Can Gaseous Form be used to expand the area affected by Cloak of Flies

A warlock activates the Cloak of Flies invocation, optionally casts Armor of Agathys, then casts Gaseous Form. Cloak of Flies is not a spell, does not have an attack roll, and persists until dismissed. Therefore it should do damage to any other creature within 5 feet even when the warlock is a misty cloud.

Can the warlock expand the misty cloud so as to damage multiple targets and how large an area could be covered?

For reference,

Cloak of Flies You can surround yourself with a magical aura that extends 5 feet from you in every direction, but not through total cover. Any other creature that starts its turn in the aura takes poison damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

Gaseous Form You transform a willing creature you touch, along with everything it’s wearing and carrying, into a misty cloud for the duration. While in the form of a misty cloud, the target can’t attack or cast spells.

Is this Sentient Vine Cloak magic item balanced?

I’ve got a level 8 halfling Circle of the Moon Druid who really enjoys using quirky Wild Shapes at every opportunity she can get. I want to encourage the creative beast choices during combat, and give an alternative to the usual Ankylosaurus → Elephant → Triceratops spam that tends to happen as they get into higher levels.

My approach to a solution for this is a sentient vine cloak that would give an AC boost to Large or smaller creatures (which would work with the Wild Shapes she chooses) and a grasping vine perk that can be cast while in Wild Shape. Does this make the large or smaller Wild Shape beasts competitive vs. huge beasts while staying balanced for other situations?

Chlo’ifeltatoldos, ‘Chloe’
sentient magical cloak, requires attunement

Concept and Description:
While this cloak appears as a simple vine bush when not worn, is actually an old and lost fragment of the Fey Wild. If able to prove themselves capable, Chloe might be convinced to travel with and protect an individual. The vines wrap themselves around the bearer, adding a layer of protection as far as it can stretch. It will even lash out if it’s in trouble… or if it’s angry… or if it’s bored…

+1 AC to any large or smaller creature.
Chloe can cast Grasping Vine at 4th level, centered on itself with a save DC equal to 10 + your Proficiency Modifier. Chloe makes concentration saving throws for this using your Proficiency Modifier. Once this feature is used, it can’t be used again until finishing a short or long rest.

A few notes:

  • This would technically still allow the Grasping Vine ability while in a huge beast form (or any other time).
  • This could create a semi-double concentration situation, as Chloe could be concentrating on the Grasping Vine while the bearer could concentrate on something else.
  • The concentration check that Chloe makes is whenever the bearer is damaged. So there could be a concentration roll for the bearer, and one concentration roll for Chloe.

Convert Cloak of Displacement to a static bonus instead of disadvantage

One of my players has a Cloack of Displacement, which grants, for every round, monsters have disadvantage attacks against the player until the first attack hits.

What follows from that power, is that I have to ask the player for every attack, if the monster has disadvantage or not. That is an extra effort I don’t want to do; the information about whether or not he has a benefit is on his side of the table. (Note: as a DM I always ask “does AC X hit you?”)

So, we want to change the Cloak; instead of granting the monster disadvantage on their attack, the Cloak offers him, for every round, a bonus to AC, until he is hit.

Here is my question; what bonus should the Cloak give to the player?

Assume the player is a level 12 PC with an AC of 16. If we need to take the attack bonus of the monsters into account; assume a master needs to roll a 10 to hit.

Does Cloak of Displacement hide your character’s location or do others see two bodies?

Description for Cloak of Displacement (emphasis mine):

While you wear this cloak, it projects an Illusion that makes you appear to be standing in a place near your actual location, causing any creature to have disadvantage on Attack rolls against you. If you take damage, the property ceases to function until the start of your next turn. This property is suppressed while you are Incapacitated, Restrained, or otherwise unable to move.

Does that mean the cloak makes your actual body unable to be seen and projects an illusion of your body nearby, or are both bodies visible?

How do i redirect or cloak affiliate links?

Hello all.

I bought a domain name, which i use to point it to my affiliate link.

What i would really like to know is, if i was wanting to use one domain name to point to multiple affiliate links, how would i do it?

I want to create links like MYDOMAIN.COM/AFFLINK1 and MYDOMAIN.COM/AFFLINK2 etc etc???

………. /AFFLINK would be product name of my affiliate product.

Thanks again.