Does the cool-down of the Invisible Fist monk alternate class features start when the ability begins, or when it ends?

Invisible Fist is a fantastic pair of monk alternate class features, and a pretty good justification for taking 9 levels of monk in a ninja-like character. Both activate as an immediate action, and have the clause “You must wait 3 rounds before you can use this ability again”.

But are these 3 rounds counted from the activation of the ability, or is it 3 rounds from when the ability deactivates?

I think it would be the former, since you “use” the ability as an immediate action to activate it, but I would like to know if there is some precedent going one way or the other.

This is most relevant for the blink ability, because if your Wisdom is 16 or higher you could have a permanent blink effect by overlapping the durations, but it’s important to know for the 1-round invisibility ability, too.

CNN Predicting One Class and Accuracy Getting Stuck

My model is a binary classifier.

With the same exact architecture, the model sometimes gets high accuracies (90% etc), other times it predicts only one class (so accuracy is stuck at one number the whole time), and other times I get a loss value of “nan” (either too big or small that the loss value is not a number I’m guessing).

I’ve tried simplifying my architecture (down to 2 conv2D layers and 2 dense layers), seeding my kernel initializers with a random number (2), and changing the learning rate, but none of these actually solves the problem of inconsistency (they may help the model train to a high accuracy once, but if I run it again without changing any code, I get a very different result of either unchanging accuracy because it predicts only one class the whole time, or “nan” loss).

How can I fix this problem of: 1. Model having unchanging predictions for the whole run (predicting only one class the whole time). 2. Inconsistent and unreproducible results (when aforementioned issues come and go with no changes to the code) 3. Randomly getting “nan” loss values. (How can I get rid of them permanently?)

Thank you!!!!

Should this class be immutable?

Say I have a class that is used to monitor the size of a directory. Currently it can only monitor the size of a single directory:

public class DirectoryMonitor {      private final File absolutePathToDirectory;      public DirectoryMonitor(final File absolutePathToDirectory) {         this.absolutePathToDirectory = checkNotNull(absolutePathToDirectory);     }      public BigInteger getSizeOfDirectoryInBytes() {         return FileUtils.sizeOfDirectoryAsBigInteger(absolutePathToDirectory);     } } 

Would it be better to have it able to monitor the size of any directory?

public class DirectoryMonitor {     public BigInteger getSizeOfDirectoryInBytes(final File absolutePathToDirectory) {         return FileUtils.sizeOfDirectoryAsBigInteger(absolutePathToDirectory);     } } 

I prefer the first example since it’s immutable: an instance of DirectoryMonitor can only ever operate on one directory throughout the instance’s lifetime.

Removed class use still throws errors

In system.log, I keep receiving the error main.CRITICAL: Class Magento\Framework\EscapeHelper does not exist. I’ve removed/changed all references to this class, and when I grep the website the only result returned is the system.log file itself. What could be causing this?

I’ve blown caches, generated code, and static content to bits with no success.

Running Magento 2.2.9

Erro ao incluir a class no arquivo index assim não consigo instanciar ela [PHP]

Olá tenho dois arquivo o INDEX.PHP que se localiza na raiz do projeto e o Arquivo SYSTEM.PHP que se localiza dentro da pasta LIB.

Resumo do Arquivo INDEX

<?php    define('APP_ROOT', 'home');   require_once 'config/Bootstrap.php';   require_once 'lib/System.php';   $  System = new System();   $  System->start(); 

Resumo do arquivo SYSTEM

<?php    namespace lib;   require_once 'Router.php';   class System extends Router {     Aqui contem o method **START**    } 

O php retorna o seguinte erro: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘System’ not found in ‘Meu diretorio’

Já dei um var_dump exists_file no caminho direto da INDEX para o caminho lib/System.php e retornou TRUE, o caminho está correto mas pq não encontro a class?

How to use Filter property of SPOSitePropertiesEnumerableFilter class

I would like to know how “Filter” property can be use. This is a string value but I do not see any example anywhere on how to use this property.

I would really appreciate if someone can share some working examples here. Also would like to see what all types of filters I can do with “Filter” property.

C++ pattern for compile-time configurable class functionality

Due to resource limitations (embedded), I want to make some functionality that a class provides optional. The decision to include this optional functionality should be made at compile time.

For example, I have a simple pool-based memory allocator, which has optional statistics support. The statistics support should be available for x86 and ARM debug builds, but not for ARM release builds.

The following code is an excerpt from the current, C-based implementation, showing the kind of interaction between the pool itself and a conditionally included statistics member struct:

struct fmpool {   // ...   #ifdef FMPOOL_SUPPORT_STATISTICS   fmpool_statistics stats;   #endif   // ... }  int fmpool_alloc(fmpool *pool, void **alloc_block, size_t alloc_size) {    // Do the allocation    #ifdef FMPOOL_SUPPORT_STATISTICS   selected_pool->stats.blocks_used++;   if (selected_pool->stats.blocks_used > selected_pool->stats.blocks_used_peak)   {     selected_pool->stats.blocks_used_peak = selected_pool->stats.blocks_used;   }   debug_log_pool_info(selected_pool);   #endif    // ... } 

I am not sure which pattern fits this use case best, but would like to unclutter the code of the allocator by removing the statistics code from the allocator itself.

In addition, the code is horribly cluttered with #ifdefs, so it is desireable to reduce the interaction between allocator code and allocator statistics code as much as possible.

Creating a character, is Noble a class or a background?

I am getting back into D&D after about 15 years. Reading through the Players Handbook it refers to Noble as a class but it is found in the Background section.

Super novice question and I apologize, but I am trying to clear up my misunderstanding.

Is Noble a class, or a background? Of both? Meaning could I have (dumb example) Tiefling Druid with Noble background? Or would it just be a Tiefling Noble?

How can I replace a feat that I received as a class feature

I took 2 levels of Monk, for Invisible Fist and free Improved Trip from Passive way. The latter gave me the quite unusable Combat Expertise.

Is there a way to replace it? I know the Dragonborn template makes it possible to replace a feat for a Draconic feat. Unfortunately my DM does not let me become one.

How else can I replace a feat obtained from a class?

Official 3.5 material only. Dragon magazine is not accepted by my DM.