How to keep all the applications I’ve opened showing on my external monitor when I close laptop

I have a Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.4 with an external montior, I have set up mirrored display and made the external monitor my primary display.

When I close the lid the monitor goes black, as expected, when I press key to get it to light up again all the applications I opened while the lid was opened are not shown on the external monitor. If I open up the lid the monitors go black and I press a key I can see all applications on both monitors. As I hope to just come in, plug in my Macbook and see what I’m working on in my primary monitor it would be nice if I did not have to open up my secondary monitor to do so.

How to close a MdiForm right after opening it?

We can close a Mdiform by Me.close() written in a control like Button’s event.
Can we close a form right after opening it?

According to what I know after opening a form the pointer goes to Form.Load event.
I tried writing Me.close in Form.Load and Form.Activated but

I got error describing me.close won’t work while CreateHandler() event.

I am doing this because I created something like if say Public variable bool as Boolean = false then form won’t open.
I can put it before initializing form in mdi parent and it works for me but a form can be initialized from many different points. Like from MdiParent and from another MdiChild too and I have to put if bool = false then exit sub everywhere. If I can put it in the form then I can save some LOC.
Thanks in advance

macOS: Is there a way to force close a program as soon as it start?

I currently have the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on my Mac, but they have come up with the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity program saying that my programs will be disabled. The 40-day ‘grace’ period has now ended but I can still use my programs. I have tried lots of different fixes including Adobe Zii etc.

At this point I just want to run a program or script that will force quit “Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service” as soon as it tries to run.

“Out of memory” error… but nowhere close to out of memory


Since the most recent version of SER, I’m getting this message every day on a server I leave running 24/7.

This server has 16gb memory. SER is currently running at only 3gb. Total memory used by SER, CB, and all OS functions is only 5gb. The memory isn’t even 50% used, yet I’m getting this error every day.

Any idea what could be causing it?

SER is only running at 75 threads. I’ve recently run this same server on 150+ threads without any problems.

If I press “no” I get the SER crash dialog.

It seems one of my recent updates resulted in a memory leak, that’s the only thing that could explain this happening… I’m watching the memory now, after 5 minutes of running, SER is fluctuating between 200-300mb. How it goes from 300mb, to 3gb with the same projects running is the problem.

how to transmit commitment transaction (unilateral close) from lightning network channel

How would you transmit a commitment transaction from a lightning network channel instead of closing the channel? I am working on implementing a watchtower and I first need to simulate a double spend attempt. When I close a channel with lmcli closechannel, both nodes have the bitcoin available and neither has to wait for the time lock. Is there a command to get the node to submit a unilateral close commitment transaction where one of them has to wait for the time lock?

Mass and center of mass of lamina: $B={(x,y);x^2+y^2\le1,0\le y}$? I’m close to the answer but I’m missing something.

I’d like some help here because I can’t get the right answer. The lamina we are working with is defined by: $ B={(x,y);x^2+y^2\le1,0\le y}$ . Also the density function is “proportional to the distance of the point (x,y) to the x-axis”

I think here is where my mistake lies, for me density function is: $ p(x,y)=y$

Acording to the exercise center of mass should be: $ (Xc=0,Yc=\frac{3pi}{32})$

So I did this:

To find mass M I converted to polar coordinates. $ x=rcos(\theta),y=rsin(\theta)$

$ M=\int\int_Bp(x,y)dA => M=\int_0^{\pi}\int_0^1rsin(\theta)rdrd\theta=2/3$ .

Now with the mass we can find $ Xc$ and $ Yc$ . It’s easy to note that $ Xc=0$ with symmetry

$ Yc = \frac{1}{M}\int\int_Byp(x,y)da = > Yc=\frac{3}{2}\int_0^\pi\int_0^1rsin(\theta)rsin(\theta)rdrd\theta=\frac{3\pi}{16}$

But Yc should be $ \frac{3\pi}{32}$ , so I’m close but I’m doing something wrong.

Apps won’t close on Huawei MediaPad M5

Usually on Android, there is a button to show what apps are running the background – this isn’t a list of system processes (nor system apps), but user started applications (games). After we press the button to see the list of apps, there is often a button which closes all open apps. This should be familiar to everyone who uses Android!

The problem I have is, my daughter’s Hawaei MediaPad running Android Version 8.0.0 doesn’t persist the close. When we press the square button, we can see all running apps. If we close each individually or one at a time, return to the home page and then press the square button again, all the apps remain.

I tried with an app called Advanced Task Killer from the Play Store. By clicking boost (which means close apps), a progress bar was displayed showing it was killing each task, but again as soon as I open the list of running apps, instead of seeing an empty list which is what I expected, I see the same list of applications.

The only thing that kills the list is a restart of the machine.

Is there anything we’re doing wrong?