What bard college should I choose for a low/mid-level campaign? [on hold]

I’m a first-timer in a first time party. We have a pretty terrible team composition, with an elf fighter, a human rogue, and me: a bard. I wanna be sorta tanky, and maybe I should have picked paladin.

What college do you think I should choose? Probably no multiclassing, unless I have a good explanation.

I kinda wanna go Valor or Swords because I wanna be kind of a tanky mid/close-range fighter.

We’re doing the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign and then another campaign with the same characters after that, but I think it will end at like 10-15th level.

Then $A $ is choose the correct option

let $ A$ be the set of all invertible upper triangular matrics in $ \mathbb{M}_n (\mathbb{R})$ where $ n \ge 2$

then $ A $ is

choose the correct option

$ 1.$ dense

$ 2.$ Nowheredense

$ 3.$ open

$ 4.$ closed

My attempt :I take $ A = \begin{bmatrix} 1& n \0&-1 \end{bmatrix}$

I know that set of all invertible matrix is dense. You know that my given matrix $ A$ in invertible and upper triangular, so $ A$ must be open and dense

Therefore the correct option is option $ 1)$ and option $ 3)$

is its true ?

Any hints/solution will be appreciated

thanks u

How can you choose what document libraries show up in Word 365 when saving to Sharepoint Online?

I am using Sharepoint Online and Office 365, and I would like to be able to choose which document libraries show up in desktop applications (e.g. Word or Excel) when saving files. I feel pretty certain this is somehow possible, as for example, in the site contents of my site, there are Site Assets and Style Library document libraries. enter image description here These document libraries do not show up when trying to save a document in Word. enter image description here In this example, I’d like to be able to hide the Test Wiki page library and the document libraries associated with Shortpoint (which are already hidden in the browser, so they do not show up in Site Contents already). Is this possible?

How to choose YouTube resolution using Mobile version (m.youtube.com), not desktop nor app

On an android phone, using Firefox, I access the YouTube.Com website.

But for resolution control, I am content when YouTube delivers “m.youtube.com”. I know how to force FireFox to solicit the desktop version.

I note that the desktop web page (during video playback) allows me to adjust the video resolution with the settings/gear, but when using the m.youtube version, I have no means to adjust the playback. I am also aware that I could log into YouTube/Google, and record my resolution choice.

For privacy reasons: I choose not to use the YouTube application; I clear retained info on closing FireFox; I avoid the desktop webpage on my android phone since everything gets ridiculously tiny, and; I do not log in to YouTube or Google.

  1. Does anyone know of a way to force the resolution low (rather than auto) on m.youtube.com?
  2. Does anyone know of a way to view the resolution that youtube delivers on m.youtube.com?
  3. If I play one video on the standard desktop and select a particular resolution setting there, will it carry over to subsequent views on m.youtube.come ?

I note that:

  • The m.youtube site does not have a resolution selection in the settings section of the vertical-3-dots
  • On video playback, the m.youtube does not provide a gear on playback.

Thanks !

Bootcamp choose Windows ISO opens ISO instead of selecting ISO

In Bootcamp I am installing Windows 10. When I select choose ISO Image the USB that has the image shows in locations. When I select the image it opens up the folder of the ISO. It will not open in Bootcamp. I will have the choice to select from autorun.inf, boot folder, bootmgr, bootmgr.efi, efi folder, setup.exe, sources folder, support folder. I have tried selecting several of these and some will open in bootcamp. But all I get is the error Need 54-bit Windows or 10 or later ISO file. I am sure the file is good I downloaded it from Microsoft and used both their installer and rufus to make 2 files. Both have same error. I should also point out that I was running Windows 8.1 in bootcamp and deleted it to do a fresh install of Windows 10. I did use bootacamp to delete the partition. This is on a Mac Pro 2013

Which server to choose in Hybrid Configuration Wizard when adding new Exchange2016 server into existing Hybrid Environment with Exchange 2010?

Current environment has an on premises Exchange 2010 server configured in Hybrid Mode with Office365 with all mailboxes hosted within Office365.

We just installed an Exchange 2016 server into the environment in order to move towards it within the next few months and decommission the Exchange 2010 server.

I ran into some issues where the setup for Exchange 2016 wouldn’t proceed once it detected the existing Hybrid configuration. Using the Built-in Hybrid Configuration Wizard which exists within the Exchange 2016 installer.

Microsoft had me go the route of installing it via powershell using this article:

  • https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/37405.how-to-install-exchange-2016-using-powershell.aspx

However because that article doesn’t take into consideration an existing Hybrid Environment, there were additional steps. Mainly needing to export/import the tenant configuration file to run the setup:


  1. Setup finally completed successfully
  2. I manually configured proper certificates and virtual directory urls to point to Office365.

Everything on the new server appears to be functioning correctly. However I don’t believe the new Exchange2016 server has all the proper send/receive connectors to get into Office365. On the old exchange server, it contains specific IP addresses within the send/receive connectors to communicate with Office365.

I was trying to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard within the new Exchange2016 server in case there was anything the setup missed.

However, please look at the screenshot.

  1. Should I choose both options?
  2. Or should I only choose the new server?
  3. The old server is still in production and will remain for a few weeks, and it’s already configured for Office365…. So I am not sure if I should be choosing it again?

I don’t know, if I don’t choose the old server….. will it remove the old server from the hybrid configuration? How do I move forward?

EXCH2010 is the current server already configured with Office365.

Hybrid is the new server, it’s pretty much configured but just missing some of the inbound/outbound office365 connection settings.

All I am trying to do is make sure the new server is configured correctly for hybrid, while leaving the old server intact.

Hybrid Configuration Wizard