How can I identify the different terrains on the Chult map in Tomb of Annihilation?

At the back of the Tomb of Annihilation book, in Appendix B, there is a random encounters table for Wilderness Encounters on pp. 194-195. The different terrains listed in that table are as follows:

  • Beach
  • Jungle; further divided into:
    • No Undead
    • Lesser Undead
    • Greater Undead
  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Ruins
  • Swamp
  • Wasteland

So that’s 9 different terrains in total.

Looking at the map on p. 39, there doesn’t appear to be any legend for describing the different terrains. The only key is as follows, and only shows what the lesser and greater Undead territories look like*:

The only descriptions I can find in the books are on p. 38, which lists the different terrains under the Travel Distances and Navigation sections but does not expand on how to identify these areas on the map, and on p. 40, which is just the section Undead Territory, which only explains the undead territory as per the above key.

The description of the random encounter table, Wilderness Encounters, only says: "Roll percentile dice and check the Wilderness Encounters table for the terrain appropriate to where the characters are", without actually elaborating on how to determine that.

From the map itself, a lot of it is obvious; where the map shows a lot of trees, clearly that’s Jungle, and for hexes that intersect mountains, clearly that’s Mountain, etc. However, Ruins, Swamp and Wasteland are quite ambiguous to me with only the map to go on.

So is there any way to determine these terrains besides just eyeballing the map, and how am I supposed to identify Ruins, Swamp, or Wasteland from the map (if eyeballing really is the only way)?

* There’s also "Ruin", but I assume this is the location of a specific ruin rather than denoting that it’s a type of terrain, especially given that the black square icon turns up in different terrains (for example, the Orolunga ruin is clearly in a hex of Jungle terrain), so I am unconvinced that the black square icon for "Ruin" is related to the "Ruins" terrain.

Below I have attempted to identify each of the 9 different terrains from the map, as well as my best guess as to what they are (some are obvious, others less so, hence my question):

Is there any more information about the mines seen on the map of Chult in Tomb of Annihilation?

In Tomb of Annihilation, in chapter 2, there is a map of Chult on p. 39, the “DM’s version” with all of the hexes filled in and all of the locations named and displayed.

However, although many of the locations are named, there are various “mines” that are shown throughout the map (and we can tell that they are mines because the legend tells us that that’s what that symbol means), but unlike the named locations, they are not expanded on later in chapter 2.

Below is a section of the map showing a few of these mines (shown by the symbol of a spade and pickaxe), as well as a few examples of named locations (in spoiler quotes in case any players currently in a ToA game shouldn’t be looking at it):

What is the purpose of these mines being on the map? If my players find one, what am I supposed to do with that? Is there any further information on these mines in the book? Hopefully I’m just being blind and it’s right there under my nose, but I can’t seem to find anything else about these mines…

What part of Chult does this image depict?

What part of Chult does this image depict?

enter image description here

It is found in Tomb of Annihilation, on page 9. Is it Aldani Basin?

The Soshenstar and Tath rivers flow out of this marshy upland basin, which is a popular feeding ground for dinosaurs and swarms of biting insects. Tall plateaus and walls of dense foliage enclose the marsh.

The description matches, but the image is not labeled, and is on a different chapter of the book.

Is “Tabaxi” still canonically the name of a human tribe in Chult?

I’m running a campaign set in Chult. In making sure I know the setting well, I came across this entry on the Forgotten Realms wiki, which notes This article is about the tribe of Chultan humans. For the race of humanoid felinids, see Tabaxi., and goes on to explain:

“Tabaxi” was also a term given to a race of humanoid jaguars found in both Chult and Maztica. It has been suggested that this was an error in naming. The explanation was that an explorer from Cormyr saw a Tabaxi tribesman dressed in ceremonial garb of panther skin and was told by a guide that the man was a Tabaxi. Misunderstanding what the guide meant, this explorer assumed that all cat-men were called “Tabaxi”.

In actuality the Cormyrean explorer was not far off from the truth. The human tribesmen named their people after the enigmatic feline-humanoids.

This is also covered in Who was this character from the Tomb of Annihilation adventure before they became a monster?, which references Dragon+ magazine article which appears to confirm some of this, at least as far as metagame history goes.

But, the actual in-print 5E book covering Chult, the Tomb of Annihilation adventure, doesn’t mention this at all. Instead, the human natives are referred to as “Chultans”, and the only references to “Tabaxi” are to the feline kind:

Tabaxi are feline humanoids, originally native to the western continent of Maztica. Some Chultans refer to them as “cat folk” or “leopard people.” Groups of tabaxi wound up in Chult after escaping from slavers. They are a cultured people and seldom evil. A few work as guides out of Port Nyanzaru. Others enter the jungle in small groups to hunt grungs and goblins for their own purposes.

Sooooo, what’s the story here? Are what were the “Tabaxi people” now Chultans?