Missing network functionality on Clip Studio Paint (Wine)

I use Clip Studio Paint through Wine 4.15 and Playonlinux on an Ubuntu 19.04 machine.

And while it works great locally, there are some features that require network access that just plain don’t work, such as login in, the assets repository or auto coloring functions.

Launching it just leaves the part that should have web content blank, but it doesn’t show an error saying it is offline (like it does when I do not have internet)

I don’t know if I’m missing a dependency or if there is something else I need to configure. Link to the pastebin with the debug log: https://pastebin.com/NffBbHRj

Người tung clip “nóng” của nữ nhân viên spa có thể đối diện hình phạt nào?

Như đã đem tin cẩn, mới đây gian Cảnh sát sao ảnh sự (tiến đánh an TP. Hà Nội) hãy hấp thụ một trình báo mức chị P., nữ viên chức đơn spa tắt trên địa bàn Hà Nội tố cáo kẻ xấu vẫn phát lụn khúc clip "tây riêng" của chị và bạn trai.

liền sau đấy, ảnh hình và thông tin cá nhân chủ nghĩa của chị P. liên tiếp bị cạc trang số phận chia sẻ với tốc kiếm dày phương diện.

hệ trọng tới li chuyện trên, đàm luận đồng PV, chuyên gia pháp lý Nguyễn Gia Hải tỏ tường ý kiến: Quyền con người là quyền căn…

Người tung clip "nóng" của nữ nhân viên spa có thể đối diện hình phạt nào?

1000 Organic Traffic on your Clip for $3

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How to do statistic from voice clip and csv file

I want to do the statistic analysis based on the dataset. I have research about this, I found that someone use pandas import the csv file to do the statistic. I don’t know how to write the coding. This is the example dataset and have the statistic inside the website https://keithito.com/LJ-Speech-Dataset/. How can I do my own statistic similar to this website? Anyone can help me? Thank you very much

Как замедлить clip?

Всем доброго времени суток, недавно сидел над фичей, что бы закрашивать текст при скролле страницы.

По итогу вот что получилось


<div class="main-scroller">     <section>         <div class="nav">             <div class="nav__1">                 Заголовок 1             </div>             <!-- /.nav__1 -->             <div class="nav__2">                 Заголовок 1             </div>             <!-- /.nav__2 -->         </div>         <!-- /.nav -->     </section>     <section>         <div class="nav">             <div class="nav__1">                 Заголовок 2             </div>             <!-- /.nav__1 -->             <div class="nav__2" >                 Заголовок 2             </div>             <!-- /.nav__2 -->         </div>         <!-- /.nav -->     </section>     <section>         <div class="nav">             <div class="nav__1">                 Заголовок 3             </div>             <!-- /.nav__1 -->             <div class="nav__2">                 Заголовок 3             </div>             <!-- /.nav__2 -->         </div>         <!-- /.nav -->     </section>     <section>         <div class="nav">             <div class="nav__1">                 Заголовок 4             </div>             <!-- /.nav__1 -->             <div class="nav__2">                 Заголовок 4             </div>             <!-- /.nav__2 -->         </div>         <!-- /.nav -->     </section>     <section>         <div class="nav">             <div class="nav__1">                 Заголовок 5             </div>             <!-- /.nav__1 -->             <div class="nav__2">                 Заголовок 5             </div>             <!-- /.nav__2 -->         </div>         <!-- /.nav -->     </section> </div> <!-- /.main-scroller --> 


@font-face {   font-family: "Gilroy";   src: url("/assets/fonts/Gilroy-Bold.eot");   src: url("/assets/fonts/Gilroy-Bold.eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"), url("/assets/fonts/Gilroy-Bold.woff2") format("woff2"), url("/assets/fonts/Gilroy-Bold.woff") format("woff"), url("/assets/fonts/Gilroy-Bold.ttf") format("truetype"), url("/assets/fonts/Gilroy-Bold.svg#Gilroy-Bold") format("svg");   font-weight: bold;   font-style: normal; }   section {   position: relative;   min-height: 100vh;   width: 100vw;   background-color: #b4e7ff;   border: 1px solid tomato; }  .nav {   position: absolute;   top: 0;   left: 0;   font-size: 50px;   text-align: center;   width: 100%;   font-family: "Gilroy", sans-serif;   font-weight: bold;   min-height: 70px; }  .nav__1 {   position: absolute;   width: 100%;   text-align: center;   color: #3F3E3E; }  .nav__2 {   position: absolute;   width: 100%;   text-align: center;   -webkit-text-stroke: 2px #3F3E3E;   -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; } 


let windowHeight = document.documentElement.clientHeight,     windowWidth = $  (window).width(),     topDistance = windowHeight/100*12,     bottomDistance = windowHeight/100*70,     nav1 = document.querySelectorAll('.nav__1');    document.addEventListener('scroll', function () {      for (let i = 0; i < nav1.length; i++) {          getClip(nav1[i]);      } });   function getClip (element) {      let coords = element.getBoundingClientRect();      if (coords.y <= topDistance){ //когда заголовок за верхней "границей"          element.style.color = '#3F3E3E';         element.style.clip = 'rect( 0px, '+ windowWidth+'px, 0px , 0 )';      } else  if (coords.y > topDistance && coords.y < bottomDistance){ //когда заголовок в середине экрана          element.style.clip = 'rect( '+((170-coords.y))+'px, '+ windowWidth+'px, '+ windowHeight +'px , 0 )';      } else { // и когда заголовок пересекает нижнюю "границу"          element.style.clip = 'rect( 0px, '+ windowWidth+'px, '+ ((bottomDistance+130)-coords.y) +'px , 0 )';      } } 

Уважаемые знатоки, подмогните провести рефактор может, и есть ещё одна проблема, мне нужно как-то замедлить это поведение, то есть что бы клип медленнее работал что ли, но не через transition. Как я могу это сделать? И может как-то можно более универсально считать расстояния, чем это сделал я? Вообще в идеале, что бы clip работал на расстояниях по 25% снизу и сверху..

How client movement prediction syncs with server position to avoid a clip around collision?

I have searched a lot on stackexchange and on google, yet I have not found a satisfactory answer to this seemingly simple question.

I am making an online multiplayer game where the players navigate a 2d map with basic square obstacles. In this case I am making collision checks both on the client and the server, where the server broadcast everyone’s position once per second as authority. However, when making a sharp turn around a square, often times either the client makes the turn while the server clips, or the client clips at the corner while the server makes the turn. That is understandable considering the possible discrepancy between the position on the server and the predictive position of the client. How do online multiplayer games usually work around this simple yet crucial problem?

I understand that it comes down to a pixel perfect sync which isn’t possible, but how do other games navigate around this issue, to give a flawless collision experience?

What I am considering of doing:

  1. Increase the position broadcasting rate from 1 time per second to however high needed to accurately sync the positions (20/sec). I believe this is the solution most games are doing. This however, will drastically increases the load on the server.
  2. In my case, the game’s main mechanism isn’t the navigation (think MMO), so I am leaning towards only checking collision on the client side, and have a simpler collision check on the server to ban walk-through-wall hackers. This would relax the server from heavy collision operations which is nice too.

How to Fetch a Frame Number from Animation Clip

I’m trying to find out how to fetch the frame number from an animation clip accurately. I don’t want to get a value between 0 and 1 that shows as a percentage-as-a-decimal how much of the animation has played (example: 0.5 = the 5th frame of 10 frames) because it doesn’t seem to be accurate. This also seems impractical, so is there a way to accurately fetch a frame number from an animation clip?