What would a Warlock understand from written spells outside of their class, via Eyes of the Rune Keeper?

This related question asks if you could transcribe a ritual spell to the warlock book via the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation regardless of spell lists, and the answers were generally “yes, but you can’t tell what the spell is”.

This other one asks if you had the Eyes of the Rune Keeper invocation, “could you cast a scroll of a spell outside of your spell list?”, and the answer, using a quote from Crawford, was that you cannot cast the spell since it was out of your spell list (but it did not state if you could actually read the scroll).

By this point, you can probably guess where I’m getting at.

The description of the Warlock eldritch invocation, Eyes of the Rune Keeper:

You can read all writing. You can comprehend any written word or symbol, should it hold any linguistic meaning.

The rules on scrolls outside of your spell list:

If the spell is on your class’s spell list, you can read the scroll and cast its spell without providing any material Components. Otherwise, the scroll is unintelligible.

Can I understand magical literature that is normally outside of my class list if I have the Eyes of the Rune Keeper?

What would I be able to identify from a written spell with Eyes of the Rune Keeper?

Note: I am not asking if I can cast spells outside of my class with the invocation; I am asking if I can understand the nature of the scroll/spell, even if I can’t cast from it.

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Does the UA class variant Ranger Companion Options gain the Rangers proficiency bonus as per the PHB Ranger’s Companion?

It is unclear to me how to reconcile the UA enhanced class variant Ranger Companion Option with the Beast Master Ranger’s Companion feature rules in the PHB.

Specifically, in the case of a 5th level ranger who chooses a Beast of the Air, would the Ranger add her proficiency bonus (3) to the beasts AC, attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, skills?

If yes, then what would the resulting stat-block look like for a Beast of the Air companion for a 5th level Beast Master Ranger.

Does armor proficiency from class also give the Ability Score increase from the proficiency feat?

Old school RPer coming back after long gaming hiatus and new to D&D 5e. Liking what I see, and happy to be rid of ThAC0, lol. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to what I’m about to ask, but figure I’d ask anyways to make sure I didn’t miss something in the new system. Sorry if this is clearer to others or was addressed previously.

As I’m reading it seems feats are a little different now and fewer and further between when leveling, so I’m guessing they’re more valuable than they used to be. Going through the feats list I noticed that a lot of the feats also give an Ability Score increase and I have a question about those increases. (Example: Moderately Armored feat gives proficiency in medium armor and also increases STR or DEX by 1.)

IRC in the old system if you were proficient in an armor type you effectively had the armor feat for it. My question is, does a class in D&D 5e that starts with proficiency in medium armor have the Moderately Armored feat and get the Ability Score increase from above example? Or is the feat totally separate and they can just wear the armor but don’t get the Ability Score increase unless they take the feat?

Is the Alchemist class presesented balanced? [closed]

If I need to be specific on balance definition.

  • Will this break my game?
  • Are there ways to optimize this class to break my game?
  • How does this compare to a similar class, say wizard?


This class was to big to simply copy/paste into this tiny text box so I am forced to provide a link.

What is the history of the Artificer class for 5e?

The artificer class has been published in several articles which aren’t well connected and several confusing differences between them. It’s really confusing when others talk about Artificer subclasses which the version one person is familiar doesn’t have.

Therefore: what is the release history of the Artificer class for D&D 5e? What are the major differences between the releases?

The goal with this Q&A is to put this information available in one place, to be used as a pointer and to help identify which version someone is working from

How does increasing PCs’ wealth beyond the WBL table affect power disparity between character class tiers?

It’s well-known what happens when characters get less gold than they are supposed toaccording to the wealth-by-level (WBL) guidelines. Basically, the well-known power disparity between casters and non-casters becomes even stronger: money is Fighter’s access to magic, and magic is true power in Pathfinder. Without magic, the Fighter has significantly less power.

However, what are the consequences of the party getting significantly more money than it’s supposed to? E.g. doubling WBL, so a level 4 characters would get 12.000 gp worth of valuables instead of only 6.000.

Of course, this will make the affected characters more powerful, and they will require harder challenges to have meaningful encounters. But will the power disparity be affected in any way?

Is there a way within the rules and options to selectively remove or lose a specific class feature?

A player selects a class or prestige class.

Then they realize that a specific class feature (Ex) doesn’t fit the character concept.

Ignoring it is insufficient, the player wishes to eliminate it.

Are there any existing rules, powers, spells, items, or other options in 3.x that would accomplish this? The retraining rules and rebuilding rules in PHB II don’t have an option for this.

Is there any way to improve ability score without items, only with spells or class features?

I found a few, but they are all bad, like true Polymorph to improve ability scores (but I lose class features), does someone know any way to improve ability scores without losing class features, and without using magical items, only spells and class shenanigans? temporary and permanent increases are welcome my objective is improve warlock damage from lifedrinker

is there any way to improve ability score withitout items, olny whith spell or class features?

I found a few, But all is bad, like true polimorph to improve ability( but i lose class from game statistics,), someone know any way, to improve without lose class from game statistics, and without use books and tomes only spells and class shenanigans?

I think wish spell it’s a bad way way, but it’s a way.