Circle of the Moon Druid discrepancy on dndbeyond

I’m wanting to play a Druid that wild shapes, so I’m building him on dndbeyond, and at 4th level is says I can wild shape into a 1/2 CR beast, and at 8th level I can wild shape into a 1 CR beast. But when I’m reading about a wild shape Druid on dndbeyond here: it says at 2nd level I can wild shape into a CR 1 beast and by 6th level I can wild shape into a beast with a CR of my druid level / 3 rounded down so a CR 2 beast at 6th level. Which one is right? Or does the Circle Forms negate the Wild Shape forms?

How does a Circle of the Shepherd’s Mighty Summoner feature interact with the UA spell Summon Bestial Spirit?

Our DM has allowed us to play-test the summoning spells which appear in Unearthed Arcana 2020: Spells and Magic Tattoos and I have added the 2nd-level Druid spell Summon Bestial Spirit (pp. 3-4) to my spell list.

I chose the Circle of the Shepherd which has a feature at L6 called Mighty Summoner, which is meant to enhance a druid’s summoning/conjuring spells by adding +2 HPs per Hit Die and causing the damage to be classed as magical (XGE, p.240).

For example, with the 3rd-level spell Conjure Animals (PHB, p.225), if I conjured a Giant Boar (MM, p.323), it would have an additional +10 HPs because it has 5 Hit Dice (5d10 + 15). So the conjured/summoned creature would have 5d10 + 15 +10 HPs in total.

Here are the relevant parts from the UA spell:

Summon Bestial Spirit

You call forth the spirit of a beast. […]

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the creature assumes the higher level for that casting wherever it uses the spell’s level in its stat block. […]

Hit Points equal the beast’s Constitution modifier + your spellcasting ability modifier + ten times the spell’s level

In the case of the Summon Bestial Spirit the creature’s HPs are linked to the spell level, so how does it interact with druid’s Mighty Summoner feature? Does the spell level determine the Hit Dice?

I would appreciate an answer with an example and/or experience of having play-tested this spell.

Highest Possible DC for Circle of Death

What is the highest possible DC for Circle of Death?


  • Level 12 Wizard (you may choose an archetype, as long as it has a familiar)
  • Cyphergull Familiar
  • At least 3 unused general feat slots and a bonus feat slot (if the archetype removes bonus feat slots, 4 general slots must be left open.)
  • Pathfinder 1e content only, pathfinder content written in 3.5 (Elves of Golarion, Curse of the Crimson Throne, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Crafting magic items is allowed, but you are restricted to a total of 1.5 WBL for a level 12 character.
  • Custom magic items are not allowed, you are restricted to printed magic items only.
  • Aside from permanent/instantaneous duration spells, you are allowed to factor in 1 round of buffs. You are not allowed to debuff the targets of the spell.
  • Available spells (from items, spellcasting services, etc.) are restricted to spells that only casters level 12 or lower could cast.
    • Ex. Psychics get ethereal jaunt as a 6th level spell, and are able to cast it at level 12, so it is available. Wish is not able to be cast by any level 12, and therefore not available.
    • Ally/Army Across Time, Simulacrum, Planar Binding, and Planar Ally are not available.
  • Items that impose a penalty, such as Void Shard count as improving the DC of the spell by that much. Ex, Void Shard counts as raising the DC of Circle Death by 2.

Help me Spec my Circle of the Shepherd Druid

This is mainly because I enjoy thinking about these things.

Character Summary

Race: Hill Dwarf

Cantrips: Produce Flame, Infestation (flavor appropriate, yes it’s weak), Mold Earth (auto-trench building)

Stats: Str: 13 Dex: 14 Con: 19 Int: 13 Wis: 18 Cha: 13 (the DM used a very liberal stat system)

AC: 16 Feats: Resilient Con Magic Items: Healer’s Staff, Mantle of Spell Resistance

Level 7 currently, all druidic levels.


1- Shepherd-all about those animal/fey/elemental summons, 2- Healer with unicorn totem/bear totem 3- Druidy mostly non-concentration stuff

Three pathways:

Option A: Level 8 ASI: +1 Con +Wis Level 9: Barbarian for 19 AC (shield + Dex + Con) Level 13 ASI: Observant for +1 Wis for 20 WIS.

Option B: Level 8 ASI: +1 Con +1 Dex Level 9: Barbarian for 19 AC Level 13: +Resilient(dex) for 20 AC and robust dex/con/int/wis saves, advantage on all spell saves, strength saves IF I rage (unlikely). Note also that CHA saves are against spells almost always.

Option C: Level 8: +2 WIS Level 9: Barbarian for 18 AC? Mayyybe. Level 12/13 ASI: War Caster feat, or maybe dex feat, or maybe magic initiate feat with cleric for sacred flame (60 ft range) and sanctuary (go fight my summons, not me).

