Roblox get part player clicked

How can I get the part a player clicked on? I am trying to make a tool that will need to determine if where you clicked is part of a model with a humanoid or not. What is the most efficient way to do this? player:GetMouse().hit can get the location of the part the player clicked, but how can I get the object the player clicked on? Also, I need it to work on filtering enabled. I don’t want to use click detectors either. Click detectors don’t work with tools and I am not going to insert click detectors in every part. I also want to ignore parts that have a value object in them to determine whether to ignore them or not.

Chrome recently randomly downloaded a file (20bytes long) when I clicked on a normal link on reddit(is this a virus)

I clicked on link and chrome randomly downloaded a file and it went to my downloads folder .. I didn’t click on it I just deleted it.

I started searching for any random like files and came across something called “Enlightened” that has an magnifying glass as the icon, said it was created right around the time the file was downloaded, and it is a .lnk file… I am unsure of what to do with this, how can I investigate it further?

How to enable, disable depending on the text clicked?

I am displaying integers which are mapped to boolean datatypes. I created a click function, which change a local variable, which I use to property-bind it with the disabled-property of a button. It does work. If the value is false every button is disabled, true and every button is enabled, but I want to disable AND enable button depending on the integer.

I need to change the click function and maybe the mapping but I do not know exactly what to do..

In the app.component.html I have following code:  <p *ngFor="let item of items" (click)="buttonStatus(item)">   {{ statusMap[item.status] }} </p> <button [disabled]="!isValid">Button1</button> <button [disabled]="!isValid">Button2</button> <button [disabled]="!isValid">Button3</button>  In the app.component.ts:  statusMap = { 1:false, 2:true, 3:false };  items = [{status: 1}, {status: 2}, {status:3}];  isValid = false; buttonStatus(item){ this.isValid = this.statusMap[item.status]; } 

So every button is either disabled or enabled, but I want to have some enabled and disabled depending on the integer of item.status. For example: Clicking on item with the status 1, the first and the third button should be disabled BUT the second should stay enabled.

I appreciate your help! Sorry I had to display “In the app.component.html I have following code:” and “In the app.component.ts” because of the new structure on this forum.

how to set a session variable when a link is clicked?

I have created a search block. It outputs multiple results (names) as links. User can follow the link. How can I pass the user name into $ _SESSION variable?

I tried doing this, result shows page not found error.

 'name' => l(t($  n['name']),'edit_details',array('query' => array('uid' => $  n['uid']))) 

in the hook_menu I gave

$  items['edit_details/%'] = array(); 

i have passed the value into session variable using this

$  _SESSION['id'] = $  _GET['uid'];