How long does it take to obtain a US visa for a British citizen?

My family and I are planning to go to the US next summer for a holiday, the first we’ve ever had outside Europe.

We live in Guernsey but have British citizenship (since Guernsey is a British crown dependency), but we’re waiting until my father receives his bonus in the New Year in order to determine whether we will go or not.

However I’m slightly worried that we have left obtaining our travel visas for the US far too late, as some travel websites state that it can take up to a year to obtain travel visas for the US.

Is this true? If not, how long does it usually take for a British citizen to obtain a US travel visa?

Obtaining an Australian visa by a Russian citizen while in the US in F1 status

I’m a Russian citizen living in the US in F1 status. My F1 visa expires in December 2019. First of all, is it possible to apply for an Australian visa with my status? I haven’t found any explicit reference to it in the official FAQ (of the Australian embassy in the US). Secondly, assuming it is possible to obtain a visa for me, if I go to Australia in August for a couple of weeks, are there any requirements on how long my US F1 visa should be valid upon returning to the US? I wasn’t able to find such information in any official sources either. (E.g. if you apply for a EU visa with F1 status, then there are such kind of requirements.)

Will I likely have trouble flying to Japan after a stay in China as a US Citizen?

I’m going to China for work (a conference) for about a week, and thought it may be nice to visit my friend in Japan for 2-3 days or so on the way back, especially with the reduced flight costs compared to flying to Japan from the US at a later time. I’ve found a few references on difficulties flying to China from Japan in certain circumstances (e.g. the site referenced in this question), but not the other way. I’m concerned because I’ve heard about these issues from Japan->China as well as knowing Chinese nationals require a Visa to enter Japan, and while that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t know if there will be mixups at the airport because of that state of affairs, or if there’s special procedure/law I’m not aware of.

This would all be pre-planned, no open ended tickets, so USA->China (~1 week)->Japan (a few days)->USA would all be pre-planned if I did this. Are there any known difficulties with this sort of travel plan? I’d prefer not to be stuck in China figuring out how to get tickets back to the US ASAP because I can’t do my preplanned flight path.

Does anybody have any experience of traveling to the USA, as a British Citizen, to marry a US citizen?

As my question here if you want to quickly read it states: Are these intended activities legal to do in the USA under the VWP?

I’m traveling to the USA next month, as a Brit, to visit my American fiancee and then return to the UK. Does anybody have similar experiences to this and what should I expect? Judging by certain answers in my previous question I am getting nervous I will be detained and refused entry.

I have a good job which I’ve had for two months here in the UK, it’s an reputable organisation which will also be known in the States, I have a good income, I’ve been to the USA multiple times all to see my fiancee. The only difference from this upcoming visit and my previous visits is that she is now my fiancee, and not my girlfriend. My last visit to the USA was May 7 – May 16 2019.

We’re seeing some more sights in the US, planning our wedding location and date, seeing a soccer game, going camping, then she’s going to fly back to the UK with me when I leave to come see my family and I for 3 weeks.

Does anybody have an experience with visiting a fiancee from the States, or even marrying an American then returning back home? What was your experience with CBP like?


As a non-Finnish citizen, am I subject income-based traffic fines if the traffic violation occurred in Finland?

I read on that most of Scandinavia determines fines based on income. E.g.:

In 2002, a Nokia executive was fined the equivalent of $ 103,000 for going 45 in a 30 zone on his motorcycle.

As a non-Finnish citizen, am I subject income-based traffic fines if the traffic violation occurred in Finland?

American citizen overstayed visa in the UK and wants to return home. Some questions

I’m an American citizen and I’ve overstayed my visa in the UK for years now. I want to book my flight back to the US ASAP on my own dime but I have a some questions about traveling home.

A lot of flights I’ve seen back to the US have a connecting flight in either The Netherlands or the Republic of Ireland (not in the UK).

Would it be an issue to travel through these countries considering I’ll likely need to be issued a transit visa upon arrival and I’ve overstayed a visa in the UK?

Would it be best to find a flight that goes directly to the US, no stops in other countries?

And I also wanted to ask about the airport. What can I expect when I’m there?

1.) Is there anything specific I should bring with me (I’ll have my valid US passport and a print out of my flight details)?

2.) Should I go directly to immigration and speak to them? Will I be detained and/or issued a fine/ban?

3.) Do they check passports when you leave (I’ll likely need to take a flight out of Heathrow in London if I can’t transit through other countries)? I don’t believe there are formal exit controls in the UK but don’t they do random checks?

4.) Can I just go and board my flight as normal?

I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing so as to allow this to go as smoothly as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.