Can someone help me with these ques? [closed]

1-What is the number of loops in the following for statement? for( int i = 0; i < n; i++ ) { // statement; }

a) Infinite loop

b) n

c) n – 1

d) n + 1

2-What is the returnValueType of the following method? public static _____________ myMmethod(byte x, double y) { return (long)x / y * 2; }

a) int

b) byte

c) long

d) double

3-Which two are acceptable data types for x? switch( x ) { default: System.out.println(“Hello”);

} a) byte and char

b) long and short

c) char and double

d) float and int

4-What is the value of str2 after the following statements are executed? String str1, str2, str3 = “Today is Wednesday.”; str1 = str3.substring(9, 18); str2 = str1.substring(0, 3);

a) Tod

b) Wed

c) Wedn

d) Is

5-What is displayed by: System.out.println(“1” + 2 + 3);

a) 6

b) 15

c) 123

d) a syntax error

Can monitor output be queried by a HDMI device? [closed]

Let’s say I have a monitor that is attached to devices via VGA and HDMI.

Is there the possibility that the HDMI device, when my source origin is the VGA one, queries the current buffer being sent from VGA (in other words, query current video)?

I think many factors that this is impossible from a HDMI input device (on top of them the lack of feature available – I did some research and I found out that HDMI queries stop at HDMI CEC, which only has packets for query monitor information), and the question sounds really stupid to myself and most likely for you as well, but I have no experience with video interfaces and I became paranoid regarding something.

How to get a VPN/Proxy to a specific city location? [closed]

I need my device location to read somewhere specific. All the sites I look at only have a limited number of servers and none are in the canadian city that I need. Is there a site that has more options? Or how do I set up a proxy to a city of my choosing? Any help is greatly appreciated, before the 8th of april if possible.

Thank you in advance

How is Authentication Required different from Access Denied [closed]

I was trying a bug bounty challenge and I was given a vulnerable URL which needs a password to access it.

  • Case 1: When I try to do SQL-Injection in Username and Password, I get a page: access denied “Username not found
  • Case-2: If I keep entering random normal usernames and passwords, I get the “Enter username and Password” dialog box, and after so many trials I get the page which says: WWW-Authentication needed!

How are the two scenarios different?

Is Case 1 different than Case 2 in terms of vulnerabilities?

enter image description here

What are the pros and cons of multiclassing a Dragonborn Paladin with either Sorcerer or Warlock? and when and if to swap over [closed]

My Dragonborn Paladin is nearing the end of level 2, (Str3, Dex0, Con2, Int-1, Wis-1, Cha3, with Defensive giving AC19).

The main group I play with, he is the only Tank, unless my 10 year old daughter, joins in with her Circle of the moon Druid

She is the only child in the group and you can’t rely on her to focus on battle tactics 🙂

—————-new below ——————

My initial goal was to create a super paladin, I tend to play him as a tank with healing, saving my limited spell casting for just the right time due to limited spell slots, so I hardly ever use it. I once even died holding onto the valuable spell slots because I forgot about them.

However, once I started looking into it, I haven’t found that perfect sweet spot, that balances out the Spell Slinging Tank Front Man. All the options I’ve looked at have drawbacks that make me wonder if it is a combo that is worth pursuing

Just hoping for that splash of inspiration to make it all come together.

Is Reckless Attack active with Retaliation? [closed]

For the Barbarian, is Reckless Attack still active if you retaliate (lv 14 Path of the Berserker) against someone when they hit you? On Reddit, it said for the Fighter’s Evasive Footwork that,

“While most people see the game in rounds, that is not how things happen at all. If your character moves even 5ft, you’re in movement until your next turn. Everyone’s rounds happen at the same time, and just because you didn’t use your full 30ft of movement that does not mean you stopped moving, just that you’re moving more slowly. All that means just one thing: Evasive Footwork functions like the Shield spell, but without costing any action to cast.”

I’m wondering if the same idea is true for Reckless Attack – is it still active until your next turn?

For quick reference, Reckless Attack states: “Doing so gives you advantage on melee weapon attack rolls using Strength during this turn, but attack rolls against you have advantage until your next turn.”