ClearLinux on Openstack

I’m having trouble getting ClearLinux to work on OpenStack.

From their download source, based on their sites download page & documentation, I’ve tried clear-29690-cloud.img, clear-29690-cloud-native.img, clear-29690-live-server.img, and clear-29690-live-server.iso after running it through conversion. I can’t tell if this is something specific with clearlinux or not.

Their documentation states the one for OpenStack is the cloud-img file.

I was given this documentation on how to convert an image to a raw format by the maintainer of the internal cluster, but even after converting I’m still running into either “Booting from Hard Drive” or “Boot failed: not a bootable disk – No bootable device”.

After trying these images, I run openstack image create --private --disk-format raw --container-format bare and have passed the images themselves and the qcow2 images over. I would think the images would be in their proper formats and that I may be doing the step of converting them to qcow2 types needlessly, but in all scenarios nothing works and I’m having the worst of luck here. Any help would be appreciated.