how to make sure your wordpress is clean of any old files from previous themes so you can install a new theme

with no issues from past themes/plugins. The goal here is I am planning to install a premium theme for my existing WP site and use Divi Plugin So far I’ve tried contacting Bluehost but they just did a ‘scan’ or something so I don’t know if they understood what I meant. I’m relatively new to WP. Tinkering for about 2 years. I’ve tried google searching and irrelevant articles pop up. When searching this site I got 0 results. Hope I’m articulating my question well.

Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

Why are you selling this site?
This is what I do most of the time. I usually build starter sites and sell them.

How is it monetized?
Given that this website costs virtually nothing to operate, any revenue made is pure profit. Analyzz is a SaaS platform. Therefore it can be monetization through either subscription or advertisements. At the time, Analyzz has two paid plan for its users. You can either add more plans or edit them through Analyzz's admin panel.

There is an…

Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

Is it possible to attach oracle database file after clean install

I had an Oracle 10g instance on my Win2008R2 server. Unfortunately, the server crashed and we had to re-install the operating system on C: drive. The oracle files are on other drives except than C.

The other drives (except C) are restored from disk backups. I don’t have dump file, I only have oracle data files such as USERS01.DBF and the oracle control files.

Now I am trying to find a way to install oracle again on the server but I am just wondering about how I can attach the current .DBF files to the new oracle instance? Is this possible? If so, how can I attach the current .DBF files to Oracle?

Currently there is no "OracleService" on services.msc and no listener as well. But previos oracle was installed on F drive so I still have the oracle binaries and data files on F drive.

Really appreciate if you can provide any information on this.

What is a ‘clean’ way of getting the output required?

I need to aggregate the total for when the case when statement returns true. But I need to do this per partition. My data looks something like this:

Product|Variation_code|Total_product_variations|Discount_code A      | x21          |          3             |     OFF A      | x22          |          3             |     LIQ A      | x23          |          3             |     NON B      | x4           |          2             |     LIQ B      | x9           |          2             |     LIQ C      | x34          |          4             |      C      | X36          |          4             |     OFF C      | x39          |          4             |     NON C      | x37          |          4             |     OFF 

I want the total count per product where Discount_code = ‘LIQ’

I have tried CASE WHEN(Discount_code = 'LIQ' then 1 else 0 end) AS total_liq but it returns 1 or 0 in each row.

Similarly, COUNT(CASE WHEN Discount_code = 'LIQ' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)AS total_liq returns a bunch of single 1’s like so:

Product|Variation_code|Total_product_variations|Discount_code | total_liq A      | x21          |          3             |     LIQ      |    1      A      | x22          |          3             |     LIQ      |    1 

There is a group by 1,2,3,4,5 at the end of each of these. How do I go about achieving this?

I can’t roll variation_code into product or filter as I need to be able to see them later.

Exporting models from Crocotile3D to Unreal Engine 4 (.obj). Texures are always blurry. I want crisp, clean textures

Can anyone help me? I am exporting models with textures (.obj) from Crocotile3D to Unreal Engine 4. I want them to be crisp and clear, as in the left image (Crocotile editor), but only get blurry, as in the right image (Unreal editor). Whether I export the model at scale x 1 or greater doesn’t make any difference. My textures are 16×16 pixels.

I have watched endless videos and tinkered with settings but been stuck for two days. Any help or advice will be much appreciated!

Crocotile3D,, Unreal Editor, Crocotile Eport Settings

Delta Search staying in system even after clean install

The picture is of a Dell KB522 multimedia keyboard. I have just made a clean installation of my system with windows 10 and installed chrome with ublock. By pressing the “internet” key (the multimedia key above F1), my default browser will open. Now, this is getting tricky.

If my default browser is Edge, it will open edge as many times as I press this internet key.

If my default browser is chrome, it will open chrome one time with a blank tab but as soon as I hit this internet key a second time, chrome will navigate to delta-search dot com.

The drivers for the keyboard are the default keyboard driver from windows. Adware removal tool by TSA will find only the history entry and cache of delta-search after I hit the internet key mutiple times in chrome.

Question is, where does it come from? Is my chrome/google account the problem?

This is already happening for years. I switched my setup several times over the years, even had a complete hardware switch where I went from AMD to Intel but the kind of keyboard is the same.

Dell KB522

Can any tools/tactics produce a higher confidence in a clean system than Microsoft Security Scanner?

In the process of trying to recover data in bulk from what I assumed was a failing hard drive, Windows Security kindly notified me it had found a handful of malicious items among the recovered files. I immediately nuked that secondary drive, but for a few items it reported either “Remediation Failed” or “Item removed or restored from quarantine”.

I did a full scan, then an offline scan, and a full scan in safe mode with Security Scanner, all of which found nothing. I have not seen any symptoms that match the items it detected, and have read that those two concerning reports are a common artifact of manually deleting items it found.

My finger is hovering over the “nuke it from orbit” button anyway, but for now I think this an interesting question: Obviously nothing can guarantee it, but what tools, techniques, or combinations thereof that can produce a higher confidence than just running Microsoft’s tools in sequence? Perhaps some combination of tools run on a Linux CD/USB?

Can Prestidigitation “Clean” Salt Water?

I have a very clever player that uses Prestidigitation for many useful things and one of the questions he asked me the other night is if he could use Prestidigitation to clean the salt out of the water. I wonder if water that has salt in it would be considered dirty. If I were to allow the cantrip to clean water in such a way am I forgetting another spell that would be tossed to the side because of this cantrip?

Ideal technique for ensuring a refurbished phone is clean of malware

I’m thinking of buying my next phone refurbished rather than new, since I can easily get something that meets my needs for a lot cheaper. But one concern is whether something might get surreptitiously installed on the phone before it gets to me.

The phone will be an Android of some description (haven’t picked a model yet, but leaning towards a refurbished Samsung S8).

Once I get the phone, what’s the ideal way to ensure that it’s completely clean. I’m planning to at least do a factory reset, but I’m looking for other things I can do to ensure that the image being used is clean (e.g. getting an image direct from the Manufacturer and use it as the recovery image).

I’d like to be able to get this down to a reasonably solid checklist of precautions and checks to perform.

Threat-model wise, I’m more concerned about malware here than nation-state actors, so I can live with being unable to protect against possibilities that require a highly sophisticated and well resourced adversary (e.g. hardware implants).