What is Best way to display chat in mobile?

I want to know a best way to display user chat icons on mobile, as these widgets are overlapping with other artifacts of screen. In mobile due to lack of space, overlapping of icons is appearing. What should I do to prevent this issue? Where and how should I place these chat icons for mobile display? Will it be nice to display these icons in a minimized way in right side of screen? Using this, these icons might appear when user click on that minimized sign. Please suggest best way to display these. Sorry for bad English.

This is mobile view of screen

Chat & Project Management


Lately I was working with a friend on a new product which adds Project Management features to Telegram. It's not a bot. It's a visual tasks features which are integrated into the chat.

We're looking for beta testers. A team who would like to take it for a test run.
You can get more info about our product here: https://teledone.com

Feel free to contact me if you're interested