Apple T2 chip endorsement key

Does Apple’s T2 chip have an endorsement key (or equivalent mechanism) to prove that another T2 key can only be used inside the secure enclave? We are looking for something like what a TPM provides so that a remote system can be assured that the key in use is secured by the T2 chip.

Reversing Contactless Chip Capabilities

I have a contactless card which I’d like to know the capabilities. I assume the card works with NFC. However standard tools (nfc-list) do not seem to be able to retrieve regular informations from it (not even the UID), the phone can’t detect it either. This may be because the chip may have a not common NFC type.

Now my question is: how can I know what kind of chip technology this is so I can begin working on understanding how data is stored and what is the protocol ?

What kind of additional hardware other than a simple reader (e.g ACR122U) may come handy to identify the card ?

Is credit/debit card’s chip programming clone to another empty chip card [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Why are chips safer than magnetic stripes? 5 answers

Card’s magnetic strip and chip should programmed by banking system. Is there any chance to clone same programming to another chip and magnetic strip empty card?

By doing this, our cards may be cloned or not? If vendor and person with a cloned card can do transactions together with mutual understanding?

How to solve “ima: error communicating to tpm chip” messages during boot

I used to get the error message “ima: error communicating to tpm chip” as a list of 4 or 5 lines with differing numbers at the beginning of each line during boot for a long while. I couldn’t find any specific information on forums, so I’m adding this question.

I use Ubuntu 19.04 (though this error was existing for a while at the older versions) and my computer is a Toshiba Z930.

As a reply I’ll also add the solution.

Can a criminal fake the use of a PIN in a chip and pin credit card transaction?

Within minutes of my credit card being stolen by pickpockets, two large transactions were made by the thieves, apparently in a bar or cafe. My bank tells me that they were chip and pin transactions. I am sure to a high degree of certainty that my pin was not compromised:

  1. It was not written down
  2. It was not used for other purposes
  3. The card in question had not been used in months, and even then, in a different country (effectively ruling out shoulder-surfing)

Still, my bank insists that my pin was used, although there is no reasonable way the thieves could have come to know it. The bank’s people obviously place a high degree of trust in this technology.

Are there known exploits that could allow a chip and pin transaction to appear to have been made using the pin, without the criminals actually having it?

Is there a separate GPS chip in the iPhone 6?

My mapping apps in my iPhone 6 have become almost completely useless. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are unable to track my location with any kind of accuracy, often placing me on side streets or not updating my position at all after the initial setup.

However when I kill those apps and use Find My IPhone app, it almost always locates me exactly, and very quickly. This leads me to believe they are using a different circuit or method to find my phone as opposed to the mapping apps that fail.

My question, and I’ve seen opposing opinions, is does my IPhone have a separate GPS chip that could possibly be replaced and restoring my mapping functionality. OR has anyone found a reliable way to reset and restore these mapping failures (I’ve tried everything I can find online with no luck)?