Class ability can be used “When you make your first attack”; is it before or after rolling the dice? [closed]

Barbarian Reckless Attack is one of them:

When you make your first attack on your turn, you can decide to attack recklessly…

When exactly “you make your first attack”??

  1. When you declare the attack / target.
  2. Before Rolling the Dice.
  3. After rolling the dice, but before knowing hit / miss.
  4. After deciding hit / miss, before rolling for damage.
  5. After damage is dealt.

P.S.: This is about the wording, not about the barbarian ability. It is included only as an example of the wording appearing in official text.

Necromancer PC Insisting On “Disguising” Undead Minions [closed]

I have a player who is a necromancer and insists on always keeping their risen dead “concealed” by use of large cloaks and masks.

Generally, this includes 4 skeletons and 4 zombies. The PC is very certain that if they took the time to scrape every ounce of flesh from the zombie’s bones that they will become odorless. A long while back, I gave this some thought and decided to allow it, lowering the stats of each zombie (primarily their hit dice). As the game has progressed, this PC wishes to now pad the 8 undead minions with some clothing to reduce noise of clattering bones, throw large cloaks on them to hide everything, and furthermore puts masks on each one to hide their faces and claims that no one will notice or care.

So basically, this PC has 8 cloaked “bodyguards” with masks who can’t speak or respond to anyone else, shy of being attacked. The longer this goes on, the more silly it becomes, walking into libraries with an entire host of undead cloaked figures with masks, having them wait in rooms or areas during lengthy social engagements, etc.

This PC is one of those power players who insists on a lot of far fetched theories and ideas that are always requiring me (the DM) to come up with possible scenarios or solutions based on these – while not wanting to say no to everything unless it’s unreasonable to me. I don’t mind this method of disguising undead minions in certain areas of the game, but some of the other players are starting to complain and I’d like to nip this in the bud and find a solution everyone is happy with before it gets too out of hand.

Is there a way to have NPCs react to this or have some kind of checks/saving throws to discourage this kind of behavior?

In this homebrew world, magic is rare and generally frowned upon by most people – as they are ignorant of it and generally fear it. Undead are not a common thing and are typically associated with evil if a populace has even ever encountered such a thing. The fallout from the undead being discovered would be rather large and potentially ruin the reputation the party is trying to build with the region they are in. Suspicious guards and the occasional person may ask them, but perhaps there is a better answer that I’m not thinking of that directly involves this not working due to their undead states or something. I don’t want to flat-out say that the PC can’t do this, but I generally forget about them when the party is in a city or somewhere that, if these were found out, would cause a lot of interesting issues, to say the least.

Engine and Networking question for a arpg/hack and slash game [closed]

I would like to develop an ARPG / Hack and Slash multiplayer game in the future. It’s supposed to be an isometric game. There should be several divisions so that players always encounter other players of the same level.

For example:

Division 5: Level 1-20

Division 4: 21-40

You should either come to a map through a server browser or, if none is selected via the browser, come across one randomly. Each map is the same size and looks only slightly different. At the edges of the map, the player should have the option of being ported to another map (to the edge of the map) through a hatch. The edge of the map is a safety zone.

My question would be: Which engine should I use? Unity, Unreal …

And what would be the best solution for networking? Dedicated server? ….

(The player should not be able to host their own server or create a lobby)

How to predict the next value in a table? [closed]

I have a table full of values. I want to know what the next values may be.

PostgreSQL cannot look into the future, but it can guess based on existing data.

I will not install any software or extensions.

I have not hooked this script up to a syringe full of poison which sticks me if it predicts the wrong number, nor will this mechanism be auto-trading on the stock market. I will not sue anyone if it predicts the wrong number. It will be used "for novelty purposes only".

What would be the most likely "algorithm" to stand the best chance of guessing the next value?

If I just do:

SELECT avg(integer_column) FROM table; 

I will get the average number. That seems like a reasonable guess, but it also seems a bit simplistic. It seems like it could do better than that, without getting into some kind of crazy, ultra-complex query.

How do I build this character? [closed]

I have an Idea for a Goliath character. Basically I want it to dual-wield lances without a mount and just charge in and hit with both weapons.
I’m newer to the game so I’m not so sure how to do this. I am Hoping to play a cleric. Is this even possible?
If a mount is a mount needed? If so how would damage for the charge work would it count damage for both lances in the charge.

It would start at 10 but I’d be willing until 15 – and I need to understand what feats I need to use to make this possible

Curse of Strahd for 2 Players, How to work with ressurection from a Story perspective [closed]

I plan rn with 2 of my best friends to play Curse of Strahd, 2 of them as players and me obviously as the DM.

I know that the Game is intendet to have 4-6 Players and not 2. I let them start at lvl 3 and max level will me 12 to 14.

But they will die probably since i don’t want to make it a cakewalk obviously, and i want to use a "either you let your character die and must make a new one, or you ressurect yourself and have to roll to recieve either a random dark gift or a madness you roll." every time they die.

But i am not sure yet how to make in RP, my first idea is that i let them wake up as Ghosts on a misty field where Strahd shows up and gives them a deal to ressurect them so they could die in the future for his amusement, but i also don’t want to reveal Strahd to fast, so i thought that maybe like a ghostly figur or some type of demon makes these ressurection deals, or this could be Strahd but in disguise to fool them, or not to reveal his intendity to fast. But i am not sure if that would be in character for Strahd because i want this "Ressurection dealer" be really cocky to the Characters.

Can someone give me some advice?

Software to manage AD&D characters [closed]

Is there some software out there (beside core rules) that does character management? Really what I am looking for is a way to fill out the sheet and remember the information so I can update it and print it out (and make a PDF copy) for the next session. Does this make any sense? Core rules has never really worked for me once you factor in the house rules and modifications.

How can a cleric get a familiar [closed]

I have a LV 1 Death domain Cleric and I want to get him a familiar so he can cast healing and damage touch spells at range, also because you can now have a baby gelatinous cube as a familiar.

A one level dip into wizard at LV2 would get me find familiar and shield which is a powerful spell choice for a cleric but my understanding is that though the wizard is a full caster so I don’t lose any spell slots I will lose spell progression as spell list is based on cleric levels not player levels.

I can take either the magic initiate or ritual casting feat at LV4 but that seems like a very weak choice as a +2 to main stat is huge.

Are there any other "better" methods to get my cleric a familiar ?

Solution for a large amount of user logins [closed]

I’m looking to build a site for a friend but it has to support user logins (with custom roles) in the thousands and this is where I’m stuck.

I’m looking to make it a static site hosted on netlify and netlify has an identity service that lets you have 1000 user accounts with roles in the free version and a bit more but at a big price jump of $ 99/month.

I also looked at auth0 because it offers 7k user accounts for the free tier but no custom roles and in order to get custom roles you need to upgrade to the next tier which actually cuts down the amount of accounts you can have to 1k.

I’m not sure how else to handle this many user accounts without a hefty price. I could maybe host a database on a cheap server but I feel like costs might get out of control with that as well.