RDP Credentials dialog box takes too long to accept credentials after clicking ‘OK’

We recently deployed Win 10 and when we try to RDP to another Win 10 it takes approx 20-25 seconds for Credentials dialog box to disappear. So again, its the dialog box of credentials that take time to disappear after I hit OK not the connection

Any idea what may be causing this weird behavior ?

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Meaning of clicking on colored text in google translator

Please, I want to ask you, what does mean when you try to translate a word in google translator, then you can click on translated word and chose other translated words with similar meaning. For example, when you translate ride from English to French, you get in translation – balade, promenade, monter, tour, trajet. Balade is the primary word, but when click on it, you can choose other one (for example promenade), the text changes colour to orange. I want to know what the clicking on it means. I want to know if I did/submitted something when I clicked on it or it did nothing (maybe I also clicked on button improve this translation – but I did not submit any improve of translation). My point is if I submitted something with my account or not.

Please, answer me only if you are 100% sure.

Thank you, Stanley

Disable “right click relase” from clicking options on right click menu

I have a problem, when I right-click and a menu pops up, I instantly move my mouse over the menu, sometimes that fast, that the release of the right-click actually clicks on the action below the cursor. I suspect that this happen because on a mac you can right-click and choose from the menu, or hold the right-click and then release on your options. I do not really like the second behavior, which also caused problems for me since I sometimes have deleted things or made actions that I wasn’t aware of. Is there a way to disable this behavior?

“system cannot find the file specified” error when clicking on code Editor in InfoPath form

I am migrating InfoPath 2007 to 2010.There were issues in connecting the form to the code. So I removed the code and added the code again and built the form. But if I close the form looks like, the connection to the code is lost again and when I click on Code Editor, it says
“system cannot find the file specified” Eveything works fine when i upload the form to CA, issue is only with loosing connection to the code.

Guide to Bitcoin: Buying, Mining, Gambling, Claiming & Clicking…

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Guide to Bitcoin: Buying, Mining, Gambling, Claiming & Clicking…

When clicking on document, not prompting with ‘Read-only’ or ‘Edit’

The problem is that when trying to open a document to edit it, usually it prompts you with ‘Read-only’ or ‘Edit’. I have rights to edit the document, but it the prompt does not show up. My colleagues do not have this problem. We have Office 2010 and Internet Explorer 10.

Kindly can you help me please?


Why upon clicking actionResult the control goes to Get part and not post part of the action method?

I have this method in controller.

[HttpPost]         public ActionResult ChangeStatus(int id)         {             try             {                 using (UnitOfWork uwork = new UnitOfWork())                 {                     InspectionReportDAL = new InspectionReportDAL();                     User user = (User)Session["User"];                      InspectionReport InspectionReport = uwork.InspectionReportRepository.GetByID(id);                      if (id == 1) //Reviewed                     {                         InspectionReport.CheckedBy = user.UserID;                         InspectionReport.Status = (byte) id;                     }                     else if (id == 2) //Approved                     {                         InspectionReport.ApprovedBy = user.UserID;                         InspectionReport.Status = (byte)id;                     }                     else if (id == 3) //Issued                     {                         InspectionReport.IssuedBy = user.UserID;                         InspectionReport.Status = (byte)id;                     }                      uwork.Save();                      return RedirectToAction("Index", "InspectionReport");                 }             }             catch (Exception ex)             {                  return View();             }          } 

I am calling it using action link, from an Edit view which uses an action method in the same controller

@Html.ActionLink("Review", "ChangeStatus", new { id = 1 }, new { @class = "btn btn-success" }) 

Controller name is InspectionResult.

When I click the ActionLink, it goes to the ChangeStatus method but the Get’s one not the post’s one.

 [HttpGet]         public ActionResult ChangeStatus()          { return View(); } 


 public class RouteConfig     {         public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)         {             routes.IgnoreRoute("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}");              routes.MapRoute(                 name: "Default",                 url: "{controller}/{action}/{id}",                 defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "Login", id = UrlParameter.Optional }             );         }