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350ml Drinking bottle (YL350-Q0013)
Product Description
350ml Drinking bottle (YL350-Q0013)
Screw Finish
Color: Flint color
Max. Dia.: 60.9mm
Height: 245.61mm
Weight: 350g
Full capacity: 360ml
Packing: 3339pcs/pallet, 70119pcs/21pallets/40′hq
We can supply you all kinds of drinking bottles, including water bottles, carbonate soft drinking bottles, soda bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, beer bottles, etc. the capacity varies from 50ml-1500ml, the required internal pressure can be negotiated. The silk screen printing/decal printing/frosted effect/embossed/debossed designs are available, customized designs are welcome!  We can also supply you the related aluminum caps, pvc capsules, printing labels, medallion pieces, color boxes, gift boxes, etc.
High quality, competitive prices and best service!
We must be your ideal choice!
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Why choose us?
1.We are a leading professional glass bottles supplier in China since 1998, with abundant experience which can help you to find the required products quickly and accurately.
2.We are dedicated in supplying the whole glass bottles packaging solutions, we not only supply you various glass bottles, but also various accessories, which can save you much time in looking for the related products.
3.We can supply you the required products with good quality, competitive prices, timely delivery and best service.
4.We can supply you various customized bottles, OEM or ODM manufacture, make the conceptual design for your reference just by your idea or concept, professionally and quickly.
5.We have a good quality control system and professional inspector’s team to guarantee the quality steady. Our factories have passed  SGS certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001
6.We can find a quick resolution on quality problem in case of any quality problem occurs so as to meet your satisfaction.
CHEER is one of the professional 350ml glass drinking bottle (q0013) suppliers and manufacturers. We are equipped with advanced machines imported from France which can assure you the quality of our products of different size. With 350ml glass drinking bottle (q0013) for sale, we have have wholesale service ongoing now.china Beverage Bottles suppliers

[ Politics ] Open Question : About 3,000 people have died in China from the virus yet flu kills 50,000 Chinese each year so why is this virus seen as something worse?

If I’m not mistaken , China already has the situation almost under control.. so far around 3,000 Chinese have died from Coronavirus yet every year around 50,000 Chinese people die from flu .. So why is this virus as something worse than the flu ? Do you think governments aren’t releasing the real number of people who have died from this virus ?  Thank you 

Chemical Materials Made in China

Acrylic acid
Alias: 2 – acrylic acid;Defeat acid ester;Polymer grade acrylic
CAS Number:79-10-7  
Molecular formula: C3H4O2
Molecular weight: 72.06
Product introduction:
Acrylic acid is an important organic synthetic raw material and synthetic resin monomer, is very fast polymerization of vinyl monomers.Is the most simple of unsaturated carboxylic acid, consists of a vinyl and carboxyl.Pure acrylic acid is a colorless clear liquid with characteristic of irritating smell.It with water, alcohol, ether and chloroform miscibility, is made from oil refinery propylene preparation.Most used to manufacture acrylic acid methyl ester, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, hydroxyl ethyl acrylate classes.Acrylic acid and acrylic ester can homopolymerization and copolymerization, the polymer used in synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, high absorbent resin, building materials, coatings and other industrial sectors.
Purpose: 1. the important organic synthetic raw material and synthetic resin monomer, is very fast polymerization of vinyl monomers.2.through homopolymerization or copolymerization preparation of polymer, used in coatings, adhesives, solid resin, plastic, etc.3.the preparation of acrylic resin, synthetic rubber, coating preparation and the pharmaceutical industry 4.warp sizing agent. 5.adhesives.
Melting point:13℃(lit.)
The boiling point: 139℃(lit.)
Proportion: 1.051
Storage: seal preservation. Chemical Materials Made in China

China Manufacturer 150W LED Street Lights For Outdoor manufacturers

About Us
Meelamp at a glance:
Meelamp Lighting Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer in innovative outdoor lighting products in China, which combines traditional illumination with modern,ground-breaking lighting technologies.The factory was founded in 2013, located in Helang,Zhongshan,near Guzhen–the world’s lighting capital.It has 4 production lines, 10 members of R&D team and 30 members of sales team.

Based on deep understanding of outdoor LED lighting market, trending technology and changing needs, Meelamp supports customers’demands with profession outdoor LED lighting solution and smart street lighting system solution.Its outdoor lighting series covers LED street light,solar street light,smart street light,outdoor LED flood lights and LED high bay.  

Meelamp develops outdoor flood lights , street lights and other outdoor lights that illuminate areas for up to thousands of hours.Not only these products durable, they are also eco-friendly and cost-efficient, lowering costs by virtue of their energy-efficient LED technology.It has passed the quality Inspection for Export by China Commodity Quality Inspection Bureau, CCC, CE and ISO9001-2000 certifications.Its business has a global reach spanning more than Southeast Asia,Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.
“Quality Firs and Customer Focus” has been the factory’s guidance since its born.As it belives quality is the life of its future,customer’s growth is its growth and customer’s success is its success.

