Opening SP Document library upload Form on a button click using JS/JQ

I am working with SharePoint 2019 on prem. On one of the pages, I have content search web part added which shows documents results from a library as a search solution. On the same page, I am looking to add a button/link on the click of which, I would like to open up Document library upload form like below.

enter image description here

So basically just want to make sure that user can upload the files from the same page using this, not sure if its doable from JS perspective.

Can someone help please.

Thanks in advance.

How to fix ‘File not found” when I click error messages(locate the error line quickly)?

I’m debugging my code with vs-code, and the console shows me the warnings.But when wanted to click the warings, vs-code tells me can’t find my file. I find it misspliced the path, but i don’t know where i can setting it.

I installed the c/c++ extensions(0.24.0-insiders2) and vs-code 1.35.1.

Here is my settings.json:

 {         "files.associations": {         "cstdio": "c"     } } 


{     // See     // for the documentation about the tasks.json format     "version": "2.0.0",     "command": "g++",     "args": ["-g","$  {file}","-o","a.out"],    // 编译命令     "cwd":"$  {workspaceRoot}",     "problemMatcher": {         "owner": "cpp",         "fileLocation": ["relative", "$  {workspaceRoot}"],         "pattern": {             "regexp": "^(.*):(\d+):(\d+):\s+(warning|error):\s+(.*)$  ",             "file": 1,             "line": 2,             "column": 3,             "severity": 4,             "message": 5         }     } } 


{     "version": "0.2.0",     "configurations": [           {             "name": "C++ Launch (GDB)",                              "type": "cppdbg",                                        "request": "launch",                                     "targetArchitecture": "x86",                             "program": "$  {workspaceRoot}/a.out",                                "miDebuggerPath":"C:\MinGW\bin\gdb.exe",              "args": [],             "cwd":"$  {workspaceRoot}",                  "stopAtEntry": false,             "externalConsole": true,                                 "preLaunchTask": "g++"                             }     ] } 

and c_cpp_properties.json:

{     "configurations": [         {             "name": "Win32",             "includePath": [                 "$  {workspaceFolder}/**"             ],             "defines": [                 "_DEBUG",                 "UNICODE",                 "_UNICODE"             ],             "compilerPath": "C:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe",             "cStandard": "c11",             "cppStandard": "c++17",             "intelliSenseMode": "clang-x64"         }     ],     "version": 4 } 

Here is the error message: Unable to open ‘_01.线性表顺序存储.c’: Unable to read file (Error: File not found (c:\Users\Xu Bai\Documents\vscode_workplace\c:\Users\Xu Bai\Documents\vscode_workplace_01.线性表顺序存储.c)).

The right path should be “c:\Users\Xu Bai\Documents\vscode_workplace_01.线性表顺序存储.c”

So how i can fix it, thx.

How to implement HTML with SVG to PDF on click of a download button at client side in IE(Internet Explorer)

Scenario: I’m trying to download a portion of a page in PDF format upon clicking download button.

I’m using HTML2 framework for conversion. since our page has html and SVG elements, to support in IE(Internet Explorer) we are converting SVG to PNG by using canvg and save-as-png frameworks.

We are able to generate the PDF but the performance is very low, It takes around 45 – 50secs on IE.

Suggest if any other approach is feasible for this scenario. And to improve the performance as well.

We are using Angular7. The current approach : Take a snapshot of the page and then convert it into a PDF.

Requirement : The downloaded PDF should have selectable text and images. Clarity of the PDF should be good.

Even if there is any solution in Java please do comment.

what is touchpad equivalent to mouse middle button click

Ubuntu 19.04

A mouse middle button click on any window top title bar will lower window so it goes behind all other open windows yet stays open … How to perform this action without using a mouse ? I have tried every combination with touchpad to no avail

three finger tap on touchpad on window top boarder does nothing

I was hoping to find help here … alas no

Android Accessibility: Click When Pointer Stops On Websites

I have a disability that requires me to use the Interaction And Dexterity: Click When Pointer Stops accessibility setting on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. Unfortunately, this setting (in combination with the Assistant Menu) does not allow me to click on hyperlinks. While you can use Assistant Menu: Cursor to move a second pointer that does click links, it is virtually impossible to do this with any degree of accuracy.

Is there any way of using the same pointer for navigating the UI and navigating web pages? I have tried using the Samsung Internet and Google Chrome apps without success.

See: Assistant Menu

¿como agregar una clase que haga una transicion suave al hacer click en un boton que muestra mas texto?

Lo que quiero lograr es un efecto menos duro cuando se muestra el texto, agregar una clase con alguna transicion o animacion para que el texto aparesca de a poco y no se vea tan duro, estoy usando React y quiero crear esta clase para el componente Tour, la info esta en el p tag no se si deberia agregar la clase al parrafo o al boton que esta en el span y que transicion seria la adecuada.

import React, { Component } from 'react'; import './tour.css';  class Tour extends Component {     state = {         showInfo: false     }      handleInfo = () => {         this.setState({ showInfo: !this.state.showInfo });     }      render() {          const { city, img, name, info } = this.props.tour;          return (              <article className = "tour">                 <div className ="card">                     <img src = {img} className = "img-fluid card-img-top" />                     <span className = "close-btn">                         <i class="fa fa-window-close" aria-hidden="true"></i>                     </span>                 <div className="card-body">                     <h3>{city}</h3>                     <h4>{name}</h4>                     <h5>info{" "}                     <span onClick = {this.handleInfo}>                         <i class="fa fa-arrow-down" aria-hidden="true"></i>                     </span>                     </h5>                     {this.state.showInfo && <p>{info}</p>}                 </div>                 </div>             </article>          );     } }   export default Tour;