Getting error>: ‘invalid use of non-static member function’ when passing a child class method to a father (public-inherited) method

Hope everybody is doing just fine.

I’m writing this piece of code where i have a class called XZStage (child) that inherits every public method from the library/class SerialCommand (father) and on a method of the XZStage i’m passing to a father method, a child method as argument.

The error i’m getting is: ‘invalid use of non-static member function’

A little piece of advice to do a refined search would be great.

How to play the particle effect of a parent object without playing that of its child object?

In my game, when one of the enemy’s body parts is hit by a bullet, I want that body part to play a particle system effect where blood splashes out. Some of the body parts are nested inside of each other (foot is a child of lower leg, and lower leg is a child of thigh, so on…). This is unavoidable because I’m using bone animations. The problem is that if I play the particle effect of one object, it will also play the particle effect of all of its children as well. Is there a solution to this?

enter image description here

private void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other) {     if (other.CompareTag("Enemy"))     {         other.GetComponent<ParticleSystem>()?.Play();     } } 

What happens if an elf and a giant have a child?

I wonder what species would come out if an elf (any kind) and a giant would have a child. Which species would it belong to? What would be the appearance of it? Is it even possible?

To clarify my question, let’s assume the game is any edition of Dungeons and Dragons. I would like to know if the child would have powers from both its parents, and how to balance such powers.

Possible examples from the past lore, or information about how it’s already done would be appreciated.

child theme result in blocked subnets

I’ve created a custom child theme.

after activating the child theme, sucuri firewall plugin blocks continuously access to child themes style.css for each visitor which ends after some hits in banned subnets. (if i should believe the sucuro logs..)

the child theme works flawless with logged-in users, none functional errors or something. no requests get blocked, and if you visit without login the page, even from different computers without cache, also tried in 10 different locations and physical different computers around the country, everything seems normal… but maybe im looking at the wrong direction…

im confused how to troubleshoot further.

child-theme’s style css:

/* Theme Name: Stockholm Child Theme URI: Description: A child theme of Stockholm Theme Author: Select Themes Author URI: Version: 1.0.0 Template: stockholm/stockholm */ @import url("../stockholm/style.css"); 

child function.php

<?php // enqueue the child theme stylesheet Function wp_schools_enqueue_scripts() { wp_register_style( 'childstyle', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . 'stockholm/style.css'  ); wp_enqueue_style( 'childstyle' ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wp_schools_enqueue_scripts', 11); 

none htaccess files are inside theme folders present at all.

The page I need help with:

WordPress child theme not responsive on mobile screen using Bootstrap 4x

I’ve created a child theme and also enqueued Bootstrap 4.3 in it. The site works fine on desktop screen however when I reduce the screen size, the list-group and cols are not stacking up, instead, they show up as follows

enter image description here

Following is the footer code

enter image description here

Following is the function’s code

enter image description here

Can someone kindly help me out with making it responsive in small screens?

How to make the game exciting for someone playing a child character?

I will be running a game of Dark Ages: Mage for a friend. She says that she has trouble associating herself with a character when the character is immediately thrown into the adventure. After some discussion, I decided to make her play as a ten-year-old character who has recently inherited a barony from her father. I have never run a game with a child character before so I wanted to come here and ask about it.

For clarifications sake. The campaign is set at the principality of Leon in the year of 913. As for the player the player wishes to become a master of intrigue rising up in the ranks of nobility with some warfare added into the mix. Also the player has confirmed the fact that she wanted to play as a child character though she decided to play a male character.

How can I make the game exciting for the player playing that character?

How to assign users unique and meaningful identifiers to child users while avoiding various pitfalls?

In my application, we need to assign unique identifiers to users, but this is turning out to be trickier than I would have thought.

We load all users from a bulk feed, and do all the assigning programmatically. Users can’t pick their own.

We also want all user names to be the same length, for certain display purposes.

Also, the users are students in a school district, and they are children, some of them quite young, so the names have to be short and reasonably memorable. So just generating a 7 digit code isn’t very user friendly.

We know the name of each child, but there are laws about identifying children. We wouldn’t want, for instance, someone to be able to post a screenshot of their username online and have someone be able to identify their real name.

