Will Googlebot click a button/link to reveal AJAX content?

my client has to inform it’s customers about some new regulations that the Googlebot should NOT crawl. It is not possible to place this information on a separate page and disallow Google to crawl it. So the idea is to place a button/link on the page, that will AJAX-load the corresponding information only when the user clicks it. My assumption is, that Google is unable to click the link and crawl that specific AJAX content.

Am I right? And if yes, is there an official documentation that proofs my point on this?

Chrome Malware, Redirects To Ad When I Click Link in Google?

I’ve been dealing with this Chrome malware for awhile now, and I can’t identify where it’s coming from. Very occasionally, when I click on a top link in Google, it’ll redirect me to a site that looks like this (always the same green circle with the text “Loading”), and then to adware. The redirect is located at a new domain every time, but it’s always the same green circle. Can anyone help? I only have uBlock Origin installed and I installed it via the Chrome Store. I’m on OS X Mojave. Malwarebytes turns up nothing (PUPs enabled).

dynamically create elements on button click

I’m using create guten blocks to create a custom block for my theme and I need to create a list item with an onClick.

<script> function addItem() {   var ul = document.getElementById("ul-item");   var li = document.createElement("li");   var input = document.createElement("input");   input.type = "text";   li.setAttribute("id", "li-item");   li.appendChild(input);   ul.appendChild(li); } </script>  <ul id='ul-item'>   <li id="li-item"><input type="text" value="" /></li> </ul> <button onClick='addItem()'>Add Item</button> 

see the fiddle https://jsfiddle.net/j2yp7ub9/

something like that I just don’t know how to do it in CGB and can’t find anything using google.

Instagram Phishing: “Look – I Made This Just For You – Click Here”

I manage a somewhat popular Instagram page with ~5000 followers.

Recently I’ve been getting a ton of the exact same direct message from various followers:


I Made This Just For You – Click Here

This took me about 2 hours to make. They came out really nice. I hope you love them.

I just made this for you, I hope u like it.

instagram phishing

They’re all people who have legitimately messaged us in the past. In some cases the usernames have been recently changed and/or the account’s pictures have been deleted.

The link contained in the message is:


The url also has a &ure= parameter that maps to a instagram.ftpe7-3.fna.fbcdn.net resource. This seems to be how they bring up the account’s profile page on the fake login screen.

How are these Instagram accounts being hacked?

What is the goal in sending our account these direct messages? What happens if you are unfortunate enough to click the link?

We’re being careful with DM links and two-factor authentication is enabled for this account.

How can we prevent these spam messages?

Is there anything we can do to safeguard or report our hacked followers?

Change Template view of proucts on click button with javascript woocommerce

I use woocommmerce and i have two template view for products (content-product.php) and (contentcarousel-product.php) . in (archive-product.php) per defaut display first template like this

<?php wc_get_template_part( 'content', 'product' ); ?> 

I created two button like this with onclick event with javascript

<button onclick="Viewone()"> view 1</button> <button onclick="Viewtwo()"> view 2</button> 

I want when click button 1 display first template per defaut and when click button 2 display second template.

How i can do this with javascript and php

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Making submenu expand on click

I was able to solve it I am trying to have my "about" and "rooms" dropdown to be able to only expand when clicked on and displaying a small arrow similar https://www.syracuse.edu/ in their "Info For" dropdown. When tabbing through it can work as is.

Also I noticed that in when tabbing through the menu and tabbing backwards (shift+tab) it dosnt go back up the dropdown why is that? Another issue is when I shrink the window to display the quick menu and tabbing through the menu it skips the…

Making submenu expand on click

How can I have a Token with a Macro on Click

I would like to add a token (legend button) to the world overview, which allows to click another token and show a description of the place.

So far I have created a token (A), which has a token macro (as a character-sheet ability):

&{template:default} {{name=@{target|Select a Location|token_name}}} {{@{target|Select a Location|bar1} [Click Here To Learn More](@{target|Select a Location|bar1|max})}} 

On the map I have Tokens (B) with the link to a handout in bar1_max.

This allows the players to click token B (which, they do not have control on) and to show a text in the chat, which when clicked shows a handout.

My current token is working the following way: click LegendButton (token A), click token action (in token macro bar), click location (token B), click link in chat-window &rightarrow; open handout with location description.


  • Can I have the same, but when clicking the token B to show the Handout (no longer showing the link in the chat and having to do this additional click)?
  • Can I have token A to activate a macro onClick, so that the players do not have select the token and then to click the macrobar action (I am not a paid customer at roll20)?