How Wix use simplified chinese not traditional chinese

I’ve tried to change language to chinese
image-20200813103214059 image-20200813103244357 but system use traditional chinese not simplified chinese like below photo

Wix Chat :
我們會盡快回復 should be translated to 我们会尽快回复
技術支援 should be translated to 技术支援

enter image description here

Sorting :
名稱 should be translated to 名称


Product Quick View :
快速瀏覽 should be translated to 快速浏览
enter image description here

Product :
首頁 should be translated to 首页 enter image description here

Chinese CCTV IP Camera Access

I’m not sure this community is the right place to asking about CCTV credentials or no. So here my problem, recently I bought Chinese Wifi Camera CCTV without any brand. Seriously, I have been researching my issues here on the internet but no one seems promising. The CCTV can be accessed by an application on Android called icsee so you can view your CCTV in realtime. But the problem is I can’t every time turning on my Android phone just for looking realtime surveillance. So I need a better way to access the CCTV itself directly. So I think the best options directly access through a browser with their CCTV IP Address.

So I check the IP that registered on my router and get the IP, type on browser and viola I get login.htm. I have tried every combination password and username but I it’s a silly try and error. You know too many combinations out there and how if the password using some unique Chinese language 🙂 I have try

username / password :

  1. admin admin
  2. admin 111111
  3. admin 123456
  4. root 111111
  5. root 123456
  6. and so on.

by the way, my camera model is r80x20-pq. Having searching any documentation and user manual on internet and not found any information about this camera. This is likely my camera on youtube.

So I get this article on the internet that mentioned every Chinese CCTV based on Hisilicon SoC Solution. I have a check on that website and nothing promising.

So I need your advice, I just wanted to access my CCTV over the PC/Laptop (Windows OS). If there were any software that needed to install on Windows I think it’s okay. Let me know your thought.

Are there any supplements for chinese mages in dark ages?

I was thinking of trying running a one shot for Mage taking place in China during 13th century however I seem unable to find any supplement describing mages that were at China. I do not wish to use the modern sphere system unless I have to. So what I want to ask is are there any supplements to dark ages that describe chinese mages with pillars and such during dark ages?

[ Politics ] Open Question : About 3,000 people have died in China from the virus yet flu kills 50,000 Chinese each year so why is this virus seen as something worse?

If I’m not mistaken , China already has the situation almost under control.. so far around 3,000 Chinese have died from Coronavirus yet every year around 50,000 Chinese people die from flu .. So why is this virus as something worse than the flu ? Do you think governments aren’t releasing the real number of people who have died from this virus ?  Thank you 

Hong Kong webhost for Chinese users? Advice please! [closed]

I am planning to create a website that mainly aimed towards Chinese users from mainland China. As you probably know, China is a huge pain in the buttocks when it comes to web hosting and everything internet related in general. Without a vpn, 99% of websites hosted in foreign countries are either blocked or extremely slow when viewed from China. Hong Kong kind of works like a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

Could someone please recommend a web host in Hong Kong that offers good speeds for mainland visitors? Google does not really help as the “top 10 web host blabla” is just BS from people trying to make money.


How to identify measure words in Chinese text?

Measure words (aka classifiers) are used in Chinese to “measure” things, e.g.

Three glasses of milk

That person

One crow

We don’t have an equivalent in English [they’re not collective nouns (e.g. a murder of crows)]. It’d help reading Chinese text to be able to highlight measure words in a distinct color.

Thus, I’m interested in the following problem:

Input: Chinese plaintext.
Output: Identification of which characters are measure words in that plaintext.

It’s a highly restricted version of Chinese text segmentation, and I expect it would be substantially simpler, e.g. there’s only a short list of characters which can be measure words. It may even be considered “solved”.

However, there’s some nuances which make this challenging, e.g., repeated measure words e.g. 个个 and 一根根, and characters in measure words can also belong to Chinese words 个人. Nevertheless, there may only be a small number of exceptions here.

Question: How to identify measure words in Chinese text?

Searching for Chinese measure words in ACM didn’t give anything relevant, but this problem may have arisen as a sideline in other work on Chinese text segmentation.

Is this malware Gen:Variant.Fugrafa.15976 (B) [krnl.xmd] detected on NJStar Chinese word processor a false alarm?

I found this malware Gen:Variant.Fugrafa.15976 (B) [krnl.xmd] on NJStar Chinese word processor using Emisoft Emergency Kit to scan for malware. I have been using NJStar Chinese word processor for a long time and today is the first time I see this malware appearing during scan. I did a recent update of the virus definition.

I tried to google for more information on this malware but could not find anything. Could it be a false alarm?

Extracted from report;

C:\Program Files (x86)\NJStar Chinese WP6\update.dll    detected: Gen:Variant.Fugrafa.15976 (B) [krnl.xmd] 

enter image description here

Why is my regional website being hit by thousands of Chinese IP addresses?

For a few days now one of my websites (a local travel guide) has been getting a massive number of hits from Chinese IP addresses. This is to the point that my log files are 10 times bigger and my modsecurity log is over 100 times bigger than usual.

The IP addresses are very fluid. I currently have over 5,000 banned in Fail2Ban, and this is with a China-based IPv4 block in the htaccess.

The user agents for these hits are nearly all either LieBaoFast, MQQBrowser, Mb2345Browser or MicroMessenger.

The pages they are hitting are a dynamic search page e.g. search-accommodation?param=1&param2=2 However, they are calling loads of parameters – which puts extra stress on the server.

So, my question is why? Basically what is going on? I can’t see scraping my (affiliate generated) accommodation listings are of benefit to anyone, and if it is some sort of DDOS that’s even weirder as this site isn’t even important to me?!