In a multi-player game where one player becomes invisible, is the data about the invisible player sent to the enemy game clients?

In my 3d FPS game, there is a feature where a player could have it’s character become invisible for some time. The character is only invisible, they’re still there and can move around: the other players can try predict where they are and shoot them, and if they succeed the invisible character becomes visible again.

I’m worried about cheaters using aim bots and I’m wondering how I should handle the invisible characters in this context.

Does anyone else get paid to host their clients’ websites with a host?

It's just come to my attention that nobody else is doing this. So I am sharing the love… disclaimer: maybe eventually there could be something in it for me ;P

I host the sites I build for clients with a host that pays me to do so. (rev share)

It doesn't make a fortune but it all adds up. Passive income after project handover.

Over the last 8 years I've built just over 100 small business websites in UK.

I'm not going to advertise on here for them but I can put anyone in…

Does anyone else get paid to host their clients' websites with a host?

online platform where clients and skillful freelancers can be connected remotely.

Why are you selling this site?
I need money to start develop a new project.

How is it monetized?
It is a marketplace for clients and freelancers. It has Notification, Message Board, Milestone payment, Support Ticket and Offline Bank payment Options. Beside Paypal and other options.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
Within a few minute.

What challenges are there with running this site?

How can I reach clients who need CUSTOM web applications? [closed]

I want to offer web application solutions to businesses to help streamline their operations. I want to avoid the now flooded market of e-commerce sites, Wix websites, WordPress sites, etc. My skills aren’t necessary for a website that could be easily created using modern drag-n-drop website creators. The question is, how do I enter that market? The clients who seek more complex web applications are likely going to be big companies or smaller companies with a lot of money. They will be looking for developers with a lot of experience. I have no real-world experience but am confident in the skills I have learned. How can I even gain this real-world experience in the first place? I could certainly find local clients who need simple static websites, but that wouldn’t help me find the clients who need more complex solutions, right? Another factor to consider is that I am 16 years old and will be working by myself. How can I ensure clients take me seriously? I don’t mind offering cheap work at first, but clients will assume that my cheap prices must mean that my services aren’t good.

TL;DR: As a solo, 16-year-old web developer, how can I find clients who need more complex custom web solutions? How can I market myself as someone who offers software solutions for businesses that will actually help streamline business operations—not just static websites. How can I gain the credibility to be taken seriously as such a young developer?

How to increase number of open connections for mongoDB from clients (C#)

mongoDB v4.0.4 >> replica set of 3 nodes (not sharded)


su - mongo7937 No directory, logging in with HOME=/ $   ulimit -Hn 1048576 $   ulimit -Sn 1024 $    cat /etc/pam.d/common-session | grep  cat /etc/sysctl.conf | grep fs.file-max 

changed to

su - mongo7937 No directory, logging in with HOME=/ $   ulimit -Hn 1048576 $   ulimit -Sn 64000 $    cat /etc/pam.d/common-session | grep session required  cat /etc/sysctl.conf | grep fs.file-max fs.file-max = 2097152  sysctl -p 

So earlier my max number of connections were limited to 818 which is 80% of 1024. As per recommendation from mongoDB documentation I’ve increased the limit to 64000 but still when mongo c# client reaches max open connections to 818, my mongoDB abruptly stopping.

Is there working command set for c sharp driver to limit number of connection client end ? because whatever we tried is not working, can someone share if that is working for you.

Else can someone tell me the right steps to limit number of open connections from mongoDB side and at server user level.

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Enabling TLS and TLS-MA simultaneously for different clients of a Oracle DB

We have a requirement where we want to enable TLS-MA for some of the clients connecting to a specific Oracle database while the other clients can continue to use TLS with server certificate.

  • We are using Oracle 12.c in our environment.
  • Clients are connecting using the jdbc thin driver

I am an Oracle noob and i am not able to understand the documentation here

Will it work if i create 2 listeners; one with SSL_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION=TRUE and another with SSL_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION=FALSE

Store cookies for multiple sites on remote server and connect from multiple clients

Would it be secure to:

  1. Store all my website cookies (stack sites, webhost, github, web-based email, etc) on a remote server (using an customized open-source VPN or something)
  2. Login to the server with password + 2fa (and maybe have a trusted devices list?)
  3. Keep the cookies only on the server… never actually download them to any of my devices
  4. When visiting, for example, my server would send the cookies to stack exchange, get the response, and send it back to me, but REMOVE any cookies & store them only on my server

Benefits (I think):

  1. I could keep diverse and very strong passwords for every website, but don’t store the passwords anywhere digitally (keep them on paper in a safe at home or something)
  2. logging in to all the sites I use on a new device only requires one sign in (to my custom VPN server)
  3. Only cookies would be stored digitally, so if anything went wrong server-side, my passwords would be safe & I could disable all the logins through each site’s web-interface

Problems (I think):

  1. If the authentication to my custom VPN is cracked, then every website I’ve logged into would be accessible
  2. The time & energy & learning required to set something like this up.

Improvement idea:

  1. When I sign in to the server the first time, the server creates an encryption key, encrypts all the cookies with it, and sends the encryption key to me as a cookie. Then on every request, my browser uploads the key, the website’s cookie is decrypted, then the request is made to whatever website I’m visiting. Then only one client could be logged in at a time (unless the encryption cookie were stolen)
  2. Encrypt each cookie with a simple password, short password or pin number
  3. An encryption key that updates daily (somehow)
  4. Keep a remote list of trusted devices, identified by IP address? Or maybe by cookie?

Why not just sign into the browser and sync cookies across devices?

  • Signing into Firefox mobile & Firefox on my computer doesn’t give the cookies to Twitter’s or Facebook’s web-browsers (that frustratingly always open first instead of taking me to my actual browser!)
  • It’s not as cool?
  • That would require me to trust a third-party (of course, I’ll ultimately have to trust my web-host to some extent)

Multiple clients sites were de-indexed from yahoo/bing – what is going on?

In the last few days I have had multiple client sites de-indexed from yahoo/bing and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Some sites were done completely white hat and others were black hat sites with completely different themes, owners and linking strategies done. Has anyone else had their site de-indexed from yahoo/bing recently? If so please post the details here so we can figure out what is going on.