forçando-me a fazer esse loop.

Minha duvida é como fazer para aparecer apenas a ultima mensagem enviada e printa-la apenas uma unica vez no terminal.

Lembrando que estou usando o requests pra fazer a comunicação com o server, que é em PHP, hospedado num site web normal.

Agradeço desde já.