Grappling – Ideas and Concepts (classes) [closed]

I list of thoughts of what part of classes could be good for grappling. Will probably be using Point buy with a Goliath, dump Wis and Int to 8. Not fully STUPID, but definitly a little slow and gullible. The lovable idiot. Str 16, Dex 12, Con 16, Cha 14 (not final, was thinking Bard and Barbarian) So, just wanted to chat.

Im NOT taking all these classes, just more of a list for class commitment that helps with Grappling

Barbarian – lvl 1 / 3 / 5 Rage, for Advantage. Bear Totem for Dmg Reduction, ASI (maybe Tavern Brawler for improvised attacks, but lots of choices) and Extra attack/Movement

bard – lvl 3 Expertise in Athletics, Cunning Words

rogue lvl 1-2 Expertise in Atheltics, Cunning Action (mobility)

fighter – lvl 2 Action Surge. Grapple 2 things or grapple and prone them? yes please

Monk – Lvl 5 Stunning Strike (Success plus tavern brawler is free grapple)

Warlock – Lvl 1 Pact of the Chain for Improved familiar. Yes, I know you can get familiar from other things, but its a single level dip and you get a better familiar. Familiar is basically get a helper for rolls.

Ive recently been trying to get back into D&D, there is a local Adeventure League group. Wanted to do a grappler (not necessarily PURE grapple, but main focus. Been toying around with some ideas. Was also thinking of Sorcerer or Wizard, maybe some kind of Touch Spell (shocking grasp) grappler. Or Barbarian rogue (grapple then shank them to death)

Ive been out a long time, anything else that helps with grappling? interesting feats, class abilites, synergies, etc…

Setting Up Private Employee Survey Area On Company Website [closed]

Long-time listener, first-time caller.

Our company has about 120 Employees and growing. We are at a point where we need to collect self-evaluations and other survey data from our workforce but only our administrators and managers have user accounts with our Google Apps (because those costs add up!) Since we can’t require anyone to have a personal Google account, we don’t have a reliable way to verify or authenticate the rest of our employees as they fill out surveys. Our solution so far is to hand out paper forms and do the data entry manually.

I’ve been charged with finding a solution. I was thinking it’d be possible to set up a member area of sorts on our website where employees could register and log in for surveys and such. I could get Google Sheets talking to the survey database and we’d be off to the races.

Our public-facing site is hosted on SquareSpace, if that makes any difference.

Anyway, the world has changed many times over since I’ve had anything to do with the back end of a website (it’s true; I’m not a pro) and I’m completely unsure of where to start, but I can probably build it once I get my bearings so I’m here looking for suggestions on how to start.


Cowrie (Honeypot) to not store passwords for certain username entries [closed]

I have a honeypot setup on port 22 (using "cowrie"). I need certain usernames to be logged without passwords. So if someone logs in with the username "jack" and the password "passw0rd", it will only not log the password while if someone were to login with "harvey" and the password "password" it will log the harvey’s username and password.

Server (please complete the following information):  OS: NAME="CentOS Linux" VERSION="7 (Core)" ID="centos" ID_LIKE="rhel fedora" VERSION_ID="7" PRETTY_NAME="CentOS Linux 7 (Core)"  Python: Python 2.7.5 

How to find the hashed password contained in an encrypted file? [closed]

I have an encrypted "*.pbl" file (100kb) that contain my forgotten password. My password is very easy: number+lower case letters with length=6. Once I find the Hashed password I’ll quickly recover my password.

Of course the hash of a file can be found but it is still not the hash of a password. How do I find the hashed password?

One thing I could possibly do is to create another account with another password; this way I can generate a new encrypted file with the exactly same format and I might be able to find the position of my passwords.

PS: I did check related post but obviously I don’t need to do things like SQL injection because the file has always been on my local machine.

How much c++ should I need to know before developing a 2d game like mario? [closed]

I’m a begginer in c++ with basic programming knowledge (not oop). I felt bored learning c++ so I decided to start a project then only I feel motivated to learn and work. What are your suggestions to me and how much should I need to know before starting to work on games like mario. And other than c++ and sdl2 what are the various tools should I know?

DFAs are regular languages, but regular languages are closed under concatenation

I have course notes which claim the following two facts:

First, DFAs recognize exactly the regular languages.

Second, regular languages are closed under union, concatenation, and *.

Now I have as an exercise constructed a DFA which recognizes strings from {0,1} which have an odd number of 1s. So the language of strings of any odd number of 1s is a regular language. However, if you concatenate any two words from the language it contains an even number of 1s and is therefore not closed under concatenation.

I must be misunderstanding something, but what?

I think maybe what I’m doing is saying that the language itself is closed under concatenation, when that’s not true. Maybe the claim is actually that the concatenation of one regular language with another regular language is a third regular language?

Can’t identify the URL shortener of those url’s [closed]

When I’m browsing my favorite forum, there is a guy who send a lot of resources about Security/Networking etc. Now, when I am pointing with my mouse on his link, I can see in my browser that the link is different than the actual url of the website. It’s shows that:<random_string> # a random string 

I’m searching the web for any information about this (url shortener?), and I just don’t find anything. Do you know anything about it ?

Planescape PC with high ability scores [closed]

I am doing a new character with 35 PB system.

It’s the Planescape setting and we’re using almost every source of D&D (Dragon magazines, all manuals and so on), but not with every single Race or Class.

I like high ability scores values, still I am not looking for an OP build (I’d like an efficent one, but not OP). My current character has 94 ability points but has died like 4 times in a row, so it’s really not OP for us.

The first idea is this one:

Orog + Half Dragon (LA +2/+3 that will be +1/+3 at lvl 6 and +0/+3 at lvl 9) +14 str +0 dex +2 con +2 int -2 wis +4 cha.

Base abilities 16 Str 13 Dex 10 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha

Final abilities:

  • Str 30
  • Dex 13
  • Con 18
  • Int 12
  • Wis 10
  • Cha 16

He should be one-way gladiator that will fight with notbora, then he will pick 2 Prestige Classes (gonna think about them)

The other idea is wildren/half-troll (LA +0/+4) but still, I don’t know what to do with that.

Any idea?

It seems like I have got clear mind about what I am going to do, but actually I need help for Feats and Equipment that can allow me to maximize my ability points and/or help me in hard situations, and of course maybe some suggestions about base class.

I’d like to show to you the races and classes but it’s all in Italian (my native language).

Weird phone call [closed]

about a year ago I got a phone call from Africa and when i picked up i could hear weird music in the back, they played in different orders and it just sounded weird it was terrible like they didn’t know how to play. I said hello with no respond back so i hung up. Yesterday i got a weird phone call again but i didn’t pick up. they called a few times and then decided to text me saying that i had to pick up ASAP and that there’s a party. He called me babe like we were dating. Today they decided to keep calling so i picked up and the call was from Sweden (where i live) again no answer so i said hello but no one answered so i hung up.

i’m really confused about what is going on and if somebody have heard of something like this before?