How do I choose a villain in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure?

In the first pages of Dragon Heist, you’re told to

When you run this adventure, you choose its main villain at the outset. Your choice determines the season of the year in which the story takes place, as well as the antagonists in several of the encounters in chapter 4.

While multiple places in the book specify you can switch villains at any point.

You can swap out one villain for another at any time.

If you switch to a new villain midway through the adventure, don’t change the season to match.

The problem is, there aren’t any guidelines to choosing the villain. I’ve read the first 3 chapters, and so far there are only allusions to Xanathar’s and Manshoon’s (in the gang war of Xanathar VS Zhentarim). There is a brief allusion to the Cassalanters in a Force Grey mission about the Black Viper, and there is also a mission to visit Jarlaxle in his ships at some point.

So, what are good guidelines to choosing the villain at the outset? Should it depend on what my players are expecting? Or on their alignments? Or just something fun for me to DM?

My thought process so far is to either go Xanathar or Manshoon, since those are the most familiar to PCs for most of the story. But even then, I only came to that conclusion after reading a few chapters, and I’m not sure if I should read the book in its entirety before starting the campaign.

If there are no official guidelines to this question, please back up your answers with your own experience.

Can a creature with an immunity to the prone condition still choose to go prone?

Can a creature with immunity to the prone condition voluntarily go prone, such as a ghost that wants to impose disadvantage on ranged attacks against it?

If so, does such a creature who went prone in this way still suffer from the negative effects of being prone: moving at half speed, spending half their speed to get up, and having disadvantage on attack rolls?

Is the Player’s Handbook required to choose feats?

I’m trying to use the Basic Rules for 5th edition to create a level 3 character (we’re trying out 5e today). I don’t have a PHB (yet). Chapter 6 from the basic rules (which is one page) seems to have about the only info on multiclassing (which I wanted to try) and more importantly feats (which every character would need, right?). About the latter it just says:

See chapter 6 of the Player’s Handbook for more information.

Does this mean the PHB is effectively required to choose feats and find out about their effects?

I’ve tried to answer my own question. I’ve searched the basic rules for “feat” (way too many results to be useful) and “feats” (the only helpful info is quoted above). I’ve also searched with Google (e.g. this query), which mostly leads to reviews and forum posts.

What Salary Package Should I Choose?

I am an SEO writer, and my boss offered me four different packages after weeks of negotiations.

  • 0.8 per word for the entire month.
  • 0.7 per word for the entire month plus a basic salary of 10k.
  • 40,000 per month.

My contract says that I will write 3,000 words per day, but I write an average of 2,200 words per day. I work on the weekends as well. Which salary package is the best?

I calculated the final package for all the options for different word counts, such as 40k, 50k,60k and 70k per month. 70k words per month is a possibility. I laid out these points on a graph and second option made sense.

So, which one is the best option?

I understand that this isn’t strictly a mathematical question, but it falls under the umbrella of mathematics. I need to find the best option for varying word counts. Minimum word count can be 40k and maximum can be 80-90k. Currency is irrelevant.

Choose User Profile DB on Sharepoint 2013

We have 2 User Profile Service application in our environment. Early created User profile service is not provisioning with user synchronization service and not working now. Last created User profile service is working normally, but our sharepoint is getting user data from old (not working) user profile service.

Is it possible to choose User profile DB on sharepoint?

Can I choose the same starting skill twice?

All (that I know of) schools in the first edition of Legend of the Five Rings provide the set of starting skills for the characters. Sometimes one or more of those skills are “open ended” like “any Bugei skill”.
Can I choose a skill that’s already on the list? For example: having Kenjutsu on the list and choosing it as my “any Bugei skill”
And if it is possible will this give me Kenjutsu 2 or just a wasted skill slot (the second option sounds unlikely, but I want to be sure)?

Enemies Abound: When to choose a new target?

It’s unclear when/how often an affected creature picks a new target during the spell enemies abound

…On a failed save, the target loses the ability to distinguish friend from foe, regarding all creatures it can see as enemies until the spell ends. Each time the target takes damage, it can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success. Whenever the affected creature chooses another creature as a target, it must choose the target at random from among the creatures it can see within range of the attack, spell, or other ability it’s using. (XGE, p 155)

So, let’s say I cast this spell on an enemy and they fail their save. The DM rolls randomly for a target in range. If the caster ends up attacking and killing one of their previous allies, they must roll randomly again to determine their next target. Awesome!

  • But, what if they randomly end up attacking me/a member of the party? Will they just keep going until the target is dead (if so, seems like the variance for this spell’s outcome is really high!)?
  • What happens if they can no longer “see” their target (like the enemy chosen becomes obscured in a fog cloud or Shroud of Moil, or just hides)?
  • What happens if they can no longer “see” any targets (the affected creature ends up inside Hunger of Hadar or a Darkness spell)?

Ideally I want to try and figure out the best way to cast this spell and then, once it’s cast, to try and make it’s effects as helpful/not harmful to the party as possible.

For example, if I hit a creature with Enemies Abound but then it picks a party member as it’s target, I could tell the other character “Just hide and he’ll attack someone else!!”