Existing ESTA after new citizenship?

if a person fills ESTA and in the section for other nationalities doesn’t disclose all the ones that they have, that might cause problems I would assume?

Though in a case where someone gets ESTA done and after that but before their planned travel they acquire a new nationality by naturalisation, would there be any problem with using the existing ESTA as technically you now have 2 nationalities which you haven’t disclosed/informed the US of (but you also haven’t lied as answered the question before you acquired the second one)? Would one have to get a new ESTA done in this case or existing one would be fine and you can be happy you get to keep at least some privacy with US government?


I’m a flight attendant with dual citizenship of USA and South Korea. Can I enter US using foreign passport?

If I want to use my staff ticket I have to book the ticket under my Korean name (which is completely different from my English name) and Korean passport number. The only thing is I know that for the US you have to enter and leave using your US passport if you’re a citizen. Would it be possible for me to just buy my ticket using my Korean name and passport but when I enter the US just explain my situation and show my US passport to show that I’m a US citizen?

Can I prove my type of UK citizenship with my passport?

I have full British citizenship.

My infant daughter was born abroad and is therefore British by descent – I have passed my citizenship to her, but she cannot pass it on (unless she goes through the naturalisation process also).

My question is: Can my type of British citizenship be determined directly from my passport, for instance from the passport number or another code?

If so, the passport and her identity card would prove she is a British citizen. (If not, the passport would only prove I am British by descent, in which case she would need her own passport to prove her citizenship).

Can ‘Undesirable’ and ‘Overstay’ status by SA hamper my immigration and citizenship application of Aus?

I am in South Africa on a deputation for the last 5 months. I came on a 90 day visa and filed my extension well before the expiry. Unfortunately, I have not my (extended) visa granted yet. My mgmt. is suggesting that I travel back home to India with a letter/document from the local attorneys. The implications are that my passport would be tagged as ‘Undesirable’ and would be banned from entering the country again for 5 years.I have an Australian PR and I am in the plans to move there soon. Does this overstay impact my immigration to and the subsequent citizenship application of Aus? Appreciate your time and response. Thank you.

Is there a ‘minimum daily spend’ in Bhutan, and does it vary on citizenship?

While reading an article about Bhutan today, I came across this surprising bit:

However, visiting the country for Australians is not straightforward. While there are connecting flights from Drukair via Singapore and Bangkok, visitors need to book their trip with a licensed Bhutanese tour agency or one of its international partners. They must also spend a minimum $ US200 ($ A258) per day while in the country (including accommodation and a daily $ US65 tourism fee).

Seriously? Does this apply equally to all visitors, or just Australians, and is there really no way around this? Or is it simple a tourism operator tax, passed on to the tourists?

Is military service in Russia required with dual citizenship?

I have British and Russian citizenship and passport. When I go to Russia on my Russian passport there I am no longer British but Russian and likewise in Britain.

Under Russian law, you are required to do military or alternative service when you are 18. Say if I travelled there when I am 18 or over would I still be called up to do service?

As there I am Russian. Could I go to the British embassy while there and ask for help?

After a US B2 visa refusal, do I qualify for ESTA/VWP under my new UK citizenship?

I had applied for a US B2 visitor visa in 2014 but I got refused. At that time, I applied with my Philippine passport.

Now, I am a UK citizen and have a British passport. Am I qualified for the ESTA/VWP or should I apply again for a B1 visitor visa?

I am traveling in April but I really don’t know what to do. I am worried I may not qualify for the ESTA.

Traveling to Belarus with dual citizenship

I will be travelling to Belarus soon and I have this little riddle to solve.

I have 2 cizitenship – Czech and Belarus. As far as I know, I always need to show my belarusian passport to belarusian authorities. So… leaving EU zone through Poland, I show my czech passport at polish customs, belarusian one in Belarus. When going back – vice versa.

Is my idea correct? Or belarusian custom officers may have curious questions about “how will I enter EU zone without visa”?

Main reason why I am asking this is, that dual cizizenship is legal in Czech, but not in Belarus.

Thank you for all ideas!

Swedish citizenship application – what happens if you stayed in another Nordic country ”in between”? [migrated]

I’ve applied for swedish citizenship some 26 months ago and no decision as of yet. I moved to Sweden in 2009, studied & worked until autumn 2013, then moved to Denmark for work until 2015. Then I moved back to sweden (again) in 2016 with another job and only this time I got a PR permit.

Soon after the PR, I’ve applied for the citizenship as stated above. Few weeks earlier my case officer contacted me asking about Denmark & requested to send “evidence” about my work in Denmark. Sent it and no words or decision yet.

Questions are: 1. Is my citizenship application invalid since I was in Denmark in between years? 2. Does it have ANY impact on my PR permit (e.g. revoked)? 3. Should I just be more patient? 🙂

Much thanks in advance for kind answers!