Touch pad mouse click – always get a “right click” menu. How do I “left click?”

I am normally a Mac user, but bought a Lenovo IdeaPad yesterday to use for volunteer work at a non-profit organization. I am used to a touchpad, but when I single click, I am getting a pop-up menu, as if I “right clicked.” I am finding this very frustrating and would love it if someone could give me a simple answer (as I do not speak Computer.) Thank you!

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Magento 2 controller redirect on button click in phtml file

I want to redirect customer using controller when button is clicked in one of my phtml files.

So far I got, controller:

public function execute(){     return $  this->addToCart(); }  public function addToCart(){     // some logic     $  this->_redirect('checkout/cart/index'); } 

The above is working fine (redirecting) when you access the controller via URL (

And here is my .phtml file:

$  ("#addToCart").click(function(){ let controllerUrl = "<?php echo $  block-getUrl('batchorder/index/addtocart'); ?>" $  .post(controllerUrl, { "products": JSON.stringify(sideCart.SideCartProducts) }) 

The post request returns my logic as it should, however, it is not redirecting. Anyone can help?

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Why does it take so long when I click on the filename in the window title?

When I click on the filename of e.g. TextEdit, to change the file name and select where it is saved, it always take 1-2 seconds until the selector thingy pops up.

That has always been like that for me. It’s a bit annoying. I don’t think it’s a bug on my system. Maybe I’m wrong.

Why is that interaction so slow?

Does anyone else experience that?

Download any type of document and Print it on button Click

I am trying to download and print any type of document file on download button click. I have SharePoint Custom Form on that form I have one button and file URL at back end. Once the end user click the button the file URL which I have that file should get download and print using jQuery.

Or your suggestions are most welcome.

Please provide the solution.

Thanks in Advance.

click debug memory graph button using apple script failed to get the button

this is the button in accessibility inspector: enter image description here this is my code

    tell application "System Events"     tell process "Xcode"         activate         click button "Debug Memory Graph" of group 2 of splitter group 1 of group 2 of splitter group 1 of window 1     end tell end tell 

when i run the applescript code, encounter this error “error ““System Events”遇到一个错误:Cannot get“button \”Debug Memory Graph\” of group 2 of splitter group 1 of group 2 of splitter group 1 of window 1 of process \”Xcode\””。” number -1728 from button “Debug Memory Graph” of group 2 of splitter group 1 of group 2 of splitter group 1 of window 1 of process “Xcode””

How can i to make it right?

Change input value on click when there is more than one paragraph

There are two fields on my paragraph.

  1. A number field
  2. A text field

I want to change the value of the text field when I click on the number field.

Here’s my script so far which is only good on the first paragraph because of field_my_content_paragraph_field[0]:

/**  * @file  * Javascript behaviors.  */  (function ($  , Drupal) {    "use strict";    /**    * Handle paragraph fields on the node edit form.    */   Drupal.behaviors.myBehavior = {      attach: function (context) {       $  ('input[name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[0][subform][field_my_number_integer_field][0][value]"]', context).on('click', function () {         var myNumberFieldValue = $  ('input[name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[0][subform][field_my_number_integer_field][0][value]"]').val();         var myInputTextFieldValue = $  ('input[name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[0][subform][field_my_input_text_field][0][value]"]');          switch (myNumberFieldValue) {           case '1':             myInputTextFieldValue.val('A');             break;           case '2':             myInputTextFieldValue.val('B');             break;           case '3':             myInputTextFieldValue.val('C');             break;         }       });     }   };  })(jQuery, Drupal); 

When there is a second paragraph on the node, the field names for the second paragraph are:

name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[1][subform][field_my_number_integer_field][0][value]"  name="field_my_content_paragraph_field[1][subform][field_my_input_text_field][0][value]" 

How can I loop through the paragraphs, (or is it the DOM at this point?) so the text field value of the paragraph I’m in is changed on click?