British citizenship, Polish passport, travelling to the US

I might have to travel for work to the US – for the first time ever. I am currently a holder of a Polish passport (where I was born) but also acquired British citizenship (didn’t apply for a passport though). How does the process look for me when it comes to entering the US? Since UK citizens do not require a visa for entry and Polish citizens do. The trip could be in two weeks.

EDIT: Filled in D160 on the 1st, had my interview on the 6th, got my passport back on the 9th

What happens to Chinese citizens who are born with dual citizenship?

I saw in the answers to this question that Chinese citizens who gain other citizenships later in life are required to relinquish their Chinese citizenship, and that naturally provoked a degree of curiosity in me: what happens to Chinese citizens who are born with another nationality, provided that the other country allows dual citizens via birth (e.g. America, Australia, New Zealand, etc)?

For instance, if an American man and a Chinese woman have a child together, what citizenships would the resulting child have?

Can I use my Chinese passport to enter China after I acquired another citizenship?

I’ve recently changed my citizenship from Chinese to Canadian and I’m planning a short visit to China soon.

Is it possible to enter China with my existing Chinese passport (not expired yet) and then return to Canada with my new Canadian passport.

This becomes complicated since China does not recognize dual-citizenship. So do I need to get a China visa? Any input would be appreciated!

Enter UK under new citizenship after ban

I got a 10 years UK visa ban a few years ago. Since then I obtained a new citizenship (it is of European Union, the country belongs to Schengen treaty, and does not fall under immigration rules), so it does not require me having a visa to enter anymore. The surname has also slightly changed (mostly the spelling). Will I be able to enter the UK with my new citizenship and the new ID (yes, there are biometrics)? Is there any legal way to overcome this ban, since I’m a citizen of a new country? Thanks you for the response in advance

Crossing a border with an infant of a different citizenship

I am a French Citizen, and will be traveling with an infant (6 m.o.) who is an American and a French citizen (she has the dual citizenship). I have a French passport, she has an American passport, she does not have any form of French id, but she is registered in my “Livret de famille”, and I have a copy of her birth certificate (both French and American) proving that I am the father.

I have two questions:

  1. When I’ll be passing the French border with her, should I go to the “Citizen” kiosk (after all, even if she does not have a French passport, she is a French citizen), or the “Visitor” kiosk?

  2. When I’ll be passing the US border with her, should I go to the “Citizen” kiosk (even if I’m not a citizen, I am the legal guardian of a citizen), or the “Visitor” kiosk?

She obviously cannot cross the border on her own!

Travelling multiple EU countries from SG, dual citizenship BG / TR

I have Bulgaria-Turkey dual citizenship with different names. I do live in Singapore (I have a residency visa w my Turkish passport & name). I have a coming trip to Europe, and we will be visiting Germany, France and Portugal, for about 2 weeks. Since I have Bulgarian passport (EU citizen), I have freedom of travel in EU countries.

My questions are: 1. Under which name I should book my tickets? Or should I book w different names for internal EU layover flights? Or it doesn’t matter?

My plan is initially:

  1. Book ticket w (home country (SG)), Turkish passport (since I have SG residency).
  2. Airline check-in, show them my Bulgarian passport (EU).
  3. At Immigration, show Turkish (TR) passport w Residency when leave.
  4. Arrive Germany, show BG passport at immigration.
  5. Flying to France, at check-in, show Bulgarian passport (but for name mismatch, I show TR passport, or I book my ticket with BG passport for internal EU flights is better?)
  6. At immigration, show BG passport (my worry is at immigration if they wanna check my ticket & BG passport, they will see mismatch names, and I need to explain them dual citizenship).
  7. Arrive France, show BG passport at immigration.
  8. Flying to Portugal, at check-in, show BG passport (again for name mismatch, I show TR passport, or I book my ticket w BG passport for internal EU flights? basically the same thing as #5)
  9. At immigration, show BG passport (Again, same concerns as #6, and may need to explain them dual citizenship).
  10. Arrive Portugal, show BG passport at immigration.
  11. Flying back to SG, at check-in, show TR passport since i have a residency visa. (this time name is matching)
  12. At immigration show BG passport (Again, same concerns as #6, ticket and name in BG passport not matching)
  13. Arrive SG, show TR passport at immigration.

Please let me know if my plan sounds correct.

In summary,

  1. A) should I follow same name booking ( in this case home country (SG) w TR passport) for all flights?
  2. B) or should I book EU flights w BG passport separately?
  3. C) or should I just book all flights w BG passport since they are the majority of flights in this case?

Besides above questions, If you have any other suggestions, I would like to hear them as well. Thanks in advance. Cheers

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US ESTA request – double citizenship denied [on hold]

I have double citizenship, Italian + UK. I’ve applied for US ESTA with my Italian passport as primary and added my UK passport as 2nd citizenship. They are both valid and not expired. My request has been denied and I don’t understand why. In theory there should be no problem but I can’t find why it was rejected. In the past I’ve used a DS156 visa as a student and it has been issued without problems. Any idea if there are problems for my situation that I can’t see?

What happens if OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) is not renewed? [migrated]

I am reading conflicting information.

1) OCI is lifelong. YET-

2) OCI is needed to be renewed each time passport is renewed before 21. YET-

3) OCI card holder can travel to India with OCI on old passport without renewing it. enter link description here

Now, if someone under 21 is living in India, who has OCI on old foreign passport, in India gets foreign passport renewed, but does not renew OCI, is that person’s stay in India legal or not ?