EU vs non EU Chinese smart phones

I am looking to buy a new phone from China which I have done before without issue.

I have noticed however that some recent phones come in two versions, EU and non-EU (e.g.

I can’t, however, find any information, anywhere, on what physically, or software wise, is different between the models.

Does anyone know?

To be clear I spend most of my time not in the EU (but in an english speaking country), but may move to the EU in the medium term. So I have no idea which one I should buy.

Is non-EU a euphemism for China? Is it to do with customs and tax? It is all opaque.


Why does my generic Chinese intervalometer stop short of selected number of frames?

I am using an intervalometer to make a time lapse video

I am using a Nikon D3300 with a 50mm f1.8 lens Focus set to manual

Camera Settings:

ISO: 3200

Shutter Speed : 1/25 Seconds

Apreture : f1.8

Intervalometer settings:

Interval : 6 seconds

Frames : 150 frames

When I press start on the intervalometer device everything works with the timing and shooting, but the problem is when it reaches 20 frames, it stops shooting automatically and resets the settings to default “00:00:00”

I formatted my 16gb SD CARD and I have a lot of space

Why does this happen?

Hong Kong overstay and chinese visa

I’ve been removed (Removed, not depported) from Hong Kong almost 2 years ago for overstaying 3 months due to health reasons. I’ve just received an offer to work in China so that I must apply for a Z visa (working visa) and I have already received the invitation letter and other documents issued by a chinese entity. Will my past in Hong Kong affect my application for chinese visa? I’m from Brasil btw. Thanks in advance.

Chinese cell phone possessed by the devil – how to exorcise evil malware?

Some months ago, I purchased an Azumi cell phone from an official store in a shopping mall in Mexico and subsequently discovered its firmware contains a ton of malware. The malware connects with a server in China and downloads a load of malicious apps which then launch automatically and eventually render the phone so slow as to be unusable. I have just done a factory reset for the 5th time and expect it to run smoothly for a few weeks until the problems return. I tried installing a new rom but it did not resolve the problem, possibly because the malware is hidden inside a partition. I am not at all literate with android, but am willing to learn and do whatever is necessary to fix this phone. Please can someone advise or point me in the right direction? If I need to root it, how can I do this safely, and how can I locate the offending malware? What diagnostic tests can I perform to learn more about the problem? And if it’s easier to flash a new system, what is the most effective way to do this, and where can I locate a reliable rom? The phone cost me $ 100 and the easiest thing would be to throw it in the trash. However, it’s a perfectly serviceable device and I resent wasting the resources that went into making it. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!

Can the Chinese Postman Problem be solved with the Traveling Salesman Problem?

Multiple people suggest that the Chinese Postman Problem (also referred to as the Route Inspection Problem) of a graph G can be solved by applying the Traveling Salesman Problem to its line graph L(G). However, I find no evidence of that in literature and initial tests suggest that it is not possible.

Can anyone confirm the statement and/or provide additional and more specific information/examples on how to do it?

Mojave UI in Chinese but input language will not change from English

The UI is in Chinese, but when I go to type anywhere it is always in English; so then I have to swap the language via command space and select Sogou for input.

I would like to be able to move the English back down the order in preferences, but it won’t move; the minus symbol does not appear for that top language — and when did it go to the top anyway>? I have always had the input language (the top one in preferences) as Chinese. What’s going on, does anyone know?


Multiple-entry Chinese visa

I’m a British Citizen with a British passport. I applied for a 2 year Chinese tourism multi-entry visa, which I received and will end in March 2019.

I’ve booked some flights to go back to China for Chinese new year in February 2019, however considering how much information I had to provide the visa application centre originally to get the visa, I’m wary that just rocking up at the airport is that straightforward.

The type of things I had to provide originally were letters from my employer proving I had a job, flight bookings, hotel bookings and probably other things I’m forgetting. Will China allow me entry without seemingly having to provide this all again, or Do i indeed have to resubmit things like letters of employment (in the UK. Again just visiting China for tourism)?

Chinese visa in Hong Kong

On some web site I read that if I have a Chinese visa in Hong Kong and in case of it’s expiration during stay in Hong Kong it’s a serious violation of law and there is a fine up to $ 50,000 or 3 years in prison.

I did not find such information anywhere else. Normally, I do not need a visa at all to visit Hong Kong for 14 days.

Is this information about fines in case of expiration of Chinese visa correct?

Magento 2 : filter customer collection containing chinese firstname

I want to filter customer collection based on firstname containing chinese characters. In MySQL I can do it using the following:

SELECT `e`.* FROM `customer_entity` AS `e` WHERE (HEX(`e`.`firstname`) REGEXP '^(..)*E[4-9A]') AND (`e`.`email` LIKE '')  

How can I do same in magento script.