What rules can I use to emulate a W20 wendigo’s clan werewolf with V5 rules

I make a scenario using vampire the masquerade V5 rules where I want that my players face a wendigo’s clan werewolf as those werewolfs are in werewolf the Apocalypse W20 (the werewolf have characteristics of a neonate equivalent for werewolf for his powers). Since in V5, they only give rules for “basics” werewolf, I have to adapts those power from my W20 book.

The problems are that I am not so good to homebrew things, so if I can use vampirics powers that work the same way, I prefer to use them; and that I’m not very good to understand some of the W20 rules (maybe because I am too much influenced by vampire V20)

I have some ideas (e. g. use blood sorcery rituals used to track someone to emulate the feature that make wendigos so dangerous), but I think that the experience of peoples that have way more experience in this domain can only make it better.

How to roleplay vampires that are really representative of their clan?

As a storyteller I want to play my NPCs (or SPCs to take the way that the V5 use) in a way that help my players to know which clan are they. To make that, I use clich├ęs and Compulsion of the clans, but it make me feel like it’s the wrong way.

So here I am to ask this question:

How to roleplay vampires that are really representative of their clan?

By VTM 5e, are the Kindred in the VtMB2 clan reveal trailers breaking any Camarilla laws?

For reference: As of this question being posted, the current released Bloodlines 2 clans are – Brujah, Tremere and Toreador (not counting Thin-blood).

This is prompted by how I saw a theory in the comments of one of the reveal videos, speculating whether the Kindred who appear in these videos might actually be the intended blood-hunt targets for the thin-blood pc.

They cited the following things as why they thought so:

Brujah – Very unsubtle looking cases of arson and murder which could attract some undesired attention

Tremere- Very messy blood ritual

Toreador- Filming herself eating/murdering someone

Whether or not the theory is correct (that not being the topic/question here – just context), the Toreador at least, I do agree is likely doing something they shouldn’t with making what is essentially a snuff video.

I’m not too sure of the severity of that by itself though, if she’s not actually distributing it (I don’t know), or about the others as they seem more of-norm.

So, my question is, with it in mind that the game does actually draw heavily and specifically from VTM 5E (even mentioning the fall of the Pyramid):

By the rules set in the VTM 5e rpg, are any of the kindred in the VtMB2 clan reveal trailers actually committing any violations/breaking any laws of the Camarilla during them?

Would this be a feasible way to play out a clan feature?

I was considering whether some point in the future, for a Malkavian character, a feature could perhaps be implemented for a game (maybe a oneshot): that there would be multiple players to just one character, to represent the character hearing different instructing voices.

When it comes to the character actually doing something, there would be a dice roll to see who got the highest – and whoever got the highest, is who would get to direct what the character does that turn (a bit like the “Everyone is John” game, but with vampires).

Would that be a doable mechanism to put in place, or, from perhaps the perspective of people more experienced with this game – would it just be too impractical or even game-breaking?

How many families constitue a Major Clan in Legend of the Five Rings

In Legend of the Five Rings, a list of families is presented for each Major Clan. There are some in the source book (usually 4 or 5 for each Clan), and some others in additional books.

However, does that mean that every samurai in a Major Clan belong to those families? Or does that mean that those families are the “big ones”, but they are several other families in the Clan?

i.e. can I make up a NPC last name at the top of my head without having to check the validity of the name?

I have read through all the lore information in Legends of the Five Rings 4th Edition core book, but could not find the answer to this.