SP 2010 Site Collection Migration to SP 2013 On-Prem to SP 2016 On-Prem to SP 2019 On-Prem | Moving from Classic to Modern Pages

I am new to an organization that is making the move from SP 2010 to SP 2013 to SP 2016 to SP 2019. These are all on-premise versions. The site collection has almost 3500 sites. There are lots of customizations – webparts that include more content editors that point to both jquery and html files.

For testing purposes, a team upgraded from SP 2010 to SP 2013. Nothing broke – yet. My concern is when they migrate to SP 2016, and the modern pages are turned on – content editor webpart does not exist in modern pages – SPFx rules. What happens on those pages where content editor webparts have been used for purposes of pointing to files? Is there a document for the best practices?

how to use media queries with javascript in my web parts – classic mode

I have a site that is using the pnp responsive and the webparts are responsive. But i’m using a jquery (easypaginate.js) in the webpart.

When i resize my webpart how can i dynamically change the step option to show only 3 li items when i resize the screen to let say 500px using (media queries) @media (max-width: 500px)

Below is the default setting options

$  ('ul#items').easyPaginate({         step:7,         nextprev:false,         numeric:true     });  } 

I want the step to be 3 when i go on a smaller screen. Thanks in Advance

Embedding Microsoft forms in SharePoint online to show (Questions and Responses) – Classic mode

I would like to use the Microsoft forms for a quick poll on an intranet (Classic mode) and was wondering if there is a way to redirect the user to the responses page/link after a survey or poll has been submitted? Or a way to have the questions and responses tabbed side by side?

Any resources or tips would be appreciated

Modern Team Site document library page in SP2019 does not show Exit classic experience option

I am working with SharePoint on prem 2019 and have a team site created in modern experience where several document libraries have been added. When site is accessed and document library link is clicked from quick launch, it opens up in modern UI. Once return to classic sharepoint is clicked, it takes to the classic experience. Once on the classic UI page, I do not see ‘Exit Classic experience’ link on the lower bottom left to go back to modern ui at all.

What could be the cause of this, can someone please assist, thanks in advance.

SharePoint Classic view via URL parameter

Is it possible to force SharePoint to use Classic experience with URL parameters?

(For example https://companyname.sharepoint.com/Lists/ListName/AllItems.aspx?ClassicExperience=True)

There is a Bookmark list that we uses on a daily basis, but some of our custom developed pages are not properly showing in the Modern experience, and our colleges have to click on “Change back to old SharePoint” link every single time.

There is a link that leads to the Classic SharePoint:

<a class="LeftNav-notificationLink" role="menuitem" data-bind="attr: { href: $  data.url, target: $  data.openInNewTab &amp;&amp; $  data.openInNewTab() ? '_blank' : null, tabindex: $  component.isLeftNavVisible() ? 0: -1, 'aria-label': $  data.altText }, visible: !$  data.show || $  data.show(), click: $  component.onClick.bind($  component), automation: $  data.automationId, automationType: 'Link'" href="#" tabindex="0" aria-label="Kattintson vagy nyomja le az enter billentyűt, ha vissza szeretne térni a klasszikus SharePointra" data-automationtype="Link"> <span class="LeftNav-linkText" data-bind="text: $  data.text">Vissza a klasszikus SharePointra</span> </a> 

Modern Document List in classic site with Iframe

I am currently building a document management site, and I decided to go with classic experience so I can add custom scripts to my site but I decided to use Modern Experience for a document list (basically because it’s faster and overall better looking). Problem is you can’t have a modern Document List as a web part in a classic experience page if you have a script editor in that page. So I decided to open my document list in my classic experience page with iframe and it worked pretty good!

There’s only one thing I need to complete. I need to hide the Details Pane of the document list (that’s a request). I know that you can’t add scripts in a modern list but maybe with the iframe I can access the button with a querySelector and hide it using Javascript. Problem is I tried doing that a million different ways but even if I manage to hide the button in the browser’s console I can’t get it to work in a script. Any ideas here?

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