How to manage the Notification under the upper “Notification” area inside our sharepoint online classic team site

I am not sure how we can manage the notifications which are shown under the Notification area:-

enter image description here

For example we have our “Site Pages” library linked to managed metadata column (named “Category”). so when users add new modern pages they can link them with the managed metadata column, as follow:-

enter image description here

we got a request from our customer, asking that when a News modern page is created and this modern News page is linked to a specific term inside the “Category” property, to show this action inside the Notifications section. so can anyone advice on this please? is there a way to define when notifications should be shown for users?

Of course i am not talking about users’ alerts, i am referring to the Notification section as shown in the above picture. Thanks

Lightroom Classic 8: RAW->DNG only converting SOME photos

I’m using Lightroom Classic CC 8.0. I have a library with 75,427 photos in it, which are a combination of .NEF, .ARW, other files (.TIF, .jpg,.png, etc), and now .DNG.

I selected every file in the library, told it to convert them all to DNG (and delete the original when done and all that jazz).

However, it seems to skip a lot of the photos.

The progress bar is almost done with its 24-hour processing of this task, and when I look in the masters directory I see 26,832 DNG files and 31,692 NEF files. BS it’s almost done.

I’ve done this on smaller scales too: I’ll select one directory, tell it to convert them to DNG, and it’ll convert half of them. If I do it again on the same directory, I’ll get more. After a couple passes it’ll finally convert them all.

Why doesn’t it actually convert them all and how do I get it to do it the first time?