          China Manufacturer 150W LED Street Lights For Outdoor manufacturers

China Shaking Table

Concentrator Table
Concentrator table is one of the mineral gravity separation equipment. It is easy to separate high grade concentrate, secondary concentrate, middling and tailing etc. It is widely used in separate gold ore separation industry, and also using in tungsten, tin, tantalum- niobium, iron, manganese ore concentrate enrichment etc.
1. High strength of bed surface
2. Low water-absorption, no need to increase height
3. Good wear resistance, anti-chemical corrosion
4. Good adaptability and operation stability
5. High enrichment ratio and stable performanceChina Shaking Table

China Bromine-antimony Flame Retardant Masterbatch

XS-HFFR-M9185G (FR Bromine-antimony Masterbatch for PA)
XS-HFFR-M9185G is a high concentration DBDPE & ATO flame retardant of functional masterbatch, which is for EVA resin. It could be widely used for PA6, PBT, PP, PE system of Brominated flame retardant, makes the final products with excellent and stable performance.
It is a commonality Bromine-antimony Flame Retardant Masterbatch.
Appearance–White particle
Bromine-antimony %%85±0.5
Volatility (105℃/2hr)%≤0.3
Base masterial–EVA
Physical Properties
● It is easily for processing and dispersion, compared to common powder type flame retardant of Bromine-antimony. With lower content of Bromine-antimony, but the same flame retardancy and better mechanical properties during processing.
● Meet the dust-free requirement, with very flexible operation of transportation and mixture. It could extremely increase the stability of product quanlity and decrease the processing cost and production spoilage.
● It could be extruded directly by single screw machine to decrease the processing cost.
● It should be universal, could be widely used for PA6, PBT, PP, PE systems, and such tougheness or strengthened flame retardant systems.
Usage Suggestion
The product could be mixed directly with raw materials before twin screw extruder processing.
Suggest to 1:1 to replace common powder type flame retardant of Bromine-antimony.
Package and Storage
Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
【Typical Application】
▲XS-FR-M9185G for PA6 (1:1 replace powder)
EBS + 168 + 10980.8%0.8%
ATO powder (99.8%)5%-
Antifogging agent0.2%0.2%
ProjectTest StandardATO powder (99.8%)XS-FR-M9185G
Tensile Strength, MPaGB/T 1040-06136146
Breaking Elongation, % GB/T 1040-063.163.78
Flexural Strength, MPaGB/T 9314-00190.5215.9
Flexural Modulus, MPaGB/T 9314-0087449087
HDT (1.82MPa), ℃GB/T1634.1-04199.7201.6
Izod Impact Strength (notched), KJ/m2GB/T 1043.1-0877.6108.4
Flammablity Grade (0.8mm)UL-94V-0V-0
Spiral length, cm–8.3314
The above data are only for reference. Customer should change the formula according to actual dosage and application, may contact our technical engineer for details.China Bromine-antimony Flame Retardant Masterbatch

China CAS: 98-92-0 factory

◆Our History
From 2014 year, company established.
From 2014Promote in China Chemical Net
From 2017year,cooperated with Alibaba
◆Our Factory
Hangzhou Lianzheng Chemical Co., a professional modern enterprise specialized in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Cosmetic ingredients ,Intermediates and Fine chemicals, engaged in R&D, production and sales, located in Huacai international Park, adjacent to West Lake Science and Technology Park. Now our company mainly has two departments, one is working for raw material used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics ingredients for beauty and for health care. Now we have advanced test equipments and production line of international standard to ensure the stability of our products quality. The other is working for fine chemicals, basis on the advantage in China to our customer and with excellent quality and reasonable prices. For another,we cooperate in good faith for the purpose, insist on develop international markets. The aim is to become a best supplier for cooperated customers with youthful vigor, quick and professional response to win the trust. Adhere to continuous improvement of the quality control, insist on the quality first, provided satisfactory service to establish the stable relationship. We care for customs concerns regarding product quality, health factors, price controls, production costs, on-time deliveries, environmental issues, and warranty feedback. Products are exported to Europe, South America, America, Southeast Asia and other regions. Our unswerving commitment to pharmaceutical and chemical industry to continuously build advantage for the general partners to provide long-term and stable supply.
◆Our Product
Cosmetics ingredients, Nutrition Products, Pharmaceuticals
◆Product Application
For cosmetics additives,health supplement, and health sustainable.
◆Our Certificate
Company license, Certificate of record for foreign trade
◆Production Market
Keep good relation with customers from southeast Asia, European countries and south America
◆Our service
Quality Control Process
Analysis and testing raw materials and auxiliary materials before purchasing, toxic substance testing,on the spot investigation on manufacturers of raw materials,record keeping,purchasing from given suppliers and testing on each batch of products for production of auxilary materials.
Re-testing for the main indexes after previous steps.China CAS: 98-92-0 factory

China Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Product Parameter (Specification)
Item Specification
Color Black
Carrier PET Film
Base Film Thickness 4.5±0.1 μm
Ink Thickness 1.5±0.1 μm
Reflection Optical Density ≥1.5 D
Color Density ≥1.8 DB
Electrostatic 0
【Remarks】Any of size of jumbo rolls and small cutting-finished rolls are workable for customized as customers’ requirement.
What is the the advantages to work with a genuine factory?
A.Stable formulation, quality control and the delivery on time are guaranted.
B. OEM is available and ribbon is customized well.
C. Serious ribbons and printing solution recommendation and suggestion is to customers directly from our chief engineer and sales representative.
D. All of quality problems will be settled directly and after-sell service guaranted well.
Please warmly welcome to visit work with us , will let you be happy.
Hot stamping foil/ribbon, coding foil
Hot stamping roller/roll
Hot Stamping Medical Foil
Near-Edge Wax/Resin Ribbon ( Short Name: TTO )China Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

China 190T 210D Polyester Nylon Drawstring Bag

Our History
Shenyang Times Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is located in Shengli Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Province, China. It is a large-scale export production enterprise integrating design, production and sales of shopping bags. It is a color composite woven series produced in three provinces in Northeast China. One of the major manufacturers of products.
We have more than 20 years of production experience. We started to connect with the world in 2006 and have international trade. We have more than 10 years of experience in foreign trade sales. After 20 years of good faith management, Times will adhere to the principle of quality first, integrity first, customer first. Cooperation with Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, ASDA and other major international supermarket chains, and has won the recognition and trust of customers. Through the unremitting efforts of the sales team, it has emerged in the Northeast market and become a partner of the Northeast Runner of RT-Mart.
Our company has a complete production line, advanced circular loom, printing machine, laminating machine, film laminating machine and sewing machine for producing pp woven laminated bags, non-woven laminated bags, RPET laminated bags, and PE laminated bags, used for advertising promotion, supermarket shopping, gift packaging, etc., also has three disposable molding non-woven bag making machines, producing ultrasonic one-time forming non-woven bags, non-woven silk screen bags, non-woven fabric heat Press bags to meet different types of customer needs.
We specialize in the production of shopping bags, clothes bags, vest bags, advertising bags, gift bags, bundle pockets, folding bags, backpacks and so on. We look forward to building long-term friendly business relationships based on mutual benefit.
Our Factory
Shenyang Times Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is a large-scale export production enterprise integrating design, production and sales of environmental protection shopping bags. Times is also the largest supplier of international large supermarket chains such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, and Tesco. The company was founded in 1998 and is located in the Shengli Economic Development Zone of Liaoning Province, China. Covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters, the company has more than 400 employees and annual sales of more than 200 million RMB. Times always adhere to the quality first, and extensively increase the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags and packaging materials. The company’s sales in North America, South America, Europe and Asia are increasing. The company provides one-stop service integrating design, production and sales. With high-quality products and efficient services, we can achieve market positioning and meet the needs of different customers. At present, the era has a complete production line, advanced circular loom, printing machine, laminating machine, film laminating machine, sewing machine, etc., and strictly implements ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. At the same time, it has three disposable non-woven bag making machines, which are specialized in all kinds of bag production. Times continue to keep up with international forms, improve the qualifications of factory, and achieve self-leap. Passed BSCI, Wal-Mart human rights, anti-terrorism, quality inspection, Coca-Cola inspection and so on. Times cooperates with RT-Mart supermarket in north and has achieved good results in the domestic market. Times will adhere to the slogan of quality first, integrity first, customer first, and create a broader future.
Our Product
1. Supermarket Bag
2. Promotional Bag
3. Shopping Bag
4. Gifts Bag
5. Agriculture Bag
Our company has a complete production line, advanced circular loom, printing machine, laminating machine, film laminating machine and sewing machine for producing pp woven laminated bags, non-woven laminated bags, RPET laminated bags, and PE laminated bags, used for advertising promotion, supermarket shopping, gift packaging, etc., also has three disposable molding non-woven bag making machines, producing ultrasonic one-time forming non-woven bags, non-woven silk screen bags, non-woven fabric heat Press bags to meet different types of customer needs.
Product Application
1. Shopping in Supermarket
2. Used in corporate advertising campaigns, advertising slogan
3. Enterprises use it for gifts
4. Sales
5. Packaging of agricultural products
Our Certificate
BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, Walmart.
Production Equipment
Advanced circular loom, printing machine, laminating machine, film laminating machine and sewing machine.
Production Market
North America, South America, Europe and Asia, main market in Europe.
Our Service
We can offer art design for customers, make sample for customer confirm, we control the product quality critically for every step during the mass production till packing then deliver by ourself, and we will call back when goods arrived, depending on client鈥檚 requirement to revise and improve.China 190T 210D Polyester Nylon Drawstring Bag