Would this be a feasible way to play out a clan feature?

I was considering whether some point in the future, for a Malkavian character, a feature could perhaps be implemented for a game (maybe a oneshot): that there would be multiple players to just one character, to represent the character hearing different instructing voices.

When it comes to the character actually doing something, there would be a dice roll to see who got the highest – and whoever got the highest, is who would get to direct what the character does that turn (a bit like the “Everyone is John” game, but with vampires).

Would that be a doable mechanism to put in place, or, from perhaps the perspective of people more experienced with this game – would it just be too impractical or even game-breaking?

How many families constitue a Major Clan in Legend of the Five Rings

In Legend of the Five Rings, a list of families is presented for each Major Clan. There are some in the source book (usually 4 or 5 for each Clan), and some others in additional books.

However, does that mean that every samurai in a Major Clan belong to those families? Or does that mean that those families are the “big ones”, but they are several other families in the Clan?

i.e. can I make up a NPC last name at the top of my head without having to check the validity of the name?

I have read through all the lore information in Legends of the Five Rings 4th Edition core book, but could not find the answer to this.