Customize checkout page

I am just learning about Magento 2.

Now I got a problem about how to modify and customize the Checkout page ?

I want to make a lot of modification on this checkout page:

enter image description here


How to make modification on Checkout page?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Modification I want to do:

  1. Change layout and all label text.
  2. Add custom field on checkout table.
  3. Modify layout of “other choice”

In Paypal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution, Credit card form is not appearing when checkout page is loaded Magento 2

In Paypal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution, credit card form only appears when place order button is clicked. Would it be possible to show credit card form when checkout page is loaded ? I have attached screen shot of payment method section. Credit card form appeared only after place order button is clicked and page is reloaded.enter image description here


Best practice for checkout process where users need to meet certain criteria to make purchase?

In a multi-step checkout process, what’s the best practice for basically filtering out people who do not meet 3-4 certain criteria for purchase?

One criteria is country of residence for example. So if a user doesn’t live in a certain country, there is basically no point for him to proceed to the next step of the form as he won’t be able to actually buy the product. (The criteria are strict and can’t be changed for legal reasons as this is to do with insurance products.)

Is it advisable to start by filtering the users first? The obvious way is to have them confirm that they meet the criteria like country of residence before they can get to the rest of the form (e.g. “I confirm that… – I live in x, – I have y…”)

In that case, should there be an option for users who do not meet the criteria? A way of doing that would be via radio buttons with a “yes” and “no” option.

For the “no” users, the journey would end right there (with a message explaining why of course). The “yes” users would be able to start the checkout process.

In terms of tracking user behavior, having both options is probably best as it will provide information on who tried but couldn’t make the purchase. If only the “yes” option is available, the data on terminated sessions at that stage of the process wouldn’t really explain much (could be the criteria, could be something else). However, I worry that having a “negative” option could deter some users.

Of course, starting with the criteria and a “yes” or “no” question might put some people off. Because of the nature of the purchase, users should be aware that some legal stuff is required though.

A third way I can think of, would be to integrate the criteria into the form as the users move along (e.g. country of residence could be checked as part of entering the address in the form later on). That way, everyone can start the form but some users then wouldn’t be able to complete the purchase.

I wasn’t able to find much information on this. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Checkout Page not loading and getting blank page

first, I apologize for not being a programmer and not being able to publicly post the URL in question.

The checkout process gets empty in the second process page.

I assume Initialization code laods in the wrong order.

It would be nice if I could send the URL as a PM and that someone finds out the cause of the problem with a debugger (or DevTools). Please write me a PM.

Thanks so much in advance.

Checkout not redirecting to PayPal upon submission of form in IE and Firefox

I’ve searched high and low for an answer to my problem, but haven’t found one. I’m using the Commerce PayPal EC module to allow users to purchase ads on my site. It works well in Chrome and Safari, but for some reason in IE and Firefox, when the user clicks “Buy Now”, they don’t get re-directed to PayPal; instead, they just stay on the page with the form. Very frustrating.

The cause of this is not because they’ve already submitted a form (which should never be a cause anyway, since I want users to be able to submit as many orders as they want). Also, it’s not because of the settings of a single computer because I’ve tried submitting orders in IE and Firefox on multiple computers, and each time clicking “Buy Now” doesn’t re-direct me to PayPal. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Override Shipping Rates at checkout

I am simply looking to get the shipping rates from the current quote and override them via a plugin/interceptor but have no idea where I’m going wrong here:

<?php  namespace Vendor\Module\Plugin\Model\Quote\Address\RateResult;  use \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface;  class MethodPlugin {     protected $  _customerSession;     protected $  _logger;      public function __construct(         LoggerInterface $  logger,         \Magento\Customer\Model\Session $  customerSession     )     {         $  this->_logger = $  logger;         $  this->_customerSession = $  customerSession;     }      public function beforeSetPrice($  subject, $  price)     {         $  this->_logger->debug("Current price is " . $  price);          return $  price;     }      public function afterSetPrice($  subject, $  price)     {         $  price = 3.33;         $  this->_logger->debug("New price is " . $  price);          return $  price;     } } 

My thinking was that the beforeSetPrice() method would log the current price (which it does) and the afterSetPrice() method would log the new price (which it does) AND update the price shown in the shipping rates on checkout (which it doesn’t)