Unable to See Network Clients during Deauth Capture Issue

bit of a general question here, would hope to learn more about exactly what is going on technically.

I’m attempting to test and capture a handshake from my own AP (an older Apple Airport router).

I’ve used various tools from airgeddon to wifite to fluxion to manual airodump-ng and the weird thing is: I cannot see a single client connect to the AP.

But my laptop and two mobile devices are connected. I’ve even disabled/enabled WiFi on the mobile device during a fluxion passive listening attack, mdk3 doesn’t work, nothing sees any clients.

I’ve also run the same experiment on a new Airport Extreme AP, and it captures just fine and sees clients.

For this, I’m using an ALFA adapter with the Ralink RT3070 chipset (802.11b/g/n) @ 2.5Ghz.

I’ll boot up the Nano which I just got recently next, but just curious as to WHY various tools are unable to see clients, therefore unable to deauth (or even passively listen) to ultimately capture the CAP

Connecting clients with UDP and WebSocket connections

I’m in the process of making a physics intensive multiplayer game. Naturally I use a UDP to transfer packets regarding rigidbodies between client and an authoritative server.

However non-essential packets I’d prefer to use a more reliable connection like WebSockets. This would be for things like voice chat, text chat, scoreboard, etc. It also seems the be a nice approach to checking if the client is still connected and if not, stop sending it UDP packets.

I’m actually unable to find use cases of this dual connection approach online and I was wondering how this is typically handled in similar games. Is it very far fetched or unconventional?

Another question would be how far do I take relying on the WebSocket connection? Lets say for managing remaining bullets in a guns magazine, would it be better over UDP or WebSocket?

I feel like WebSockets would be best in this case because if the bullet was successfully spawned and the server needs to remove a bullet from the client’s gun’s magazine, if that packet doesn’t arrive at the client, then they shot a free bullet…

The UDP equivalent for this scenario would be to always send the client’s magazine state as packets and the client just updates it’s magazine whenever the packets get to them. My concern here is overloading the network traffic data that might not have even changed…

Real Delivery Custom Work Order For My regular Clients for $1

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How do email clients “send later” without storing a password?

Email clients like Spark for macOS have a feature where a user can send an email later, at any given time, even when the computer is turned off. An SMTP server needs a password based authentication, though.

Does that mean that if I use Spark to send an email later, my password gets sent over to Spark servers in plaintext, so that they can authorize on the SMTP server later? Or is there a different method?

Acquiring Failing Hosting Companies with Clients

I am once again looking to acquire startup hosting companies that can not cut the work if you have started a hosting company and can not keep up to the costs or can not successfully manage it then let me know.

For the past 10 years, we have acquired more than 60 "Fly By Night" hosting companies that had clients who have prepaid for service and did not know they were about to lose out. We successfully transferred all of those clients to our network and still host their sites today. We know…

Acquiring Failing Hosting Companies with Clients

Should I buy nonsense domains just to make sure my clients don’t visit a misspelled domain?

Take this scenario.

I have my new website to be published (It’s called buysteel.com), It will have about thousands of client’s visiting my site every month, I would like to protect them around and at the site. Is it worth buying nonsense domains that just have the function to redirect them to the right domain?

For example I buy these domains also:

  • buyssteel.com
  • buyysteel.com
  • buysteeel.com