For what applications of the traveling salesman problem, does visiting each city at most once truely matter?

Traditionally, the traveling salesman problem has you visit a city at least once and at most once.

However, if you were an actual traveling salesman, you would want the least cost route to visit each city at least once, and you wouldn’t be bothered visiting a city 2, 3, or more times. For given city, you might stop and hawk your wares only once, and on subsequent visits, only drive through the city without stopping.

Consider an undirected graph having a city incident to exactly two edges. The cost on one of these edges is only 10 units, while the cost on the other is 99,999,999,999. If you insist on visiting each city at most once, then you are forced to incur the cost of the high cost edge. However, if you allow yourself to visit cities multiple times, then you simply leave the way you came in (on the low cost edge). The low cost edge leads you back to a city you’ve passed through before.

The traveling salesman problem is highly contrived for an actual traveling salesman. I want to give students an application for which there’s a real incentive to visit each city at most once. For what applications is visiting each city a critical aspect of the problem?

How does the Poisoner role work in Dusk City Outlaws?

One of my players is playing as the poisoner. They wanted to slip an antagonist some poison, but had used their “Planning Poison” for another task. But it would seem odd to lock the Poisoner out of poisoning people.

Also, there’s no clear description of what poison will do to either minor minions or minions with a luck score.

I chose to say that the poisoner always has some default poisons to hand that can cause sickness or kill. I then made them successfully roll to slip the poison to a fellow team member posing as a barkeep, and judged that the poison would incapacitate the antagonist and his goons. If I’d wanted to draw out the scene, I might have given the antagonist a luck score to beat.

It worked well in the moment, but is this an acceptable way to play out a use of the Poisoner?

How to make City optional?

I wanna make City optinal. I was made in JS a Dropdown so i can select the city. I put “city” textbox in display:none in CSS and next, copy onchange the dropbox text into this city textbox so the process don’t broken.

But i see if i copy the text, the Magento mark me as “required” fiel.

The process is:

User select “Bogotá” Script copy “Bogota” from de dropbox to the “City” textbox User click “place order” Magento 2 warning Textbox are empty (wen no, i check it)

If i remove a letter from the textbox (Bogotá to Bogot) and next put it again, the process continue without problem.

For this, i wanna make City optional cause i validate the textbox aren’t empty.


Magento 2.3.0

Edit checkout labels and put a dropdown city instead of text field and Shipping method auth select

I having many issues with magento2. I’m benginner using it.

What i want:

  • Get the “City” in Checkout as a dropdown with custom list (its like 10 items in the list) instead of a plain text field.
  • Edit Labels in Checkout steps.
  • Wen someone, for example, select “Bogota” in the City dropdown, the “Shippent method” should be automatic select at “Regular”, but if set “Medellin” it will be “Inmediated”, of course, prices vary.

What i try:

In the case of the dropbox, try to install magento2-city-dropdown but is’n compatible with my version.

In the case of labels, ill try to edit en_US at i18l folder, delete cache, and none works. Ill attach a screenshot of what i have:

Actual Checkout Page


I’m using Magento 2.3.0 with Firecheckout module.

Thanks a lot.

Remove a city from being able to purchase product

So in my explorations I’ve found that Magento only has the States stored in the back end, but I don’t want to remove the entire state, just one city in that state. I’ve seen options to include a city option, or remove city drop down, but I can’t seem to find a way to just remove one city.

Am I just over looking something really basic, or am I going to need to dive into the code and log all the cities in every state and then exclude the one city I don’t want to allow to order?

Thanks in advance for reading this, and I’m sorry if I’m asking a dumb question but I just can’t seem to find an answer.

Which road shall I take from Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT: I-80 or I-70 w/ US-6?

I’m interested in what route to take between Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah, and vice-versa.,+CO++to++Salt+Lake+City,+UT

It would seem like there is one northern option and two southern options.

  • In the north, I-25 in Colorado to Wyoming, and then I-80 throughout Wyoming and into Utah.

  • In the south, I-70 in Colorado, then

    • either SH 13 and SH 64 in Colorado, and US-40 in Utah,
    • or, more I-70 / US-50, through Grand Junction, CO, and US-6 in Utah.

What’s the difference between these ways, and which one is better, or best avoided? I’m driving in the summer (June 2013); interested in a short route; a little scenery wouldn’t hurt; too much engine and tyre wear, bad roads and bad fuel economy is best avoided (driving own car), but high highway speeds are welcome; planning to drive in one or two days, possibly stopping along the highway to get some sleep (spots with night temperatures of around 20°C are welcome, and so are spots where you can get some shade during the daytime). Also, last, but not least, it wouldn’t hurt if the route has some T-Mobile USA UMTS, EDGE or GPRS coverage (without classified as roaming).

As far as Google Maps go, it seems like all three routes are roughly the same, in both the time and the distance, so, looking for some more feedback. For DEN⇆SLC, I’ve so far taken I-80 once when eastbound and I-70 w/ US-6 once when westbound (I’ve only had one SLC⇆DEN trip).

Best summer driving Route from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Houston Texas

We are driving a 1999 Toyota 4-runner with 200,000 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah to Houston, Texas in 24 hours. We will be having a 5×8 U-haul attached to the Toyota. We don’t know whether to go up I-80 to Laramie. Or go south on I-70 through the mountains to Denver. We cannot take a lot of mountain roads, because of the weight of the U-haul.

In the Shackled City, what is the relevance of the polymorphed Otyugh?

In section M4 the party encounter an otyugh polymorphed into an ogre. The encounter is straight to combat, so there is no real way of knowing it is anything other than an ogre, but a dispel magic reveals the true form.

I don’t know 3rd edition, and am reading this because I am trying to convert it to 5e, but what is the relevance of the polymorph, is there something I am missing as to why this isn’t just an ogre, and how are the party supposed to find this out at a time when it could be of any use?