Applying for Chinese Travel Document

I’m a US citizen married to a Chinese citizen, and our child was born in the US and has a US passport. We know we need to apply for a Chinese Travel Document for our child to travel back to China. Our “local” embassy is Washington DC, but it’s still about a 12 hour drive from where we live. We’ll be spending time in New York this summer, and it would be so convenient to just get it done there. Are the embassies strict about only processing applications from within their jurisdiction? Do they require proof of residency?

Getting weird characters (Chinese) when reading csv files with LibrOffice

I remember one of my colleagues sent me a csv file to check it.
I opened it using LibrOffice, it was too big so I had problems and could not open it (but I could open it using google docs on google drive).
After that, whenever I open a csv file, I get this:
enter image description here

I don’t know where the Chinese characters came from! But I can’t get rid of them.

when any csv file is opened, I get this:
enter image description here

And I am asked to download additional fonts. when I agree, I find no fonts to download.
I also tried to uninstall LibreOffice and install it again:

sudo apt-get purge fonts-opensymbol libreoffice libreoffice-\* python\*-uno uno-libs3-\* ure ure-dbg sudo apt-get -s purge fonts-opensymbol libreoffice libreoffice-\* python\*-uno uno-libs3-\* ure ure-dbg sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice* sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get autoremove sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libreoffice 

But it didn’t work!
Any suggestions please?

How to count the number of occurrences of english word and chinese character in some files?

How to count the number of occurrences of english word and chinese character in some files?

I want to implement a function through Node.js:
count the number of occurrences of english word and chinese character in some files.

// filesDir = "../text"; // "../text/english.txt"; /* Since then, Short’s creative process has shifted to one that is digitally streamlined and mobile. “It used to be that I had my 4x5 camera, and I had my medium format camera and 35 mm and it got complicated,” she says. “Now it’s more about the image and less about the technical and the equipment. It’s made me more focused.” */ // "../text/chinese.txt"; /* 彭博亿万富翁指数统计显示,贝索斯目前的身家为1170亿美元。在周四发布的视频中,贝索斯赞扬了养父的勇敢和乐观。 贝索斯在视频中说,“很难想象”,迈克是在没有家人陪伴的情况下独自来到这个陌生国家的。迈克也在视频中称:“父母不被允许和我一起去机场,所以我只能独自登上飞机,45分钟后抵达迈阿密。” 迈克最初在佛罗里达州的Matecumbe难民营待了三个星期,后来被送到特拉华州的威尔明顿上高中,在那里他获得了去阿尔伯克基上大学的奖学金。 迈克说:“那时我对阿尔伯克基几乎一无所知。”但在那里,他遇见了吉斯和她的儿子贝索斯。他还称:“这真的令人难以置信。回顾我的一生,我曾在30年前实现过‘美国梦’,这真是太棒了!” */  const fs = require("fs"); const tasks = []; const wordCounts = {}; const filesDir = "../text"; let completedTasks = 0;  function checkIfComplete() {     completedTasks++;     if (completedTasks === tasks.length) {         for (let index in wordCounts) {             console.log(`$  {index}: $  {wordCounts[index]}`);         }     } }  function addWordCount(word) {     wordCounts[word] = (wordCounts[word]) ? wordCounts[word] + 1 : 1; }  function countWordsInText(text) {     const words = text         .toString()         .toLowerCase()         // .split(/\W+/)         // .split(/^\p{Unified_Ideograph}/u)         .split("");      words         .filter(word => word)         .forEach(word => {             // console.log("word: " + word);             // console.log("**********************");             addWordCount(word);         }); }  fs.readdir(filesDir, (error, files) => {     if (error) {         throw error;     }     files.forEach(file => {         const task = (value => {             return () => {                 fs.readFile(value, (error, text) => {                     if (error) {                         throw error;                     }                     countWordsInText(text);                     checkIfComplete();                 });             };         })(`$  {filesDir}/$  {file}`);         tasks.push(task);     });     tasks.forEach(task => task()); });

Chinese X2 Visa details

I am from Pakistan and I got an offer from Shanghai, previously I have been to China twice and when I applied for Z visa , I don’t have required experience to go there , do I have heard that I can get X2 VISA for 6 months without classes and I won’t need to attend any University in that time. Is it true? Is it safe to go with X2? Any other options?

Do flights to/from Hong Kong count as flights to/from China for the purpose of acquiring a Chinese visa?

Round-trip tickets are a requirement to get a Chinese visa for nationals of most countries. Is a flight to/from Hong Kong considered a flight to/from China for the purpose of acquiring a Chinese visa?

If not, is a train reservation between Hong Kong and a city in China sufficient to prove a round trip?

Where should I get travel insurance for a Chinese student in Australia travelling to the USA and then travelling to China?

I am in the USA and my girlfriend (Chinese) is currently finishing her degree in Australia. To be clear, she is a Chinese citizen on an Australian student visa at the moment.

She plans to fly from Australia to the USA, visit me for about 2 months and then fly to China from the USA.

My question is, where can/should she purchase her travel insurance from? An Australian company or a Chinese company? I know I can’t ask for specific insurance company recommendations on SE but I would like some pointers on which country she should get travel insurance from?

I am afraid that an Australian company may not cover her since she will not be returning to Australia and she is not an Australian citizen.

Sharepoint Designer Workflow – call http web service fails – Chinese File name

I have created a SharePoint Designer site Workflow.

In this workflow, there is an action “call Http web service” to copy files from one location to another.

It fails for all the files that has chinese character in file name. I am getting error as “Bad Request – Invalid URL“.

For all other files (without chinese character in file name) it works perfectly.

Anybody has any idea or suggestions for this scenario.

Thank You in advance.

What Chinese visa do I need for a 3hr transit in Shanghai?

I’m a bit confused about the 24hr transit Visa in China, I’m Australian flying with Qantas from Sydney to Shanghai, arrive in Shanghai at 6pm, 9pm is an onward flight with China Airlines to Taipei (different itinerary).

Will the 24hr transit Visa cover this? I’ll need to go through immigration, collect bags, leave departure area and then go through arrivals again and check in. On this site here for the 24hr visa it says you cannot leave the transit area, what does this actually mean? As I cannot find anymore information elaborating on this and I’ve read conflicting reports of people leaving the airport on a 24hr visa.

Also when applying for the visa would I just line up normally for immigration and they’d process it there on the spot? Or do I have to go to a separate desk and apply then go through immigration? I know 3 hours is risky and I’m prepared to accept that I might miss my connecting flight but I’d also like to cut time where possible to give myself the greatest chance of making it in time.