My first idea for this was to choose, say, the first 3 characters of the first name, the first 2 characters of the last name, and then append a sequence number to avoid collisions. So mine would be something like josfr123.

This failed, though, because some kids have names with fewer than 3 letters. But the more damning problem was that a small number of these combinations produced swear words, and that is so bad in software for children that we can’t allow it to happen even once.

It turns out to be surprisingly hard to prevent this, because there are so many combinations of letters that don’t spell anything, but if you tried to read them out loud, you’d get something obscene. Catching all of these, reliably, seems impossible, and even if I could, I’d still need to find some way to generate a name for that user.

So what to do?

Error Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails

mi problema es que al crear una base de datos y en la tabla habitacion me surge un error y es el error 1452, he hecho la base varias veces viendo cual puede ser error, he cambiado cosas pero me sigue saliendo el mismo error al insertar datos en alguna tabla en este caso es la de habitacion al agregar datos, quien pueda ayudarme le agradezco su ayuda. Este es el codigo//

Create database hotel;   use hotel;    create table recepcionista(Clav_re varchar(10) not null,  Nombre_re varchar(20) not null,  A_pre varchar(30) not null,  A_mre varchar(30) not null,  telefono varchar(15) not null, primary key(Clav_re));     INSERT INTO recepcionista(Clav_re,Nombre_re,A_pre,A_mre,telefono) VALUES ('RT01','Juan','Osorio','Perez',914456435);    create table cliente(Id_cli varchar(10) not null, Clav_re varchar(10) not null, Nombre_cli varchar(25) not null, A_pcli varchar(25) not null, A_mcli varchar(25) not null, Telefono_cli varchar(15) not null, PRIMARY KEY(Id_cli), index(Clav_re), FOREIGN KEY(Clav_re) REFERENCES recepcionista(Clav_re) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE );   INSERT INTO cliente(Id_cli,Clav_re,Nombre_cli,A_pcli,A_mcli,telefono_cli) VALUES ('CT02','RT01','Lalo','Perez','Perez',914456435);         create table servicio ( Id_ser varchar(10) not null, Tipo_ser varchar(25) not null, Fecha date not null, primary key(Id_ser));   INSERT INTO servicio(Id_ser,Tipo_ser,Fecha) VALUES ('ST03','servicio3','2000-10-22');    create table cliSer ( Id_cli varchar(10), Id_ser varchar(10), PRIMARY KEY(Id_cli,Id_ser), INDEX (Id_cli), INDEX(Id_ser), FOREIGN KEY(Id_cli) REFERENCES cliente(Id_cli) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE, FOREIGN KEY(Id_ser) REFERENCES servicio(Id_ser) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE );  INSERT INTO cliSer(Id_cli,Id_ser) VALUES ('CT02','ST03'); ('CT01','ST01'), ('CT01','ST02');    create table habitacion ( Id_hab varchar(10) not null, Id_cli varchar(10) not null, Num_hab int(10) not null, Num_piso int(10) not null, Dias int(10) not null, Precio int(10) not null, Tip_hab varchar(20) not null, PRIMARY KEY(Id_hab), index(Id_cli), FOREIGN KEY(Id_cli) REFERENCES cliente(Id_cli) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE );    INSERT INTO habitacion(Id_hab,Id_cli,Num_hab,Num_piso,Dias,Precio,Tip_hab) VALUES ('H01','CT01',01,2,1,1200,'sencilla'); 

Add other social networks to TwentyNineteen_SVG_Icons class in child theme?

I’m trying to add items to the $ social_icons_map and $ social_icons arrays in class-twentynineteen-svg-icons.php

I know I need to do it in the functions.php file of my child theme. I think I need to make it happen after_setup_theme

However, I’m not sure if I need to rewrite the entire get_social_link_svg function, or if there’s a way to extend the class just by adding those array values.

I’ve tried numerous variations of this solution which didn’t work for me – just a lot of “The site is experiencing technical difficulty” pages. Lots of moving parts in this element (too many if you ask me) so I’m honestly not sure where to start. Please lend your thoughts.