Chat waiting time feedback

We have a Live Chat services but the problem is we don’t have enough number of agents to answer all the inquiries of all customers. So customers really need to wait especially during peak hours.

Our initial solution is to show the Queue number and the estimated waiting time but at the moment, we can’t implement it due to technical limitations.

Do you guys have any suggestion on how we can improve our Live Chat experience for customers waiting? What do you think is the proper message to tell to the customers that they need to wait in a way that they will understand the situation and they will not be frustrated. Thanks!

Lack of Agent feedback – Live Chat waiting time

what is your recommended solution for our mobile Customer service mobile app? We have a live chat that caters all the concerns of our customers but the problem is, we just have a limited number of agents available so definitely, some customers need to wait. What do you think is the best solution to inform them that the queue is quite long and they need to wait (in a way that they will not get mad and understand the situation). Thanks!

Chat history timestamps of Facebook Messenger and Skype

How can I retrieve the chat history for a specific chat in Facebook Messenger together with the timestamp of each message with milliseconds precision? I think on Skype this is possible but I only found precision up to a second for Messenger chat history.

Moreover, are the timestamps of the chat history on Skype and Facebook Messenger based on the smartphone clock (assuming Skype and Messenger running on a smartphone) or on the clock of Skype and Facebook Messenger server?

Does the web version of skype save chat history or caches any images received in a chat?

I’m logging into the Web version fo Skype with a Microsoft account.

I’m wondering if the web version of Skype does any of the following on your computer:

  • caches images;
  • saves chat history;

Any ideas?

I know that the Desktop version does this, so I was wondering if it’s still valid for the Web version.

how to to contact Apple chat?

Apple wrote:

Thanks for contacting us. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to reset your Apple ID password. I’ll do everything that I can to get your issue resolved. If you haven’t already, you can try resetting your password online at: For more information on resetting your security questions, see this page: For security reasons, I can’t help you access this account via email.

So far as I know my account has been hijacked. I say my account, because it’s my e-mail address which is used to login. So far as I know this is some variant of a malicious social engineering attack.

How do I contact Apple by chat?

When I try to contact Apple through Chat I get:

secret question

and so cannot proceed with resetting the password.

Notably, signing up for a mailing list has better authentication and authorization.

Or, an e-mail address for Apple would be a good way to enter into a dialogue with them. Do they have an e-mail address? Their e-mail to me came from but they’ve already explained that they won’t reset the password via e-mail.

When I try to contact Apple support through their website it goes in a loop where they want my Apple ID and then challenge me with secret questions.