Can I sell data that is displayed on a betting website in my own api? [closed]

If I was able to scrape the odds, events, date and other things from a betting sites public website, where anyone can access the information. Would I be able to sell this data in an API?

The betting sites would be the 10 most popular betting sites in the UK, and I would be getting information on all the matches in the biggest football leagues.

Could I be sued if I start selling this data, or am I allowed to as it’s publicly accessible and the only thing they can really claim to own are the odds, if they can even do that. The data would be sold as an API service where members pay monthly for a certain number of requests to the API.

How to expand all accordions on a web-page? [closed]

I have access to a web-page with accordions on it. I wish to print this web-page with all the accordion tabs expanded. Is there a way to do that?

Currently, the web-page can be printed with a maximum of one accordion tab open, which is how accordions work in general. There is no option to "Expand All" for accordions.

I am not a web-developer and do not wish to modify the web-page source code. I would prefer to have a plugin or extension that will allow me to print the page with all accordions expanded.

Question on support/deprecation status of browser plug-ins (not extensions) [closed]

I’d appreciate it if someone could provide confirmation or correction on what I found on the support/deprecation status of browser plug-ins that are enabled by NPAPI or PPAPI. Please provide feedback on each of the following:

  1. NPAPI plug-ins

    • As of 1st half of 2021, NPAPI plug-ins are deprecated in most major browsers including Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Opera, but several other browsers still support them. (link)
  2. PPAPI plug-ins

    • PPAPI plug-ins are supported by Chromium-based browsers, but the official support for PPAPI will be stopped on June 2022. (link)
  3. Apple QuickTime

    • QuickTime 7.x used to be provided as a browser plug-in, but the plug-in support was deprecated from Safari 12 in 2018. From QuickTime 10.x, the plug-in is not supported. Therefore, QuickTime plug-in is deprecated. (link1, link2)
  4. Adobe Flash

    • Adobe Flash plug-in is deprecated in most major browsers, but it’s still supported as NPAPI or PPAPI plug-in by several browsers forking Chromium or FireFox. (link)
  5. Prospect for plug-ins

    • Even after official support for NPAPI or PPAI reaches end-of-life, the plug-ins might be supported by browsers forking Chromium or FireFox, or other types of browsers for backward-compatibility.

Trying to get player movement from a class [closed]

I working on my game for the Ludum dare 48 game jam. I decided to learn raylib, the c++ version, to make a game. But my player code doesn’t even work. I have two files:

#include "raylib.h"  int main() {     const int windowWidth = 1200;     const int windowHeight = 720;     InitWindow(windowWidth, windowHeight, "Ludum Dare 48");     /*Player*/     Player ply;     /*end of Player */     int rot = 0;     int increment = 1;     SetTargetFPS(60);     while (!WindowShouldClose()) {         BeginDrawing();         ClearBackground(RAYWHITE);                  ply.yes(windowWidth/2, windowHeight-50, 30,30);         EndDrawing();     } } 

and player.cpp

#include "raylib.h" class Player {     public:     int playerX;     int playerY;     void yes(int x, int y, int sizeX, int sizeY);     void input();              }; void Player::yes(int x, int y, int sizeX, int sizeY) {     DrawRectangle(x,y,sizeX,sizeY, RED);     if (IsKeyDown(KEY_RIGHT)) {             x++;         }         if (IsKeyDown(KEY_LEFT)) {             x--;         } } 

I get the error:
cc1plus.exe: warning: command line option '-std=c99' is valid for C/ObjC but not for C++

it looks like a compiler error, not an error in my code, but when the class is removed the code runs fine.

Using CSS, how can I remove a Woocommerce grid from a specific page that has ::before & ::after inserted in it [closed]

Everything between the before and after needs to go

The specific page ID is 6329

I have tried different variations of the CSS below, but still can’t get it to work!

CSS used:

.page-id-6329 .products.columns-3 {       display: none !important; } 

and other variations on the same lines with no success. I think it has to do with the ::before and ::after, but have no idea how to write the CSS.

I am setting up a website that caters for retail and wholesale. The retail will show the normal category grid to the user, while the wholesale will have a special page where a list of products shown in a table. The wholesale page, as it is now, shows the category grid AND the table underneath. I just need to get the grid to disappear for that particular page.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

AdSense AMP – Near 5,000 page views and 0 impressions [closed]

As the title I’m getting near 5,000 page views without a single impression.

I’ve installed the AdSense auto ads code in the normal pages and showing ads normally.

Also AMP auto ads codes are installed correctly and in AdSense platform report showing me that the pages are getting views, but 0 impressions.

To check the amp version of any page on the website, add /amp to the tail of the URL.

Screenshots: Content Platform : AMP is ON :