Some websites won’t load on Chrome Canary, ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Some websites’ assets fail to load on Chrome Canary, i.e:


Accessing directly returns:

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection. 

This also happens on Guest Account without any extensions. All works on normal Chrome version.

Faulty Canary version:

Google Chrome is up to date Version 73.0.3678.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit) 

Chrome extension installation process design

Currently I am trying to program a Chrome extension, these are written in javascript. I have only used javascript on webpages and I am in a bit of a situation with having long functions. After installing a Chrome extension I require user input 2 times. Before, in between and after the user inputs I am executing different parts of code. To prevent callback hell I started using but this has ended up in a big mess. This is the current program flow after installing:

Begin installation process

event function function event function require user input event function event function event function event function require user input event function event function 

End installation process

As you can see before the chrome extension is properly installed I have called about 10 functions and raised 10 events. This is a huge mess, but I do not see a way to fix this. The installation process has to finnish before a user can use the chrome extension. Whenever an exception is raised it is handled and the user will start over again. Do you see any way to fix this? I can provide code if needed but it is quite a lot.

Edit I believe my question might not be clear enough. I basically have a waterfall in my code. My chrome extension requires the user to go through a setup process before being able to use the application. This installation/setup process is displayed above and consists of functions emitting events after they are done which call other functions which emit events again. This can be seen as a waterfall. Every function also needs to finnish before the execution of the next

Cómo enviar los enlaces de descarga al navegador chrome desde c#

Me pueden ayudar de como hacer lo siguiente. Resulta, que tengo varios links de archivos el cual deseo enviarlo al navegador de descarga de google chrome con un nombre propio.

Ejemplo, tengo la ruta de los siguientes archivo:

Lo que deseo hacer, es mandar al navegador de descarga de esta manera. con el nombre ejemplo0001 con el nombre ejemplo0002

y asi sucesivamente los N archivos.

La idea que tengo en mente es lo siguiente. Desde visual c# winforms, con solo dar clic al boton, se envie todos los links al navegador de descarga.

El resto de recorrer todos los campos, ya sé como realizarlo, lo unico que no tengo idea de como hacer, es mandar los archivos al navegador de descarga de google.

En caso que me digan que lo descargue desde un WEBCLIENTE, no me sirve, necesariamente se tiene que enviar los archivos a descargar desde el navegador de google(recomenado), firefox o internet explorer.

Caso contrario, de que otra manera se podría hacer lo que estoy necesitando, capaz crear un archivo batch para que agregue los archivos en el navegador de descargas, pero ¿cómo sería?

Muchas gracias a todos, espero encontrar alguna solucion, gracias.

How to open local web pages in Chrome on external SD card

I wanted to be able to open local files in the Chrome browser. If I tap a local file (htm, rss) or paste a valid “file:” URI into Chrome it does not work when file is on external SD card. I am using Samsung S4 Android 5.0.1 (not rooted). I tested a few paths in the chrome browser and found works ok on internal SD card but that there is no read access to any data on the external SD card even the private data folder (I was expecting Chrome should have access to private folder on exteranl card??). Selecting a file E.g. file:///mnt/sdcard/Documents/testarc.htm on internal SD card works fine but paths like file:///storage/extSdCard will not show a directory.

I know that access restrictions were added to Android 5.x but don’t applications have access to a private data folder (under /Android/data) on external SD card by default?

Does Chrome ( have read access the file:///storage/extSdCard/Android/data/ ?

Is there a way to enable it?

I have two file manager apps installed – ES file explorer, Total Commander, and the is “Myfiles” app which came with the phone. If use ES file explorer or Myfiles the “open with” windows only lists Firefox not Chrome, or Samsung browsers. Choosing Firefox will open the web page file (htm) (even on external SD card), so is there a way to add other browsers to “open with” list?

In MS Windows file association was relatively simple using “registered file types” options. Is the Andriod equivalent?

Google Docs strike-through shortcut not working on Mac in Chrome

According to the menu, the shortcut is Cmd + Shift + X, but it doesn’t work.

It works in Safari, but not Chrome. I tried it on my old Mac (a few OS versions behind) and got the same result.

I even tried Incognito Mode (no plugins?) and it still doesn’t work.

Also doesn’t work in Google Sheets.

So it seems like Chrome is eating the shortcut keypress somehow? How could I fix or debug this?

Where are Chrome Settings Stored in Android 4.4.2

I am configuring a lot of devices and one thing we have to do is turn off Autofill in Chrome. Is there a way to drop a settings file in a folder that contains this setting or do we have to manually go in and turn it off through Chrome settings?

I’m sure this will require root access but is there a settings.xml file or something where this information is stored?

Bootstrap 3, Col-xs-* styles not showing in chrome console

Please see image below. I have the bootstrap col-xs-6 tags on the element, but whenever the viewport goes below 767px, no styles are applied to the element from that tag. If it is above that break point, everything works fine and it shows in 2 columns.

This is sitewide for all col-xs-x styles and I am not using bootstrap 4 styles where the col-xs-* tag was replaced with col-*

Any idea on what could be causing this? enter image description here

Comunicar 2 extensiones en diferentes chrome?

Estoy tratando de comunicar 2 extensiones, tengo clara que este código es para ello:

chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function() {  var port = chrome.runtime.connect("id de la extensión");  port.postMessage({clave:"valor"}); });  chrome.runtime.onConnectExternal.addListener(function(port) {  port.onMessage.addListener(function(msg) {     // msg es la respuesta del objeto {clave:"valor"}  }); }); 

pero lo que no se es si este código comunique dos extensiones en dos navegadores chrome, osea una extensión en un navegador y otra en otro, en el mismo navegador si funciona, pero me gustaría saber como podría comunicarlas entre navegadores.