How is it possible to travel by new citizenship passport from homeland to my second country?

I’m an Iranian, but I don’t have an Iranian passport (because of the mandatory military service which takes around 2 years and everyone tries to not do it), but my wife is from Turkey. The Turkey ministry of foreign affairs told me I can get a Turkish passport after 3 years of our marriage.

When I get my Turkish passport, how can I go to Turkey from Iran airport?

The police would check my passport, and he would ask how did you enter the country? there is no sign or passport stamp that you entered the country!

Will they charge me for an Iranian visa?

Or is it fine and they will let me go out? Or they might ask for my own passport too? (I personally guess they will not let me go out of Iran)

Is there anyway I can take my wife’s country citizenship without having a passport?

I’m living in Iran which has mandatory military service, my wife is from Turkey. According to Turkey law, you can be a Turkish citizen after 3 years of getting marinade to a Turkish girl.

But the problem is that I can’t have a passport because of the military service, and I’m not going to do it in the next 5-10 years! But I need to have a passport to go and visit my wife’s family.

I even can’t go to their embassy, as you know because I don’t have a passport!

Is there any chance, or possibility to get their citizenship and passport, without having my own passport?

Recent second canadian citizenship travelling to USA

So i just got my canadian passeport… I used to travel to USA with my tunisian passeport (green passeport with arabic letters) needless to say that i get double checked (second inspection) every single time I go through customs with some weird questions from random agents (they can be cool agents but also rude ones ) … My question is as follows : If the guy asks me if I already got a passeport before my canadian one do I have to answer? Does he have the right to ask me that question? (Btw in order to avoid any issues I might just asks/do whatever he gonna ask me)


British citizenship, Polish passport, travelling to the US

I might have to travel for work to the US – for the first time ever. I am currently a holder of a Polish passport (where I was born) but also acquired British citizenship (didn’t apply for a passport though). How does the process look for me when it comes to entering the US? Since UK citizens do not require a visa for entry and Polish citizens do. The trip could be in two weeks.

EDIT: Filled in D160 on the 1st, had my interview on the 6th, got my passport back on the 9th

What happens to Chinese citizens who are born with dual citizenship?

I saw in the answers to this question that Chinese citizens who gain other citizenships later in life are required to relinquish their Chinese citizenship, and that naturally provoked a degree of curiosity in me: what happens to Chinese citizens who are born with another nationality, provided that the other country allows dual citizens via birth (e.g. America, Australia, New Zealand, etc)?

For instance, if an American man and a Chinese woman have a child together, what citizenships would the resulting child have?

Can I use my Chinese passport to enter China after I acquired another citizenship?

I’ve recently changed my citizenship from Chinese to Canadian and I’m planning a short visit to China soon.

Is it possible to enter China with my existing Chinese passport (not expired yet) and then return to Canada with my new Canadian passport.

This becomes complicated since China does not recognize dual-citizenship. So do I need to get a China visa? Any input would be appreciated!

Enter UK under new citizenship after ban

I got a 10 years UK visa ban a few years ago. Since then I obtained a new citizenship (it is of European Union, the country belongs to Schengen treaty, and does not fall under immigration rules), so it does not require me having a visa to enter anymore. The surname has also slightly changed (mostly the spelling). Will I be able to enter the UK with my new citizenship and the new ID (yes, there are biometrics)? Is there any legal way to overcome this ban, since I’m a citizen of a new country? Thanks you for the response in advance