Clicking on an Enterprise Wiki Category link only returns the current page

In Sharepoint Online, I have an Enterprise Wiki that I created using CSOM.

I have a term store and on each page there is a Categories section which shows terms: enter image description here

When I click on one of these, I would expect to see a list of all the pages with the same term/category. But I only get 1 result: The page itself:

enter image description here

I can add new terms to the ones that were created with CSOM but they behave the same.

Using the Term Store Manangement Tool everything looks normal: enter image description here

Why don’t I get the list of pages that I expect?

How to get value from popup window to parent window by clicking from database selection?

Originally it was like this and it worked until the crawlers no longer supported it, and even the return No. after the click I got there:

<scriptlanguage="JavaScript"type="text/javascript">var retVal=""var valReturned;function openModal(){

How to get value from popup window to parent window by clicking from database selection?

Why do I see a continious black screen after clicking on ‘Install Ubuntu Server’

Here’s the problem, I’m trying to run Ubuntu Server 16.04 32bit to use it as a VM on manjaro. However everytime I boot the iso and click on the ‘Install Ubuntu Server’ button I get a black screen; no text, no command line just a solid black screen.

I’ve tried re-installing virtualbox and have downloaded the iso from Ubuntu 3 times now, with all of them giving me the same result 🙁

the iso file name is ‘ubuntu-16.04.6-server-i386.iso’

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

SP 2013 Blog Page Shows List when clicking on Blog Post

I have been asked to fix a SP2013 Blog site created by my boss. The issue is that when you click on the title of a specific blog post from list view, it simply shows the list again on load. The expected action is to view the details of the item selected.

I have not tried to delete the blog because it’s actively used with about 125 items. Is there a way to edit the part specifically so that when clicking the item you see just that item?

Any help is appreciated.

How to get the actor to follow the mouse while clicking and holding?

I am trying to do the top down project from scratch.

I can already get the actor to move toward the mouse click:

enter image description here

Only I need to keep clicking several times to change its path and keep walking indefinitely.

I would like to know how to keep it moving while I hold the mouse button.

In the previous version (4.21) this code below fit perfectly, so I managed to do that (the condition was a variable that only became false when I released the mouse button):

enter image description here

But now I can’t make this connection (4.22).

I searched for some functions and even searched the new documentation for this loop (While Loop), but nothing worked.

Link (While Loop BP UE4):

Player Blueprint:

enter image description here

16.04 Unity can’t find new desktop launcher (which works with double clicking)

I’m struggling with adding desktop launcher to system for Matlab R2019a. Prior installed .desktop for R2017a, R2018a work perfectly. Double clicking the R2019a.desktop load the application without issue. Just can’t find the launcher icon in Unity search. I can also drag the .desktop to anywhere I want.

I’ve compared file attributes, they are the same.

Please shed some light on how to troubleshoot issue like this.

Locked content before clicking CTA

We want to increase our conversion rate, so the marketing team suggests to use the pattern when information is locked before the customer clicks CTA. I actually don’t know how this pattern is called and if it’s a promising idea, so I’ll appreciate any information about your experience, some reading or research, thoughts. Is it considered as a dark pattern?

Exampleenter image description here

How show a value when clicking on a table row

I am a beginner with sharepoint and typescript, I have a table and I want when i click on a line, a result is displayed, i should do it with javascript ? or is there a way to do it with typescript? my problem is there, I don’t know if I have to introduce Javascript for this kind of action or typescript has its own method to do it this is my table

  private _renderList(items: ISPList[]): void {   let html: string = '<table class="TFtable" border=1 width=40% style="border-collapse: collapse;">'; html += `<th>Catégories</th>`; items.forEach((item: ISPList) => { html += ` <tr>  <td >$  {item.Categorie.Title}</td>  </tr> `; });  html += `</table>`; /* html+= `<ul class="$  {styles.list}"> <li class="$  {styles.listItem}"> <span class="ms-font-l">$  {item.Question}</span> </li> </ul>`;*/   const listContainer: Element = this.domElement.querySelector('#spListContainer'); listContainer.innerHTML = html;  } 

SharePoint : Unable to resize image as it is getting Selected on clicking it

In SharePoint 2013, when I am trying to resize image in page (Not image web-part).

When I click on the image, it gets selected so I am unable to resize it using dragging the end points(dots on border of image).

Image renditions option is used in this page. Is this is a reason? If this feature is enabled, can’t we do manual resizing?

Can anyone help me, why this is happening?

I am a beginner to SharePoint.

Note: I am able to resize from Image tab in ribbon.