NOTE: I did the math and in the long run +resilient(con) is better than war caster, especially given my high CON, which is why I’m not running out and grabbing war caster. Also, the mantle of spell resistance gives advantage to all saves against spells, including concentration.

That said adding war caster is a definite great choice. The reason why it’s not high priority is since I have a great con save, I would just rather not allow the damage to even occur instead of being able to withstand the concentration check.

Options Summary

Option A maximizes my wis, eventually, and brings in the semi-useful observant feat (my DM is using passive tests) along with a solid AC.

Option B maximizes AC, but more importantly, makes it very hard to take me down with any spells/traps/effects along with a very solid AC.

Option C maximizes my spell attack/DC, which is usually the best path, but in this case I am focused on keeping my conjures up and running/healed and it leaves me with an easy enough to hit DC (perhaps I could grab a +1 shield to be fair).

Thoughts? Other options? Would love to hear opinions on this I enjoy thinking about these things.

Is 5e’s teleportation circle possible in 3.5?

In 3.5 D&D, “teleportation circle” is the name of a 9th lvl conjuration spell. The purpose of the spell is to create a circle that remains for 10 minutes, and subjects everyone who enters it in that time to a “greater teleport” to a specific location.

In 5e, however, that same name refers to a 5th level Conjuration spell. This spell also creates a circle, and eveyone who enters it before the end of the caster’s next round is teleported to pre-existing, identical circle. A receiving circle can be made by casting this spell in the same place every day for a year.

Is there any official way to replicate the effects of the 5e version of this spell in 3.5? If not, would it cause any inherent problems if it were put in the game as a custom spell?

Draw circle OpenGL 3.3

How do I draw a perfect/smooth circle using OpenGL 3.3 and GLSL? I can only find old OpenGL tutorials or ones that have a blocky circle. I would also like to be able to resize the circle to become an oval, but that is not my highest priority.

Removing imperfections in circle with color gradient edge

I am trying to draw a red circle with a colour gradient fading into white on the edge. The way I am currently doing it is to first define a smooth step function and draw a rectangular block with a color gradient defined by the smooth step function:

smoothstep[x_] := Piecewise[{{0, x <= -(1/2)}, {-20*(x + 1/2)^7 + 70*(x + 1/2)^6 - 84*(x + 1/2)^5 + 35*(x + 1/2)^4, -(1/2) < x < 1/2}, {1, x >= 1/2}}]  img = Rasterize[DensityPlot[smoothstep[x], {x, 0, 4}, {y, -4, 4}, ColorFunction -> Function[{x, y}, Hue[1, x, 1]], Frame -> False, PlotRangePadding -> None] 

which seems to be successful

enter image description here

Then I applied this colour gradient to a circle as a texture

ParametricPlot[{r*Cos[t], r*Sin[t]}, {r, 0, 1}, {t, 0, 2 Pi}, Mesh -> False, BoundaryStyle -> None, Axes -> False, Frame -> False, PlotStyle -> {Opacity[1], Texture[img]}] 

enter image description here

which is mostly successful, apart from 1) the white dot at the centre of the circle, and 2) the faint concentric red line outside.

How do I remove these imperfections in the resulting image? Should I change my approach?

Does Wall of Fire get to deal its damage twice (minimum), when normal creatures are trapped within the circle? [duplicate]

Let’s say a character casts Wall of Fire in the ring shape, choosing the inside of the wall as the side that does damage. A creature is inside the ring.

When the spell is first cast, the creature must make a Dex save or take 5d8 damage. Then, on the creature’s turn, it wants to move out of the ring, and it will need make another Dex save as it moves through the wall. Effectively, a single casting will require a creature inside the ring to make a minimum of 2 saves in a normal movement situation. Correct?

Note: I realize by the time characters are level 7+, there are many ways to avoid the second Dex save, including flying over the wall, burrowing under the wall, teleporting out, casting a barrier spell within the ring, being immune to fire, etc. I’m just asking about normal movement situations without other tricks, to ensure I’ve understood the spell. Thanks!

Can the Circle of the Stars Druid use their Starry Form in conjunction with their Wild Shape form?

The druid got a new subclass option as part of Unearthed Arcana, and one of the features is Starry Form (not including the later part which has no bearing on my question):

Starry Form


Circle of the Stars feature You gain the ability to harness constellations’ power to alter your form. As an action, you can expend a use of your Wild Shape feature to take on a starry form rather than transforming into a beast.

While in your starry form, you retain your game statistics, but your body takes on a luminous, starlike quality; your joints glimmer like stars, and glowing lines connect them as on a star chart. This form sheds bright light in a 10foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. The form lasts for 10 minutes or until you’re incapacitated.

Under Wild Shape in the PHB, it says, “Your game statistics are replaced by the statistics of the beast” when you Wild Shape into a beast. Does this mean a druid can first Wild Shape into a beast, then expend another use to activate Starry Form? As your game statistics are replaced for the first’s duration and Starry Form retains your game statistics, it shouldn’t bring you back to humanoid.