make white background by clipping path professionally for $10

I am Professional (3 year Exp.) Photo Editor. I do any kind of photo editing for eCommerce shop. I always try to achieve customer satisfaction and good quality work and Complete the job quickly. I will remove image background turning it to Clipping Path. pure white, transparent or color background as per your guideline. Services I would offer : mage Clipping Path ( White background, Transparent Background & Color Background ) Multiple format image delivery Image Optimization for webshop ( re-size / crop ) free Please Message me first If the Images needs complex background removing like jewels, chains,small parts ant etc

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Dynamically adding SVG with clipping path

I’m trying to add an SVG path that’s clipped, with Javascript, but some of the pieces (specifically, the clipPath) aren’t working. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a comparison Codepen: working HTML version on the right, failed .js version on the right.

The relevant code:

var fieldShield = function() {     var svg = document.createElementNS("", "svg");     svg.setAttribute("style", "height: 100%; width: 100%; position: absolute;");     var clipPath = document.createElement("clipPath"); = "fieldClip";     svg.appendChild(clipPath);     var fill = document.createElementNS("", "rect"); = "fieldFill";     fill.setAttribute("x", "0");     fill.setAttribute("y", "0");     fill.setAttribute("width", "450");     fill.setAttribute("height", "450");     clipPath.appendChild(fill);     var path = document.createElementNS("", "path"); = "fieldShield";     path.setAttribute("d", "m395,20c0.910,57.6 0.857,115 0,173-0.833,55.5-3.60,98.8-28.5,133-29.9,40.8-79.8,70.2-144,99.2-64.2-28.9-114-58.4-144-99.2-24.9-33.9-27.6-77.2-28.5-133-0.857-57.6-0.910-115 0-173z");     path.setAttribute("style", "stroke: white; stroke-width: 3;");     svg.appendChild(path);     var use = document.createElementNS("", "use");     use.className = "divisions";     use.setAttribute("clip-path", "url('#fieldClip')");     use.setAttribute("xlink:href", "#fieldShield");     use.setAttribute("fill", "red");     svg.appendChild(use);      console.log(svg);      document.getElementById("svgHolder").append(svg); } 

Background Remove 15 Images By Clipping Path in Photoshop for $10

!!……15 Images For only 10 USD…..!! I am very experienced and quick.I will remove background from your images using hand made Photoshop clipping path. Background cut out.. White Background, transparent Background or any other BackgroundMultiple format image deliveryRe sizing is full FreeBasic touch up12 Hrs Super Fast DeliveryUnlimited revisions If Needed more service exclude the above details please feel free to sent a message Thanks in Advance

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